Revamin Lash Review

Revamin Lash – a recognized name. But is it worth your money?

Meet Revamin Eyelash Enhancer, a growth serum which is said to be made from only natural ingredients and gives you voluminous eyelashes within two to four weeks of use.

The serum is reasonably priced at $59,00 given its plant based formula for safe and effective results.

It’s relatively easy to use – just apply this serum like you would your daily liquid eyeliner.

Unlike mascara and fake lashes, this eyelash growth enhancer provides a long-term solution to lash problems

It has been used by thousands of women around the world, and based on their comments, the product is pretty effective and safe. 

Eyelash Growth Mascara vs Revamin Lash Serum

While you may resort to temporary alternatives like using fake lashes or applying mascara, you need to consider futile and long-lasting solutions Revamin Lash provides.

If it’s going to be your first try with an eyelash enhancer, do not take any risks and only resort to a reliable name.

With so many competitors out there, we decided to dig deeper and see if this product makes good on its promise of longer, healthier lashes.

The question is: Is this product really worth the money?

A Trusted Name

Since 2012, Revamin Lash has been a respected name in the health and beauty industry.

This stems from an ongoing commitment to quality, including membership in the Natural Products Association, an organization that helps consumers identify companies that use pure and natural extracts.

It’s one of the eyelash growth serums that is clinically-proven to increase lash density within just 2-4 weeks of continued use.

Natural Ingredients, No Side Effects

A major strength of this product is its simple ingredient list, full of good stuff.

Revamin’s plant extracts formula have been clinically proven to grow longer lashes.

It is fueled in part by Caffeine and Zinc PCA, essential ingredients for hair growth, and to strengthen hair. Each ingredient was specifically chosen for it’s ability to grow healthy lashes. It is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the fragile skin around the eye.

Here are the key ingredients that we always like to see in a hair-growth product:

  • Biotin (strengthens lashes, improves the structure of the lashes, visibly thickens the lashes)
  • Caffeine (helps hair growth, antioxidant properties, reduces visible shadows under the eyes)
  • Zinc PCA (beneficial effect on the hair structure, strengthens lashes, accelerate eyelash growth)
  • Arginine (moisturizes the skin and hair, reduces irritation, strengthens the lipid barrier)
  • Panthenol (improves the smoothness of your hair, intensely moisturizes, restores the hair structure)
  • Glycerine (regenerates the lashes, protects against the harmful effects of external factors, deeply conditions the lashes)
  • Sodium hyaluronate (improves the condition of the lashes, moisturizes the lashes, strengthens the bulbs)
  • Urea (improves the protective functions of the skin barrier, naturally moisturizes, acts as a mild keralytic agent)

Multiple studies and customer reviews have revealed no significant side effects from using Revamin Lash.

Thanks to natural ingredients, this serum is safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

Still, we do recommend a simple skin test before you start using an eyelash serum to avoid any allergies you might have.

What We Didn’t Like

As with any product, there is some room for improvement.

The one-page website might not contain enough information for some of the buyers and efforts should be made to make it more interactive.

So far, there have been no reports of any side-effects or complaints regarding the product except for that it is not available in all the countries.

Testimonials & Clinical Studies

These are two things we always look for when reviewing beauty products.

Take a peek at the tesimonials below to hear it from real customers who saw real results:

(Individual results may vary)


My skin is extremely sensitive, especially around the eyes. I’m so glad I came across this product. It’s so gentle on the skin, easy to apply and best of all, IT WORKS!!. Thank you Revamin Lash for making a natural eyelash serum!

– Tinna C. Cambridge, UK.

(Individual results may vary)


I started seeing results in 6 weeks after applying Revamin Lash. Now, 4 months in, my eyelashes have doubled in length. I even apply it on my eyebrows. I highly recommend this product to all my friends!

– Alyssa G. New York, USA.

How to Apply Revamin Lash

Unlike fake lashes and other lash serums on the market, Revamin is very easy to use. It only takes a few minutes daily to apply.

  1. Remove all your makeup with a mild cleanser.
  2. Take the applicator and Twist bottom of the bottle to load brush with serum.
  3. Carefully apply the serum to the skin right above your upper and lower lash line.
  4. Avoid rubbing your eyes until the eyelash growth serum has dried.
  5. Repeat the steps twice a day for best results, preferably in the morning and before bedtime to achieve the best results. 

The Bottom Line? It Works

And we’re not just saying that. All things considered, we think Revamin Lash is worth your money if you’re serious about growing your lashes.

We appreciate the potent, natural ingredients and ease of use.

The clinical studies and testimonials help back up the company’s claims about lash growth, something many products promise but few deliver.

Customer service is important, too. If, for some reason, you are unsatisfied with the results, Revamin will honor a 60-day, money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

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  1. I’m using the product for 3 weeks and until now I am in so far so good condition, as I have noticed a little growth in my lashes. I hope the results will be improved after 4 weeks.

    1. Don’t give up Sandra. It will take 8-9 weeks to see the full results. I’ve waited that long and its worth the wait and though it’s really not that long. You’ll be surprised with the results like me and other girls for sure who used Revamin Lash.

  2. I’ve been using Revamin Lash for 3 months and it is amazing!! The difference it made to my lashes and to how I look, was great!!

  3. Surely Revamin Lash worked for me. Three weeks it has been, I am using the product and the change in my lashes is significant and prominent. My lashes have grown to full length; also the gap problem between my lashes is gone because the product has also grown lashes on the places where I didn’t have the lashes before. I am totally satisfied with the product and its performance is surely more than the product’s cost.

  4. Yeah! Revamin Lash is amazing. It’s been work well for me. The only reason why I am still using it until now. My lashes now is looking fuller and darker. kodus to Bioluma. I’m loving it.

  5. 2 months it has been I am using the product, although some of my lashes have grown thicker but are not according to my expectations and the product’s promises. Also the product is very expensive

  6. After 3 weeks of use, I have noticed that my lashes have become healthier. I don’t think so the size has also increased but overall the product is good. It is easy to use and gentle to skin.

  7. after reading all the reviews I took the chance of buying Revamin Lash and used it but now I must say, the product is best in its field. As after use of just one week I noticed that my lashes have started to grow and also the places around my eyes which didn’t had lashes also were getting small hairs. Now it has been two and a half weeks and I am fully satisfied with the results. Even though I also forgot to apply the product in between days.

  8. I started to use eyelash extensions but just after few days of use I noticed that these extensions were damaging my original lashes. Then I starting using Revamin Lash eyelash conditioner and with the use of couple of weeks I am amazed to see the changes as my lashes have now become healthier and stronger. Overall I am satisfied with the product except of the price factor.

  9. I love it. My eyelashes used to fall out a lot and had gotten thin and weak. They would not get very long before they would break/fall off. I tried extensions and HATED them. They were annoying, did not last very long and looked awful as they fell out one by one. My lashes looked like they were “balding”.

    I wanted to try the prescription stuff, but looked expensive and I didn’t feel like going to a doctor for it. When I found Revamin Lash, I decided to try it, and have not regretted it since. I saw a definite increase in the length of my lashes, as well as new growth in between existing lashes, within two weeks. It just got better after four weeks.

  10. I am 54 and at my age my lashes became much shorter than when I was younger. I did not want to spend money on extentions as it lasts for such a short time and it is very expensive. I took a chance on Revamin Lash and I am using it for 5 weeks now. I can definately see that my lashes are longer and thats what I wanted so at this stage I am very pleased with this product because it realy works for me!

  11. I love this product because it really works! My lashes are fuller, longer & I dont see as many falling out when I remove eye make up. It did not irritate my eyes & worked more quickly than I suspected..To top it off people noticed & even asked if I was wearing fake lashes! Yippie! Its affordable as well..Try it you’ll love it!

  12. I have been using the product for about 6 weeks now and is amazed with the results, just with my first tube. Will be on my 2nd tube this week and will keep on using it till I possess a glamorous length. Thank you Revamin Lash for granting my wish 🙂

  13. I purchased this product a few days ago and I can already tell a difference! My lashes are touching my sunglasses now…I can only imagine what they will look like after a month of use! My upper and lower lids were red but not irritated. I read in the above post that I may be using too much – I dip it several times in the tub, so probably a good idea to use as directed – one dip it all it takes. Great product so far…just curious as to what will happen to my lashes when/if I discontinue!…..

  14. It is nice to purchase something that actually works! I’ve been using Revamin Lash for a bit over 2 months now. I have always had long eye-lashes but I wanted to have a more dramatic look. Now even my husband notice the difference! they are almost “too long”, he says. I am thrilled with the results and recommend it to everyone!

  15. Well been using this product for two months now, and not seen any difference in thickness or length. Guess I am in the 18% of peeps who it doesnt work on, daymn :/ Maybe its jus a good conditioner and will prevent my lashes from deteriorating further. All I wanted was my old lashes back and this product claimed it could do that, and more. Sorry, but it hasnt delivered for me.

  16. Surprising Revamin Lash does work wonder, after a little awhile of usage I notice my lash have become fuller, longer and stronger! Its amazing that this product work, no side affect for me either and it have given me beautiful eyes along the way, now I’m not scared to look straight into people’s eyes as I know I have beautiful long fuller lash to show off. Will surly buy again if I run out, which takes a while so its worth it!

  17. I would like to state up front, I am nightmare for products that don’t deliver. I will write a company and demand either an apology or you better make this work. I’m tired of spending hard earned dollars to something that just doesn’t deliver. That is just me

    But i must say Revamin Lash is a really good product. My lashes after only a few short weeks are getting thicker- let me tell you girlfriends I noticed it! I actually feel this is a product that I would give a two thumbs up.

  18. ordering some today after all the good reviews 🙂 rapidlash made my lashes amazing and then ruined them so i need something to bring them back! I’ll report back soon 🙂

  19. Born with extremely thin, sparse , and short eyelashes I have tried literally everything on the market to improve my eyelash count and over all thickness including expensive treatments, fake lashes, mascaras, and curlers.
    However, these products created an even worse situation. After using these products, my lashes were extremely brittle, falling out at an even faster rate than before using them! Then I found Revamin Lash.
    This product quickly reconditioned my lashes and helped them retain strength, allowing them to grow back while preventing lash fall out. Not only did it recondition and repair my lashes, it encouraged my lashes to thicken, improving the lash count and volume. I now have voluminous lashes that you see on television and magazine ads. Not to mention, the fact the product is completely natural. Having sensitive skin, I have to be very careful when applying serums and products to the skin, however, I have not experienced any negative side effects when using this product making long time use conceivable especially when price is concerned.

  20. After reading all the reviews on this web site I purchased Revamin Lash. I started using it 2 weeks ago.
    I’m a 50 year old with thinning eyelashes & an entire bald section of missing eyelashes that was caused by a stye I had about 20 years ago. The missing 1/4″ of eyelashes has always been VERY embarrasing.
    Well, after only 2 weeks, I now have lashes growing in the bald area & plenty more growing all over. I’m so happy I could cry!
    Going to a dermatologist to get an Rx for Latisse was just too expensive & the side effects sort of creeped me out. Having this amazing over the counter product on the market is a blessing to me.

    1. We had many complaints about R&F serum from our readers. This one uses natural ingredients, so you should be safe

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