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Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Review in 2020. Is It Really Safe?

In 2016, Rodan + Fields (or simply R+F), the company behind the famous Proactiv brand, has launched a new product to compete with other eyelash enhancers available now on the market.

It’s called Lash Boost, which uses a blend of keratin, biotin, peptides to boost your eyelash growth. It also includes a questionable ingredient isopropyl cloprostenate which we’ll discuss later in this review.

The question is: Is this product worth the money and is it safe for your eyes? Read this Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Review to find out. 👇


Rodan+Fields Blasted With $5,000,000 Class-Action Lawsuit Over Lash Boost

Pros and Cons of Lash Boost


✅It’s easy to use. Simply apply to lash line each night before you go to sleep with the provided applicator.
✅It nourishes the follicles. This promotes new growth and makes your eyelashes look fuller and longer.
✅It can be used as a 2-in-1 product. As well as using it on your eyelashes, you can apply it to your brows to make them look fuller.
✅Application is only necessary on your top lashes. If used overnight, it will be absorbed by your bottom lashes while you sleep.


❌There’s a high price-tag. It’s a whopping $150 per tube, and it is unclear how long the tube will last with the recommended daily use.
❌The instructions are unclear. It’s unknown what will happen if the product does not apply or rest on the lashes evenly. Will it only work on some of the lashes?
❌ The longevity has not been fully tested. Lash Boost has only been on the market for around six months, so the long-term results and side-effects are not widely known.
❌ The ingredients may produce unwanted side-effects. Lash Boost contains the ingredient isopropyl cloprostenate, a synthetic prostaglandin analog.
The FDA noted that the use of the products which contain this ingredient should be supervised by a licensed practitioner, as isopropyl cloprostenate may lower intraocular pressure and other side effects such as ocular irritation, hyperemia, iris color change, macular edema, ocular inflammation and interference with glaucoma therapy.

This last point startled us a little, so we decided to look into the product side effects more closely.

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Side Effects:

❗️ Irritation: Because the product is applied so closely to your eye, irritation may occur – especially if it makes direct contact. Fortunately, rinsing your eye with water should be enough to reduce the irritation.

❗️ Tingling/Redness: A possible side effect is tingling or redness of your eyes. If these symptoms persist, you should discontinue your use of the product.

❗️ Darkening: Lash Boost contains ingredients that may cause your lashes to darken.


Rodan + Fields recommends two options to find out if your skin will accept this product:

  1. Perform a patch test. Remove any makeup and make sure your face is clean and dry. Apply a small amount of Lash Boost serum on a small area of the lash line of your one eye. Allow it to dry before applying any other cosmetics near the area. Wait at least 24 hours and check for reactions.​
  2. Reduce the frequency of application. Sometimes, your skin needs to adjust slowly to a new product, and it may take a few applications to get used to it. If you experience any side-effects for the first few days, try applying Lash Boost every other day (instead of daily) until side-effects disappear. Then gradually increase your usage.

If your skin has not reacted to the serum, then you’re all set to continue using the product. But if tingling, itching, or redness persists, Rodan + Fields advises to discontinue the use of the product and seek for medical advice

What You Need to Know:

📌Lash Boost Cost

If you enroll as a Rodan and Fields consultant, you will be able to purchase Lash Boost at $112.00 versus the retail cost of $150.00 plus $11.95 shipping. Consultants get all products at a 25% discounted price. However, you would still need to pay a flat rate shipping of $9.95.

If you are not a consultant, but you enroll to be a Preferred Customer, Lash Boost would be offered to you at $135.00, and with no shipping costs, no matter how many products you order at a time.

​Read more about how much is Lash Boost here

📌Limited Test Group Has Been Carried Out

Rodan and Fields touts excellent results of 90% of test participants experiencing fuller looking lashes after repeated use, and 85% reporting longer looking lashes after repeated use. Admittedly, we’re not really sure of the difference between fuller and longer looking that creates the 5% differential. However, the fine-print also states that the test group consists of only 41 participants.


Source: ENHANCEMENTS_Lash_Boost_FAQs.pdf 

Considering the price point and marketing splash the company is trying to make with this product, the test group seems astonishingly small.

📌Lash Boost is a Multi-Level Marketing Product

This is not a ‘one off’ product. You can’t buy a single tube and expect to enjoy the benefits over a long period of time.

Rodan and Fields is a multi-level marketing system, and part of their marketing plan is to encourage you to keep buying their products. They even offer discounts and perks if you sign up to be a consultant (although you’re still expected to pay the enrollment fee that ranges from $395 to $995.)

They also offer the option of becoming a ‘preferred customer,’ where you can get perks of “up to and in some cases more than 10% discount off of retail price” if you sign up and pay the $20 initiation fee.

​So, Should You Buy Rodan and Fields Lash Boost?

In conclusion, we’ve deduced that Rodan and Fields’ ‘Lash Boost’ is relatively unproven product, and we can’t ignore the enormous red flags.

A test group consisting of only 41 women hardly seems like an adequate sample size to fully evaluate the performance and side-effects of the product – especially when some of these these side effects sound relatively serious.

YouTube has countless videos of consultants posting ‘amazing results’. But should we really trust such biased sources? It’s hard to tell when the person advertising the product makes a profit from everyone who buys a tube. After all, this is a Multilevel Marketing Scheme.

Here’s a video of a Rodan and Fields consultant discussing the product: 👇

What we’d really like to see is an independent testing of the product compared to competing eye serums intended for the same purpose.

Overall, it’s hard to recommend a product with so many drawbacks – especially when there are so many superior products on the market. For those searching for a quality product that you trust will lengthen your lashes without potentially causing harm, we strongly advise against this product.


It’s extremely important to educate yourself about lash serum ingredients and technology they use.

We explored the safety of the most popular lash serums on the market to save you time and to keep your eyes safe and secure from the most dangerous ingredients.

NOTE: We analyzed feedback from our readers, read dozens of beauty blogs, watched YouTube videos. We also tried some lash products to provide you useful information and help you with your buying decision.

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Just like any other cosmetic products, Lash Boost must be used exactly as directed to avoid any complications or side effects.

  1. Clean your face before applying lash boost. Remove any make up, wash your face, and make sure your eyes are completely clean and dry.
  2. Get your Lash Boost bottle, take the brush and dip it in the product. Before applying, wipe off the excess product. Only apply along the upper lash line of your both eyes. If any excess gets to your eyelid, carefully wipe off. Do NOT apply Lash Boost to your bottom lashes.
  3. Wait approximately 90 seconds until dry before going to sleep or applying any additional cosmetics around the eye area. Do NOT wash your face or eyes after applying. If some of the products get into your eyes, rinse with water.
  4. Use the product regularly, preferably before bedtime to achieve the beautiful look of longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. Do NOT apply more than necessary. Additional application will not make the product work faster, but will increase the potential side effects.
  5. Lash Boost can provide noticeable results in 4 weeks of regular use, with full results in 8 weeks. Lash Boost can also be applied to eyebrows to help improve their appearance.

Can I use Lash Boost if I wear or while wearing my contact lenses?

According to the product’s website, Lash Boost is ophthalmologist-tested and found to be safe and non-irritating for contact wearers. You can use Lash Boost while wearing contact lenses. However, you should not remove them until the product is dried. Wait at least 90 seconds to dry.

Can I use Lash Boost if I have tinted eyelashes or eyebrows, or have lash extensions?

Lash Boost is suitable for tinted eyelashes or eyebrows; it will not affect the color. However, the product was designed to be used for natural eyelashes, so results are not guaranteed if you use it on your eyelashes with extensions.

Can I use Lash Boost if my eyeliner is tattooed?

Yes. You can use Lash Boost if your eyeliner is tattooed.

Is it safe to use Lash Boost if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

For any medical concerns, including pregnancy and breastfeeding, Rodan + Fields advises consulting with your doctor prior to using the product.

Can my teenage kids use Lash Boost?

According to Rodan + Fields, the use of Lash Boost in patients below the age of 18 should be discussed with a medical expert.

What should I do if Lash Boost accidentally gets into my eyes?

Lash Boost is meant to be applied on upper lash line, but if this product accidentally gets into your eyes, immediately rinse it with cool water. If irritation persists or is not tolerable, consult with your doctor.

Can I use Lash Boost on eyebrows?

Lash Boost can also be applied on eyebrows to help improve their appearance.

What if I miss a day of using Lash Boost?

Regular use of Lash Boost, preferably before bedtime, is needed to maximize results. If you miss a day of application, don’t try to catch up. Instead, just resume applying it like normal at the next scheduled time. The additional application will not make the product work faster but will increase the potential side effects.

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  1. I tried this for almost 2 weeks before realizing that it was the lash boost that was causing my eyes to be irritated in the morning when I woke up. My eyes would get itchy and red. It want a good look at all!
    And to top it off my eyelids were turning a purple red. Once I stopped using it all of my problems went away.
    Not worth it at all!! Your health is more important. And who cares if your lashes are longer and fuller of your eyes are red and itchy. If you take a vitamin with a biotin component you will achieve the same results. I’m going to try the Idol Lash serum since it is all natural.

  2. I have been using Lash Boost for 3 months. My lashes have grown a bit but not dramatically as I had hoped. i also have developed very red irritated eyelash line in the last week which is itchy. There is also darkness on my skin. Not worth the money

    1. Honestly after being happy with product and results at first in only 2 weeks.
      After using it everynight with no problems until week eight. Both of my upper eyelids line where the product was placed for results. Both upper eyelids were red, discolored and Swollen looking it looked like I had eyeliner on. I could cover it with eyemake up but you could still See it was a reaction from using it for 8 weeks. Yes lashs were longer but I would never recommend this product for long term use. Discontinue use and eyelash will recover before any damage could happen….No never sent back because did not have the heart to do that to my dear friend consultant because then they never get a paycheck and it was already 60 days. The company really is amazing at bringing in MONEY to say the least. The products are really not worth the price tag. Also had a issue with wasted product coming out of the tube. I only dip it once and used small amount on both upper eyelids. Use with Caution it is a Poison like all the products and side effects are the real deal.

      1. I am on my third vial of Lash Boost. I’d had success using it before but wasn’t using it as frequently as I am now. Four days ago I woke with ONE swollen eye lid. I realized that is was always the first eye that I did and I think I may have put too much product on that eye. In any case, the swelling has NOT gone down. The one eye looks as though it is ready to close. It’s pricey and not worth the trauma that my one eye is going through.

  3. I came here to write a review for another product but remembered using this last year so I thought I would leave a review for this as well.

    I bought the serum last year and in about 3 weeks I noticed that my lashes were longer and they weren’t falling out as much as before. So far so good. Fast-forward to two weeks later, I lost a good deal of my lashes. I decided to give it the benefit of a doubt and stopped using it for a month. Bought a new serum, started to continue using it, and my lashes started to fall out again.

    Conclusion, the minimal growth isn’t worth losing your eyelashes over.

    1. Agreed! Same happened here- Plus I’m a little skeptical about putting all these ingredients on my eyes (?? Long term effects??)

  4. Been using it for 4 months.

    Pros: does its job. Lashes are now longer and fuller. Very easy to apply and simple to use. Lashes have grown almost half a centimetre in the past few months.

    Cons: For the past month or two, the Lash Boost solution would cause me to get a stye on my lid and this would occur almost every week – interchanging between the eyes. It does cause for skin darkening where the solution is placed – so a lot of the time I look like I have dark circles. Can cause eye irritation and itchiness. Expensive – you pretty much have to keep ordering a new bottle if you want to keep your lashes long and growing.

    Overall: I would recommend this product if you have the money – it does what it’s meant to. I do like the product – you just have to use it with care.

    1. i have a question for you – ive been using this for about 4 weeks. it grows lashes, yes. but it makes my eyes look sunken in and dark under eye circles. which ive never had before. if I stop using, do you think my eyes will return to normal?

      1. This happened to me as well. I began researching online and apparently it can cause fat loss around the eye. I stopped using it bc I looked like a zombie. I had the worst sunken eyes. I had to get restalyn injections. My appearance has improved since then and no longer need the injections.

      2. ME TOO. I’m so pissed. I didn’t make the connection until I saw this post and I WISH i had seen this first. I look perpetually exhausted and lashed are NOT worth this. Now I have to see a doctor. Did you find a solution?

  5. I used this product for 3 weeks and I haven’t seen any improvement at all. My lashes are still short and far and view between, don’t waste your money, this item is not cheap

    1. results are supposed to show up at 4 weeks, get better by 8 weeks and really WOW you at 12 weeks. Don’t give up…results get better and better. I had NO lashes at all after I stopped using extensions and now mine are touching my eyebrows!!

    2. hi, it does say to use it for 4-12 weeks before seeing any results. I am on my 10th week and finally seeing longer fuller darker lashes. Might not be for everyone, but maybe give it few more weeks? 🙂

      1. I’ve used it for over a year. First 3 months they were looking longer. After a year you’d think they’d be 2 inches long! At 5 months they stopped growing. After 12 months they look just like they did when I started. They didn’t fall out, just looks like they shrunk back down. Only perk- used them on my thin 90’s eyebrows and they totally grew back in 2 weeks.

  6. After 25 days my lids still turns puffy right where I place it and lids turn red. Has now burnt a stripe all the way across my entire eyebrow where I placed it yesterday!! Discontinuing use immediately

  7. After using this I got an eye infection that wouldn’t go away that was later diagnosed as episcleritis. I don’t know if the serum was the cause but given the timing of the infection/episcleritis I am not using it again.

  8. I have been using this product for about 2 months now. My lashes are much fuller and longer. I tried using nightly for the first month but had some irritation (A burning sensation, slight redness). The consultant told me to try using every other night so I have been doing this. I didn’t really see any benefit for the first 4 weeks at all, then almost immediately following that initial 4 weeks, it was a dramatic difference. My lashes are full and much longer. When I have mascara on, they hit my sunglasses which is annoying but not a problem worth complaining about. The price was a bit steep and like others have said, I have no idea how long this bottle will last but it is doing it’s job so I’m happy with the purchase.

  9. I have been using this product inconsistently for about 6 weeks and I have seen quite a difference. I work in the beauty industry and have tried a lot of “miracle” products. I did notice at first I was getting some irritation in my eye the following morning and spoke to my consultant about it and she suggested I was using to much product and to wipe off the brush tip and using one dip for each and and that solved the issue. I would suggest it if you are looking for longer thicker lashes.

    This, like all products, is not for everyone. Best of luck.

  10. I used the lash boost for nearly 8 weeks, I saw some growth but not nearly as much as the before and after pictures that the consultants are posting. Once I stopped using the lash boost, my lashes fell out like crazy- I’ve got way less lashes than I had before starting this product.

  11. I have used Lash boost about 5 days a week for about 5 weeks. My lashes are definitely a lot thicker and a bit longer and multiple people have said I look “really good” without knowing about it. HOWEVER!!!! My eyelids are super red when I use the product especially if any face cream etc is intermingled by accident. And, and this is bad, I have started have dark long hairs sprout on lower corners of my eye area/upper check. I think at night some it running down onto my skin. I sleep on my side and of course eyes water etc. I also noticed that I have a lot of hair below my brow that is new. Although I have been using very little product and following directions perfectly I am going to discontinue use before I turn into a red eye hairy eyed monster. Whaaaaa! I so wanted this to work.

    1. Same. Weird eyelashes growing on my cheeks. Having to pluck them out and the lash boost no longer works for me. Worked great for months, but now…they are breaking off.

      1. I started using this in April. by june/July my lashes were really long. by fall, they don’t seem to be as long and I think they could be breaking off as I seem to have a lot of shorter ones.

    2. The very same happened to me Jill my lashes don’t look too bad but the hair on my cheek I can’t stand . I haven’t stopped using it yet because I just read the reviews and I thought it was just happened to me . Since you stopped using the serum have the hair on your cheek gone? Thanks maria

      1. If you have hair growing out of the cheek area it’s probably because you are not letting the product fully dry before going to sleep.

    3. Your response is hysterical, but I’m sorry to hear! My lashes fell out basically when I stopped using it… thanks R&F

      1. Me too! I thought it was just me, then I decided to Google and found this site/thread. I stopped using it because of the redness on my lash line. That went away but so did my lashes. It’s been 4 months since I’ve used lash boost and my lashes are almost non-existent.

  12. Awful. My upper eyelids became severely irritated, dry and my lashes fell out. I have a patch of missing eye lashes on both eyes. Dissatisfied and dissapointed does not even begin to explain my thoughts on this product. Never again.

    1. This same thing has happened to me…TWICE!! I used the product religiously for 4 week and by week 5 my lashes were falling out. My R&F rep spoke to someone from the company that insisted I keep using the product. After a few more weeks I finally saw great results. My lashes were dark, full, and super long, and then….boom, thin, frail, and I lost over 50% of my lashes again with full patches missing. I don’t think I’ll be pressing on again like I did last time. It’s too depressing when they all start falling out :/

  13. I actually LOVED this product except now I’m having issues. Around week 3 I noticed my lashes were growing really fast, however I’m on week #5 and I’ve developed a massive Stye on my left lid and it’s super painful. The lid is extremely swollen so I have to stop using this product =( I can say it’s because of this product as I haven’t worn any eye mascara or used anything else on my eyes in 2 weeks and it’s swollen painful starting in upper lash area. Maybe i’m just unlucky.

    1. I had the exact same experience! I got a very painful bump (I guess it was a stye), & although the pain & swelling are gone, I can still feel a little hard bump on the eyelid even though it’s been several weeks. I didn’t really make the connection to the Lash Boost until reading this article. Also, the friend who recommended to me has had an awful time with discoloration around her eyes. I too have noticed discoloration around my eyes that only started since beginning the Lash Boost. I hate throwing money down the drain, but this stuff is just not worth it!

  14. Like other lash serums Lash Boost is meant to condition your lashes so they will be stronger, therefore lasting longer in the normal lash growth cycle. If you stop using, your lashes will return to normal because you are no longer giving them that nourishment. Also, the tube will last around 3 months and then should be replaced because it loses its efficacy. Lash Boost was developed over 5 years before being put on the market. With all that being said, everyone reacts differently to any product. If any irritation or bothersome side effects are presented, stop use and return it for a refund (within 60 days). Yes, I am a consultant.

    1. As a consultant I think it is extremely selfish of you to defend a product that several women are having serious conditions with. How rude! I don’t care how long it was developed… goodness they used to sell cocaine in a sears catalog! Have a little compassion. Its horrible to be in the middle of a ball game and your vision is so blurred that you can’t make out the number on your sons jersey, which happened to me! Just thought my eye sight was getting bad. Hmmm. I too am an independent consultant (pampered chef) and regardless the customer is ALWAYS right… that should be your motto as well. Shame on you… Good day ma’am!!

      1. Hey Sarah,
        I’ve been having blurred vision too lately from using Lash Boost. Did your vision resume to normal after you stopped using it?

    2. My lashes did not return to normal. It’s been 4 months since I’ve used the product and my lashes less dense than before, so practically non-existent at this point. So, yes the product works but no one is really talking about what happens when you stop using it.

  15. Been using this product for 3 months with minimal results. My lashes are a little longer, but not thicker at all. I got much better results with Latisse & much less irritation. I was told by my consultant that my eyes had to get used to the serum, to make sure I didn’t get any of the product in my eyes (duh!) & to wipe off any excess. My eyes still get red & puffy & feel like I have sand in them. Definitely won’t be reordering!

  16. So I just stumbled on this article and had to comment. I have been using lash boost for 4 weeks and my eyelashes do look a little longer. However, last week I got a stye, which I haven’t had in a long time and now I am currently on antibiotics, steroids, and drops because I have double kerititis in both eyes. I woke up in the morning two days ago and my eyes were so painful and blurry and luckily my eye doctor squeezed me in. This is horrible.

    Ps. I have used latisse in the past and NEVER had a reaction like this. I’d rather have short, stubby
    Lashes then lose my eyesight, which keratitis is one of the number one causes of.

  17. I LOVE Lash Boost! I didn’t really think it would work, but I tried it anyway. After about 6 weeks I started seeing results, and after 8 weeks my lashes got HUGE! They look fantastic! I have red hair so they still aren’t very dark, but with mascara they are much more dramatic than before. I ran out and forgot to reorder, but amazingly they still look long! Love this product 🙂

    1. I had longer lashs but in week 8 both my upper eyelids were red, discolored and swollen looking not nice the eyelids. I stop using product and try to cover with eye shadow but could clearly still see that I had a reaction from using this product LONG TERM. Oh well at least my Consultant still got her paycheck from this Company. Since I stop use of all Rodan and Fields Products my eyelashs and skin are doing amazing. I am one of the lucky ones that got her eyelashs back to normal.

  18. My lashes did not grow longer. I started to notice hair growth under my eyes and the tops of my cheeks. I stopped using this product immediately. Will the hair growth go away? I’m freaking out.

    1. I started seeing the same underneath my eyes too… I thought I was having dark circles, but looking into a magnifying glass I saw hair growing there… its so annoying. I am still under 60 days will try to return it back

  19. I am a natural skeptic…to the extreme. I was talked into buying this product.. At first, I barely used it and so saw no results. Then I decided since I had spent the money (NOT cheap as others have noted) that I would give it a serious try. My lashes GREW.. a LOT. and they got thicker. I’ve been seriously using for about 3 to 4 weeks now. I’m surprised to read so many saying it didn’t work. That’s why I decided to write this review.

    1. I loved it in the beginning, my lashes were hitting my glasses!! But now I’ve been using it for over a year and my eyelashes are breaking off and thinning out.

  20. I have only used this for about 4 days, but every morning I wake up with muck in the corners of my eyes and it continues throughout the day. After reading these reviews, I am concerned about continuing the use.

  21. I was so excited to get this product from all of the rave reviews (many friends have used it and it seemingly worked). From the first time I used it my eyes were constantly bloodshot, I was told to not use it everyday but try every other day or every 2 days. My eyes cleared up but once I tried it again…back to totally bloodshot. There are no eyedrops that will even clear them up (I tried 4). I am discontinuing use because I am afraid that I am doing more damage than I know. I am so disappointed that I spent that much money on the product and haven’t even gone through a quarter of the tube. Just be very careful when purchasing.

    1. I am having the same problem!!! Completely blood shot eyes that NO eye drops can touch! Plus I’m rubbing my eyes more which isn’t helping my eyelashes either. I really wanted to like this product because my sister is a consultant and it’s worked on her lashes beautifully, it’s just not worth it 🙁

  22. I wish I had never even heard of this product….the first 4 to 5 weeks were fine…I did notice my vision was getting worse…one morning I woke up with severe eye pressure and pain, my eyes were red and puffy, felt like someone had poured sand in them, I stopped using the product immediately! Hoping they would clear up, no such luck, went to the eye doctor, they couldn’t even get a reading on what my vision was. Sooo I was put on antibiotic drops for two weeks, It helped somewhat, we went on vacation, My eyes went back the same way, I am using strong reading glasses just to see on my computer. I am on my third doctor appointment! I can’t wear any makeup, I boxed up the product, sent it to their headquarters instead of distribution, with a two page letter. I have not heard anything and it’s going on 3 weeks. With the huge cost of the “product” and doctors visits, and just my aggravation of not being able to see properly, the pain, and the embarrassment of meeting my new in laws, not being able to drive myself to see my new gran daughter,( I have to wait on my husband to drive) Well…..I’m really upset! Please ladies….it’s not worth IT!!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing this! I experienced itching and redness on my eyelids. I was thinking of continuing but couldn’t take the itch! After reading this I am SO relieved I stopped! Thank you and I wish you a full and speedy recovery!

    2. Oh my gosh! I am SO sorry for you! Nothing, is worth risking your sight … absolutely nothing!! I just have vision in one eye now due to Histoplasmosis (caused by birds). “Histo” usually affects the lungs but can severely damage the retina and unfortunately, it damaged the macula which is the central area of the retina that allows one to read, sew, see faces, enjoy life, etc. Therefore, I’m legally blind in the one eye with Histo lesions in the left eye. I am fair with fair eyelashes that are getting more sparse with age and have often thought of trying these lash boosting products BUT after reading your story and others, will stick to ordinary mascara. I truly, truly hope your vision will return to its normal state. You must be terrified, devastated and very angry … I know I would be!

    3. My mother started having vertigo and falling since using this product. Talk about the cost of medical testing for that and so far it seems may be this product since they have found no other cause ( has had CT, heart tests, labs….)

      Anyone else know of older women having falls since starting this?

    4. Thank you for sharing this! I am having the SAME exact issues! I am furious at myself for not researching this product in advance and trusting a friend who sells this garbage (simply because she is a health conscious person like I try to be). I am praying that these issues will clear up and my vision will return to normal. I hope yours do as well.

  23. Hi girls, I’ve had nothing but rave reviews and excellent results from Lashboost -myself and customers. FYI: Your Consultant needs to ask you – are you allergic to anything? If you are allergic to nuts , then do not use Lashboost. It sounds like you weren’t aware of that. I’m sorry that you had an allergic reaction. The company does provide 60-day, money-back guarantee so return your product for full refund.

  24. I used this for 8 weeks. I did have longer lashes but not really thicker. I didn’t need them any longer so I stopped using it. Now my lashes have spots where they are shorter than before. I guess they have broken off. I think for the money it’s not worth it if they will break after you run out.

  25. I used this product for about 5 weeks and my lashes were amazingly long. . but then I started getting sties and the skin under my eye got red, puffy and then the skin began to dry and flake off. I quit using the product and it went away. I started the product again and within 3 days the same exact reaction. Sadly, i’ll have to quit using it. long lashes aren’t worth looking like someone punched me in the eye.

  26. I bought lash boost to support my friend who is an R+F consultant. I have been using lash boost for about 3-4 weeks and have noticed some results. However, I have had a very itchy lash line, upper and lower, so thought i would try to find some reviews to see what others are saying and this has confirmed my suspicion. I have nice lashes already but wanted to see if they could get longer and fuller but now I’m concerned to stop using the product after reading that my lashes could fall out.

    1. I had the exact same experience, my lash line was itching and i think getting red so I stopped using it and it all stopped. :-/

  27. After using LashBoost for 3 weeks, I noticed my eyes were losing their orbital fat and appeared to be sunken in with deep eyelid wrinkles. These are the exact same side effects I suffered after using Latisse for 3 weeks. A little research revealed that there are dangerous side effects associated with using Lash Boost that R+F has failed to disclose. The active ingredient, Isopropyl Cloprostenate, is a synthetic version of the active prescription strength ingredient in Latisse, bimatoprost, which belongs to a class of drugs called prostaglandin analogues PGAs. PGA use causes severe dry eye, shrinks eye orbital fat causing a sunken-eye look, and thickens the eyes’ natural oil secretion so much so that it creates blockages in the glands. The FDA issued a warning to OTC lash serum makers back in 2011 about the potential dangers of including a synthetic version of a prescription product with known FDA-studied side effect profile in their formulations. Statements from companies claiming that they “contain no active medical ingredient” like this from the FAQ for Rodan and Fields Lash Boost makes it all the more confusing for potential patients trying to do their due diligence if they know they have a previous diagnosis of dry eye or are at increased risk. Shame on Rodan and Fields.

    1. I had the same result with both Latisse and Lash Boost. Longer lashes but Loss of orbital fat and sunken dark circles under my eyes. Who cares if your lashes are long if you look like you haven’t slept in a month. Discontinued use and my eyes returned to normal within a few weeks.

  28. I have used Lash Boost religiously for 8 weeks and have had no results whatsoever. If anything, my lashes seem thinner than before. I also developed a bald spot on one eyelid. I hope my lashes grow back now that I’ve stopped using this product. I feel scammed.

  29. This stuff is awful!!! It gave me a stye in my eye that has been there for weeks and won’t go away. It made most of my lashes fall out. It ruins contacts (I wear the ones you sleep in). My daughter used it once and woke up with her eyes infected so bad she had to go to an optometrist. A lot of money to spend and then get horrible results. I have never had such a bad experience with a beauty product. Do not buy!

  30. I have been using lashboost for about four months now. I am still on my first bottle!! The person I bought through informed me that she usually uses hers for six months. However, after the third month the keratin is not as strong. The bottle will continue to maintain what you already have, but is not strong enough to grow a dramatic amount anymore. However, with this being my fourth month, mine are STILL growing. I have not had irritation, redness, or any problems. My mom has a bottle as well and her eyes become red and itchy after she puts it on. Since she puts it on at night, when she wakes up she is as good as new. Both of our eyelashes are touching our eyebrows (at least) without mascara. HIGHLY recommend. Worth every penny. I will buy more when my bottle is empty.

  31. I used this product from February to August. It lasted 6 months. My lashes grew but I did get stye’s on my eyelids, darkening skin around my lids, fine hair began to grown around my eyes. I was too scared to buy it again – worried about side effects with pro-long use of this product. I’m trying idol lash after having read the reviews.

  32. I used this product for a month. My eyes got red, puffy and after a week all my lashes fell out. I called my consultant and she gave me a number to call a rodan and fields nurse. They had me on the phone for three hours trying to sell me other products. I hung up ran to the ER. Conclusion: the lash boost ingredients entered my blood stream and I got a nasty eye infection that took three weeks of antibiotics and steroid shots to calm down the bad side effects. Never again.

  33. I’ve been using R+F Last Boost for a year now and you can hardly see a difference. No irritation. I would return it but my friend is a consultant. Not worth the money.

    1. Wow. That’s sad that you feel you can’t return it because you’re dealing with a friend. That’s An expensive mistake!

  34. I get migraines. My first night of lash boost I woke up at 1:00 a.m. and thought. “Why do I have a migraine in my face!” 🙁

    1. Me too!!! I have had a headache for about a week and a half! I got on here to see if anyone else had the same thing happen!!! My eyes hurt too! I am done! I KNEW IT!

  35. I used R+F Lash Boost for almost 8 weeks. My lashes definitely grew longer but by week six I started noticing redness and burning. Just last week I noticed puffiness around both eyes, especially under my left eye. I stopped using the Lash Boost. I haven’t used it for 4 days and the swelling is getting worse as well as the redness and itching. The skin under the eye that is swollen looks darker. I also noticed hair growing on the skin near the inside corners of my eyes, where hair is NOT supposed to be growing. I do not recommend this product. My eyelids have been swollen and my eyes have been hurting for several days now. It is not worth it. Buyers beware!

  36. I started this product 5 weeks ago and my lashes are much longer, however, I also noticed I was growing hair under my eyes on my cheekbone!! I am discontinuing. I’m bummed because it irritated my eyes less than latisse.

    1. Exact same side effects happened with me. So bummed because it was otherwise working.

      The extra hair also caused some pretty ugly acne in the same area. 🙁

  37. I noticed a difference right away. I have been using the product for 4 weeks. But last week, I started to get a pain around my eyes and a headache. This headache won’t go away! I started to wonder if it had anything to do with the serum. I am stopping immediately, especially after today, which my eyes are really bothering me. And it’s unfortunate… My lashes are beautiful!!

  38. I used lash boost for a couple months until I ran out of the $135-tube. I experienced a darkening of my eyelid and irritation which almost caused me to cancel right away but then I started applying less and allowing it to dry for a minute or two before fully opening my eyes. I experienced some nice length, but as soon as you stop using the very expensive product, the length shrinks back down again. I’m back where I started not worth it at all.

  39. “Keratin” and “Peptide” are both forms of growth hormones (estrogens). This is NOT something that anyone with er+ & pr+ breast cancer should use. Any kind of growth hormone can bring the cancer back. Even if it’s a tiny bit. So if you are more concerned about your clients than your pocket book you should have this noted on a “warning label” and tell your clients.

  40. I have been using lash boost for about 5 months. I have had some irritation but the worst thing is that it has caused the pupil of my eye to change color. My pupil has a white sliver (moon like) line on the top of the pupil. It is pretty scary.

    1. Hi Bobbie, please go see a dr about this. Could be a corneal ulcer. I have one, and was curious to see if Lash Boost could be the cause because the timing is curious…

  41. This is an EYE product. Any eye product cant cause a stye or bacteria. Mascara, eye line, etc. Follow the directions, use on clean eyes and you should be good. With that being said, its not for everyone and some people are too sensitive for it. I was a little hesitant at first because I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes but I have been using the product for almost a year now with AMAZING results. I am actually prone to Styes and haven’t had one all year! I use less makeup and mascara because I love my lashes. Ive also taken a few breaks in between tubes and no issues … obviously lashes go back to their normal self as your lashes naturally shed in their cycle. People are naive to think you dont need to maintain. Also, there is irritation at first because your lashes aren’t accustomed to being so hydrated. Its not for everyone but most people I know who use it have had amazing results. People will ALWAYS go out of their way to write bad review but rarely a good review

    1. Well sure, people feel more passionate about their complaints than their praises. There’s a reason for that! People deserve to know about potential ill side-effects of any given product. There is a big difference between, “My lashes didn’t grow any longer”, and “This product gave me headaches, blurry vision, bloodshot eyes, eye styes, ptosis, etc!”
      We all deserve to know that these things are a possibility. I wish I had been better-informed before making the decision to try Lash Boost. It is also very disappointing to find out that R&F only conducted testing of this product on 41 people. That sample size is WAY too small to produce trustworthy data.

    2. I was prone to styles but have not had one since using lash boost! I have not experienced any of the problems that others have mentioned. I have eye lashes that I have never had before!

  42. I have only used this product 4 times & I have stopped because I noticed that it has severely faded my permanent eyeliner. I wish my consultant would have warned me of this. If it Cade fade tattooed eyeliner in 3-4 applications just think what it is doing to our delicate eye tissue.

  43. Neulash has been around for years. Safe. No Propyleneglycol or parabens. You see amazing growth in 30 days. One tube last me for almost a year. Way better Then R&F.

  44. The serum did work very well for me and lengthened my lashes noticeably. However, my left eye (not sure why it was just this one) was always very red and itchy from the first night through the whole time I used it and then started having some drainage causing it to crust over while I slept and eventually I developed a sty. At first I thought maybe it was just coincidence, so I stopped using it until my eye and sty cleared up. Upon restarting the same thing happened, still only in the left eye.

  45. I had no problems in the beginning but around week 6 started having itchy eyes and now have a stye on my one eyelid. I would wake up in the middle of the night intensely rubbing my eyes – which of course makes your eyelashes fall out! My consultant said to just use every other day and the irritation would stop. So glad I saw all these reviews, stopping completely, there are even worse side effects I didn’t know about, – it is NOT worth it!

  46. It’s been 5 weeks. I see no difference, except for discolored eyelids and some itching. I will use the supply, don’t plan to reorder.

  47. I also started growing hair under my eyes and on my upper cheeks. Those have then turned into blackheads that are very unattractive. I have returned the product.

  48. I used Lash Boost for about 6 months. All of a sudden, I developed severe burning of the eyes. When I saw the ophthalmologist I was diagnosed with dry eye … due to Lash Boost ..and will be on Restasis for the rest of my life. I am not happy since I was never told about the possibilities

  49. Are other people having trouble with their vision after using Lash Boost? If so, did you stop using it and the blurring go away?

  50. I used Lash Boost for several months. The results were great, but my lashes were getting too long so I stopped using the product. I was advised to do maintenance rather than stopping by my sales rep, but I just wanted my normal lashes back. They are naturally long, but very light, and I’d read one of the effects of the product was darker lashes. NOPE. My lashes were never any darker. And guess what? MY LASHES BROKE OFF! And how has R&F responded to my questions re: what is happening? To quote their party line “lashes will revert to original appearance” which is untrue. They have broken off. And how exactly do they revert? Hair follicles don’t retract, so, uh, apparently their product weakens your lashes so they break. How to fix it? Buy more product! Sure R&F, that’s some great logic. Seeing my eye doctor this week to get more intelligent info on what could have happened.

  51. I used Lash Boost for about 2 months. I was wondering why my eyes looked so bloodshot all the time, and I even worried that I was having serious health problems and went to get some blood testing done (all fine). I would wake up after plenty of sleep with a headache behind my eyes, red bloodshot eyes, and the dark circles under my eyes have become much worse.
    I finally realized that this could all be due to the Lash Boost, and I have discontinued it as of 3 days ago. My headaches are gone and most of the bloodshot look is gone. The bags and dark circles under my eyes are still there. I am hoping that my skin returns to normal.
    It DID increase the length of my lashes (not the volume), but obviously, it is not worth the side effects.

  52. I started using the lash booster around first of Dec 2017. I noticed I had some burning of eyes some nights . I had been diagnosed with early cataracts a couple years ago and no symptoms until early Jan noticed vision no good in left eye (I always sleep on left side) When to Dr mid Feb 2018 and cataract has gotten a lot worse and glaucoma pressure is slightly elevated. Now waiting to have cataract surgery this month. Wondering beings it came on so fast worried it was the booster that caused the change so quickly. Will not use anymore. Eye site too important.

  53. I was so excited to use this product when I first got it as a gift from my sister who loved it!
    I have fairly sensitive skin and was hesitant to begin using this, but decided to give it a try. Upon initial application my lids felt a slight tingling sensation and I limited application to only a couple times a week. I continued using it until I noticed a persistent dry patch forming on my eyelid and almost a more droopy affect of the lid. I stopped using this product immediately. I’m very disappointed, hope these are not permanent results.

  54. It worked amazingly well for me but I looked high as a kite for about two to three weeks when I first started using it. That finally went away. My lashes were AMAZING. But when I stopped using it almost all my lashes fell out…. and I actually had nice thick lashes before I started using this. I was literally left with half of my original eye lash density. It was awful. My lashes have finally grown back in to their original thickness so it wasn’t a long term problem for me, but I was freaking out when it was happening.

  55. I used Rodan + Fields lash boost for about 3 months. My eye lashes grew, but my eyes became red and blurry. I went to the doctor and found out I had
    Meibomian gland dysfunction. It is a living nightmare. I have been on steroid eye drops going on 3 months. I have to wear a heat mask morning and night for 10 minutes. I have to apply antibiotic gel with steroids every night and I have to apply moisture drops all day. I finally found a doctor that does Lipiflow to unclog my glands. It was almost a thousand dollars no guarantees. This has been a nightmare.

  56. I have been using lash boost for over a month. I only use the tiniest amount on my upper lashes before bedtime. Consultant is saying that I am using too much – not true. Yes, my lashes are longer but the facial hair that has grown on my cheekbones is disgusting. People have even commented on it. It looks like I have dark circles under my eyes. I am 62 years old and I do not want to look like a werewolf but that is what is happening. I am stopping usage immediately. Now I need to wax my cheekbones. Have you ever heard of of a woman having to wax their cheekbones??? No! Do NOT use this product at all.

  57. I never take time to write a review until now! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!
    After about 2 months I had the most beautiful long lashes after using the Lash Boost HOWEVER it is only TEMORARY. My lashes although awesome for a month or so started thinning and falling out. I threw it away and will try a natural eyelash growth product.

  58. Some of these stories are awful:( It took me 3 months to realize my symptoms were from Lash Boost. The kicker was an eye infection. I’m not allergic to peanuts, as one of the consultants mentioned here. The redness under my eyes still hasn’t gone away. I chalked the burning sensation off to “It will go away once I’m used to it”. So I spread out the applications. I will cry if my lashes fall out. Already $200 for this infection that came the morning after my last use… and I’m past 60 days, so I’m guessing no refund from the company.

  59. Was super excited to try this product. Used it religiously for 3 months even taking close ups of my eyes along the way. No change in lash length at all. Without mascara my lashes look exactly the same. With mascara they look a little bit fuller. While using product I started waking up in mornings with dry crusting on my lashes. I would NOT recommend this product. It’s a waste of ALOT of money.

  60. Has anybody had corneal ulcers due to this product? A cause of corneal ulcers is dry eyes…and I never have dry eyes. I first started using the product for about 8 weeks. Then I liked how they looked and did maintenance of one swipe a week. Eventually, they started going back to my old lashes so I started up another 8 week treatment. Well a couple days after I started using Lash Boost every night, I developed an infection in my right eye. My Dr gave me an antibiotic/steroid drop to use in both eyes. It cleared up, then a couple days later my left eye got red and irritated in one area. I went to an eye dr and I have a corneal ulcer. He seems very concerned about it because it is healing VERY slowly, and that my eyes seem very dry.

    Now I am starting to wonder if Lash Boost could be the cause. I want to discontinue, but without making all of my eyelashes fall out. Has anybody had success “weaning” off of the product? I think I might try going down to once a week maintenance and then stopping altogether…Wish me luck.

  61. I’ve used his product for 11 weeks now. In the beginning, my eyelids were irritated and sore. Although I’m beginning to see growth to my lashes, the darkening of my eyelids is more noticeable and unflattering. Hoping the discoloration fades.

  62. I have been using this product for over a year, with no problems whatsoever. I am in LOVE with my lashes, they are longer and stronger than ever. The product is meant to be used sparingly, only on the top lashes, and right where the lashes meet the lid. Too much product application is likely the cause of the irritation in most cases I’m guessing. Also, lashes are HAIR, and just like the hair on your head, it is going to go through a growth cycle.

    For those that said their lashes went back to normal after stopping usage, take note that it is like exercise, you have to maintain in order to continue to see results.

    I am so happy with this product, and I know that the doctors, who are two of the most widely respected dermatologists in the WORLD, carefully consider safety before anything when creating a product. I have seen amazing results with every R+F product I have tried, and will never put any other skincare brand on my face.

  63. I bought lash boost at the end of March to support my friend who is a rep even though I have naturally long lashes. I trusted her about the product, but failed to do my own research. I used it for a month and a half and my lashes grew longer and fuller. Then I started noticing that they were itchy everyday and my vision was getting blurry. I finally thought about checking the reviews and found the Youtube videos. I stopped using it immediately and began noticing the difference in a positive way. They did get thinner and a few fell off 🙂 But I can see better!

  64. I had nice lashes but bought the product so that they would be amazing for my niece’s wedding. There was some noticeable lengthening on a few random lashes that looked rather out of place and spider like.
    It was when I went to maintenance applications that I noticed Lash Boost made sections of my eyelashes FALL OUT and I experienced irritation. It is unsafe. Rodan & Fields did not bother getting FDA approval for this product like Latisse did. I elected to purchase R&F over Latisse because I did not want to put medication on my eyes. R&F uses the same ingredient. R&F reluctantly refunded my money, less shipping. They try to place the blame on the damaged consumer, implying that too much product was used, etc. This adds insult to injury and was not the case. THIS IS A TERRIBLE & UNSAFE PRODUCT and there is pending litigation. I spent $160+ to have my nice eyelashes fall out. Rodan & Field products do not deserve your trust or money. My eye doctor informed me that my lashes “should grow back in 4-6 months”.

  65. I had a headache for 3 days couldn’t figure out what it was until I didn’t do my nightly skin care regimen one night, the next day no headache!
    Used it last night just to make sure and woke up this morning with a terrible headache.
    What bad feeling to have spent so much money on something just to not be able to use it. Worst part is that headaches seem to be a fairly common reaction to this product and no one mentioned this to me.

  66. I totally agree with the above cons for the product. My eyes were itchy and red. When I stopped using it my eyelashes fell out and were much thinner than the original lashes I had. I followed the consultants advice and tried it on my brows and the same happened to them when I stopped–thin and unattractive brows.

  67. I am sad to hear some of these stories 🙁 I have used lash boost for a year now and just ordered my third one. I barely put any product on and had a stye once within the first few months of use (I am prone to them), but I haven’t had one since. My lashes are very long and full. However, I do have slight red / purple eyelids. It doesn’t bother me too much since it is barely noticeable, but thought I’d share.

  68. I have been using Lashboost for a year now and about 9 months ago I developed severe dry eye. It is so bad that it looks like I am crying. It just keeps slowly dripping. I am going to finallly quit using it and see if anything gets better. Anyone else having this problem?

  69. I have developed some serious dark circles under my eyes and on both eyelids!! The serum did work and around 8 weeks I had contacted my rep and informed her about my dark circles and she advised for me to try using the serum in the morning rather at night so I did but I loved that my lashes got longer but my dark circles and my eyelids have turned reddish/purplish/dark that I had to discontinue this product!! I contacted R&F last night because I want to know if my dark circles will go away because if not I will be very upset for they should have put this in their disclaimer or I would have never used this product ever!!
    No call yet but will keep y’all posted!!

  70. I used this product every 2-3 days for approximately 7 months (one tube lasted this long for me), and had excellent results. I noticed growth within the first week. This product flat out works. The instructions are crystal clear if you read them. Period. Full stop. There is a definite protocol for using this product properly, and that protocol is very clearly outlined in the package you receive.

    This products affects the growth phase of your lashes, so it only works for as long as you use it. Once you stop using it, your growth cycle will return to “normal”.

  71. I have always had long lashes although after my 3rd child and a lot of stress later my eyelashes were thinning along with all of my postpartum hair loss. I started using lash boost and noticed a significant amount of growth. I used it for a couple of months…I did notice my eyes being more irritated and itchy but chalked it up to my eyes needing to get used to the serum and noticed the purplish discoloration at root of my eyelashes on my lids, as well as the dark hair that is growing under my bottom lashes and tops of my cheekbones (yucK!), also my eye lashes now have bald spots where lashes have fallen out and broke off. I quit using the product a couple of weeks ago. Hoping my lashes will recuperate 🙁

  72. BEWARE of this poison!
    I bought this Lash Boost at the recommendation of a friend who sells it, one that I trust to be a health conscious person. I am FURIOUS at myself for not doing research for myself before putting this poison on my eyelids!
    I have been using this product since early December and immediately noticed an improvement in my lashes. However, I also noticed that my eyelids were red and discolored every morning so my consultant friend suggested using it every other day. So I did that, but they would still be red on the nights I used it.
    In January I started having headaches across my forehead & cheek bones that I dismissed as sinus pressure (I did not make the connection). I cut back use to every 3rd or 4th day to keep them from falling out (as my friend later told me they would do if I discontinued use). My lashes ARE full and long, but I have now noticed a small section has completely fallen out on one side.
    The worst part is this month, I have noticed that my vision is blurry and my left eye is dry and itchy. I am praying this is not permanent! I am scheduled to see my eye doctor about it this week. I wish I had NEVER bought this product!

    1. If you have problems with your Lash Boost please print off some of these reviews and take to your eye doctor. The symptoms mimic severe allergy’s. I only used the product for three days and have had eye problems for the past year. No doubt brought on by Lash Boost. Discharge, burning eyes, droopy eyelids, grainy eyes,. So bad at night have a hard time watching tv and reading. I do not and have not had allergy in the past. Going back to eye doctor tomorrow and something has to be done, can’t take it anymore. It is not Allergy’s.

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