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WooLash is a company that provides such a serum for those who want naturally grown lashes.

The serum, according to the company, provides an increase in growth and amplification of the lashes in thickness and density. It's said to be full of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals for a natural product.

Product Pros and Cons

One of the biggest pros of the product is the natural ingredients. It includes stem cells from grapes as well as the provitamin B5.

This lash serum is also made without parabens, oil, or alcohol. Another pro is the ease with which users can apply it. All they have to do is cleanse the face and apply just a thin line of the serum to their upper and lower lash base. The results are also rather fast, showing results in just a few weeks.

There are several cons to this lash serum, however. One of the biggest cons is the length of time in which the user can keep an open bottle of this lash serum. The bottle only lasts about 12 months, and it is recommended to change it out every three months.

Another con is the inability to use oil-based products on your face along with the serum. The oil counteracts it, but many people who wear waterproof makeup will not be able to wear their makeup with this lash serum.

Product Side Effects

Since the body chemistry of everyone is different, the lash serum is going to provide different side effects for different people. Two of the most common issues are listed below.

Allergic Reaction

Even though the product is made with natural ingredients, allergic reactions do occur in many people. The best way to check for any reaction is to do a test on the inner forearm where the skin is sensitive. In this way, any users can test for allergic reactions before applying the product to the eyes.

Eye Irritation

It should come as no surprise that the serum is to be used on the outside of the eyes. If the serum gets into the eyes, it will irritate. If this should happen, users are encouraged to flush the eyes immediately and try applying the serum again once the eyes and lashes are dry.

What to Know About the Product

Just like all products, there are other things that users need to be aware of before purchasing this product. Only a few things will be discussed the products.

Key Features

The WooLash lash serum is made without oil, parabens, or alcohol, making it pretty safe for most people. It can be used for anyone at any age, both men, and women. It can also be used by those who wear contact lenses, though they should take precaution when using the product. Pregnant women or breastfeeding women can use the product as well, though it is advised to speak with a doctor first.


WooLash has several things going for it. The product is non-irritating, and it is hypoallergenic, though those with allergies should always test it first. The product has been reviewed by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists. It has also been clinically tested, and the company does not test their products on animals.


Those that wear makeup should be aware that the serum will not work properly if used with oil-based makeup, including eye creams and moisturizers and makeup removers. If wearing contact lenses, it is advised to keep the serum as far away from the contacts as possible. Users should apply the serum to the lids only to avoid any contact with the contacts. Those with allergies should always test the product before using to ensure that they do not have an allergic reaction to the product.


WooLash is a breakthrough lash serum that is reportedly made with natural ingredients to help boost the growth of natural eyelashes. It can be used with makeup, and pregnant women can utilize the serum as well, though it should be done under a doctor’s supervision.

WooLash works within just a few weeks, though the product itself doesn’t last long after it has been opened.

Those with allergies should be careful to test the product before applying it to the lids, and those that wear contact lenses should avoid getting the serum on the contact lens itself. 

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If I am not satisfied with the woolash product how do I go about returning it?


I have used woo lash for 3 months and have not noticed a difference .



I came across your review on Woolash as I was attempting to find an address for this company in order to return their product as it has not worked for me as well as other reviews I have read. Do you per chance have any idea what their address is? They do not respond to my emails nor the online chat option. It always shows them as “away” Furthermore the product was shipped to me in a shipping envelope with no purchase order copy inside and the serum was not in a box. The oddest thing about this shipment was that the return address showed an apartment address affiliated with the Woolash name! I now wish I would have kept that envelope! I know that this is not the purpose of your site here but I am at a loss as to what to do at this point.

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