RapidLash Reviews: Side Effects, Benefits, Risks, and More

Rapid Lash Eyelash Renewal Serum is an eyelash lengthening product that claims to thicken and improve lash condition in as little as four to six weeks. The product can also be used on the brows in order to produce thicker, stronger and fuller looking eyelashes and brows.

What Are Rapid Lash Ingredients and How Does It Work

Ingredients Rhizobian Gum and Sodium Hyaluronate act as moisturizers, potent polypeptides fights against breakage while essential vitamins and proteins replenish and strengthen the lashes.

The product does contain certain questionable ingredients such as Phenoxyethanol, which is produced by combining derived coal tar with ethylene oxide, and Chlorphenisen, both of which are known eye irritants. 


✅Its pricing at just under $50 is affordable and on the lower side when compared with most of the other products in the same category with similar ingredients.
✅The presence of a derivative of Prostaglandin, a drug used to treat glaucoma, is responsible for the lashes to grow like weeds.
✅RapidLash can be used by people using contact lenses or those with eyelash extensions.
60 day money back guarantee


❌Rapid Lash is available online only.
❌It is not available outside in stores. Some customers have complained about redness under eyes, headaches and eye twitching.
❌Based on customer reviews prolonged use (over 6 months) may cause lashes to dry up and fall out.

Rapid Lash Side Effects

RapidLash contains Phenoxyethanol (produced by combining a coal tar derivative with ethylene oxide) and Chlorphenisen. Both of these are known to be eye irritants.

Customer reviews indicate prolonged use of six months or more could lead to the eyelashes actually drying up and falling out.

While RapidLash maintains its product as safe, the FDA issued a letter in 2011 calling the product a misbranded product since it contains prostaglandin analog. This is a known eye irritant which can cause iris pigmentation irregularities and redness, itching and other eye irritations.


Here is a quote from the letter about the fact that Rapid Lash contained the harmful ingredient known as prostaglandin analog which is not safe to use. They failed to properly inform the public of the side effects that come with it.

““RapidLash” and “NeuLash” are prescription drugs as defined in section 503(b)(1)(A) of the Act (21 U.S.C. § 353(b)(1)(A)), because, in light of their toxicity or other potentiality for harmful effect, the method of their use, or the collateral measures necessary to their use, they are not safe for use except under the supervision of a practitioner licensed by law to administer them. Specifically, isopropyl cloprostenate, the active ingredient in “RapidLash”, and “NeuLash” may lower intraocular pressure. Patients using these products concurrently with intraocular pressure lowering medication should be closely monitored for changes to their intraocular pressure. Other potential adverse events associated with prostaglandin analogs for ophthalmic use include ocular irritation, hyperemia, iris color change, macular edema, ocular inflammation, and interference with glaucoma therapy. In addition, prostaglandin analogs for ophthalmic use are currently classified as Pregnancy Class C.”

Click here to read full WARNING LETTER from FDA or check it online here.

Overall Impression

The Rapidlash serum may claim to make brows and lashes look more voluminous and brought to new lengths, but that does not seem to be a clear conclusion on the product.

The product has not went through clinical tests to confirm or deny that the Rapidlash serum actually grows out the fine hairs of the brows and lashes.

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Camilla Evaline

Camilla is the chief-editor of Eyelash DASH Growth. She aspires to help her readers achieve their most beautiful look by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

84 thoughts on “RapidLash Reviews: Side Effects, Benefits, Risks, and More

  1. Rapid Lash is not so fantastic of what I can see..I am going on any sites of this product and put out there it doesn’t live up to it’s hype..I am on my 5th week and don’t see any HUGE MAJOR HOOPLA difference that so many other folks see in their 3 weeks of using this product. I will try Lilash to see how that works..But this product Rapid Lash is not for me..Maybe other’s it’s the HOOPLA FOR THEM…but not for me..

  2. I purchased Rapid Lash with high hopes. I read and followed the instructions exactly. The next morning when I awoke the area around my lower eyelashes was red and slightly swollen.

  3. I have been using Rapid Lash for almost a year now. My lashes started curling nicely after 2 weeks and after eight weeks I had beautiful, amazing lashes for about 6 months, then they started falling out. I continued using Rapid Lash and they eventually grew out, but not quite as long or thick as they were prior to falling out. Then, after another 3 months they fell out again. I still continued using the product, and my lashes have grown back, but they are at their original length (before ever using Rapid Lash) and are not growing any longer. I assume that I have built up an immunity to the product. I am thinking about changing to another product and starting over. Has anyone else had this problem??

  4. I have had the same problem as a lot of you. This was a fantastic product at first (I have been using it for about 6 months) now it is almost back to the way it was before using RL. I think I will try another product, maybe you can get immune to it.

  5. I started using Rapid Lash after losing my brows to chemo. In two weeks I noticed a difference. I am not sure how much was due to the end of chemo. They are now fuller then before chemo. I have been using it 3 months. My question is if they will continue to fill it. It seems to have come to a halt. I would like a little more thickness.

  6. I have used this product every day since June 13 and no difference in my lashes at all. Ripped off again!

  7. I have been using Rapid Lash for the last 5 days and haven’t noticed any change although I am aware it takes up to 6 weeks so I am going to be patient and carry on. However, I noticed another reviewer mentioned headaches the next day after using it and I have been experiencing the same and am a little worried. Not sure why a product that is suposedly so good for your lashes can give you a headache?? Has anyone else experienced headaches the morning after the night before? 🙂

    1. I get headaches when using lash enhancers, even if I only use it on my eyebrows. The products do work, but the headaches aren’t worth it anymore.

  8. I have been using rapidlash for one month now. love it! my lashes are spectacular! never had them before. I believe the headaches reported were merely coincidental.

  9. Live in Scotland, UK and have been using RL for a week now. I have notice some difference in my eyelashes, but am concerned that, over the last few nights when washing my face, quite a few lashes have fallen out…i don’t have that many to spare!!! Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience?

  10. I used the product and quit after 2 weeks. The skin under my eyes turned red and swelled up and felt burned after one week of use. That was 2 weeks ago. Now the skin is still red, flaking and peeling. Rapid Lash was the only change I had in my skin routine so I have to assume that it is the cause. I have an olive complexion and have never been sensitive to anything I have ever used before. I’m guessing that as I slept the serum worked its way down under my eye. It is worse on the left eye than the right eye. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. Thanks Rapid Lash – now I have to pay even more money.

  11. i been using rapid lash for about 4 weeks now…and ever since i started using it my eyelashes were falling out in large amounts..i recommend who ever experience the same thing should stop using it,because the eyelashes continue to fall .and today is going to be day i stop,cause i lost 12 eyelashes today.

  12. Have used this product since May 2016.
    Have DARK circles in both corners of my eyes!
    Lashs did lengthen and thicken,but the darkness can not be covered.I stopped using and hope the circles will go
    away in time.

  13. I love this product. I have been using rapid lash for 3 weeks now and my once non existent lashes are now growing nicely. The product says you will see a difference in 4 to 6 weeks but I noticed growth after only one week. The most amazing thing is that I can see a difference in my lashes every morning. Can’t wait to see what they will look like in 6 weeks.

  14. Just a quick review before work…I just have to comment
    on how quick the Rapidlash worked. Within 8 weeks, my
    lashes never looked better…BUT…I stopped using the
    Rapidlash and after about a month, my lashes started falling out severely! Within another month I had gaps
    galore and sparse, sparse lashes with tons of breakage.
    Well the packaging did say this could be a side effect so
    I immediately started using Rapidlash again. It’s been
    almost 3 months now and my poor lashes have never looked
    worse! You can see some lashes are starting to pop thru
    but they don’t seem to last and fall out again!
    I wish I would have never started using this product.
    I want my old lashes back. I would say BEWARE of this
    product! Better buy a lifetime supply because you will
    never be able to stop using it!

  15. Feel disappointed and ripped off. Used Rapid Lash for 2 month and nothing happend. Didn’t work on eyebrows too. I am not allergic to anything but Every time after using Rapid Lash I had very itchy eyes. Something wrong there. People can damage their eyes with this staff. Will throw it in the bin!


  17. I bought it & it definitely did make my eyelashes longer … but now they seem to have become very fragile & just the one eye they have snapped off at the roots. I am very gentle with my eyelashes & don’t use waterproof mascara – I have never had this happen before.
    While I am thrilled with the length that they are now thanks to RapidLash, I would definitely not continue using it.

  18. This is my 6th month since I have started using Rapid Lash. Just like Adele, Sheila and Patti I now have the same breakage and falling out problems! First it was great, I and others saw the claiming result in my lashes in 2 weeks of usage! The 3d and the 4th month of usage my lashes were longest and fullest as well as healthy and shining looking! Every body complimented on my look! I loved it and was happy! But since the 5th month of every day usage, my lashes started breaking and falling out, it looks bad! I am having a hard time even to apply mascara, they are so uneven and big gaps in between! I kept using it hoping they’ll grow back, but it is getting worse! I started doing some more research and reading more reviews again. (I did some research and read many reviews and before I purchased my first tube, I am on my third tube). I decided to write a review because I realize how helpful it is! As of today I am going to stop using Rapid Lash at once! I might switch to different product, but I don’t know. But for sure I am stopping Rapid Lash! I also used Rapid Lash on my brows. I shaved brows when I was a teenager and big mistake they hardly ever grow back. After 6 months of daily usage my brows are finally definitely fuller. Thank you ladies for your reviews, it so helpful!

  19. Disappointed

    I bought my first bottle of the product, and was amazed at the results. I saw a noticeable difference in 1.5 weeks. I bought my second bottle, which looked a bit different, and I’m really disappointed. It was purchased from the same credible store. The only difference I noticed at first was the shape of the container. The new container had a tapered end. It turns out there is 3ml in the new containers, but the product concentration is weak by comparison to the 1ml bottle at the same price.

    If you can get ahold of the original formula with the 2 rings around the base and top of the container, go for it. If not, don’t waste your time or money.

  20. I’ve been using rapidlash for 5 months and have until now thought it was a miracle product. I felt so wonderful having long eyelashes, and for the first time in all my adult life have not needed an eyelash curler. Then suddenly, this past week they don’t seem as thick, and today I noticed a considerable thinning on my right eye where there is even a gap with eyelashes missing! I’m horrified! I thought I noticed a few falling out here and there, but didn’t think too much of it. But apparently they are falling out more than I thought. I will not be using this product for quite a long time. It looks as though others have had this same problem. I wish I would have read these comments before I used this for such a long time. I’m wondering if the product makes the eyelashes grow right out of there root area after prolonged use. (if that’s possible?)

  21. oh my goodness !!! for me rapidlash is not working ! i purchased my 1st bottle almost 2 months ago and my lashes are falling snif snif and i dont see any result im so sad because i have great expectations ! the #1 is dabalash is to expensive but is 100% guarantee

  22. I am using rapilash it has been 5 days…i have noticed while reading this page that many of you continue to use rapidlash, is it vital to keep using it? after i have achieved my desired results?

  23. Love this product! After 4 weeks saw a difference. My lashes were weak, short and sparse due to fake lashes. I have been using Rapid Lash since August. I was told not to use lash enhancers on lower lashes so, I haven’t, I wonder if that is why some people are having problems with dark circles with lash enhancers? Remember to use sparingly. Rapid Lash’s serum and brush are the best. I have used the very expensive to inexpensive. Rapid Lash is the best!

  24. I wish I had researched this product prior to my purchase. I bought the Rapid Lash and on the fifth day of application,(xmas eve) my right eye started twitching severely. This was approx. 10 minutes after application, I immediately washed my eye , knowing though I never got it on anything but the base of my lashes. It continued to twitch throughout the night and on xmas day it twitched the entire day. Needless to say that was the last time I used the product. Finally after two days of twitching it stopped. What a scare!! I have never had that problem prior to using Rapid Lash, and have no allergies of any kind.

  25. Girls, I need some advice. I have bought the product a week ago and was really excited about it. I have applied it religiously every night. But now, since I’m reading all those stories about lashes falling after a few months, should i stop using it now?? or maybe just keep putting it on my evebrows?? dear god i dont want my eyelashes falling…thanks for your advices!

  26. The product worked great, until my eyelashes started breaking off. It’s been over 6 months since I’ve stopped using the product and my eyelashes still have not grown back to their original length. I’m beginning to think RapidLash did some permanent damage.

  27. I have been using rapid lash since October. I noticed the difference even in a couple of weeks! My lashes are much longer, healthier looking and look fantastic slicked in mascara! I suffered with red eyes in the first couple of days but that wore off and I now use it with no problems. I’m still on my first bottle and forget sometimes to use it but so far I have not had any lashes fall out or experience what some of the other women have said here!
    Will definately buy it again!

  28. I have been using RapidLash for about 2 mos.. I saw good results within 2 wks. and I was impressed. I uded to have long thick lashes in my teens but my lashes weakened after my pregnancies; my lashes have been much shorter and more sparse since then. However they are long , thick and curly since I’ve been using RapidLash. Occasionally one or two lashes will fall off but I attribute it to a normal growth cycle. I also started to use olive oil to coat my eyelashes every night. I have sensitive eyes and skin but I have not had many problems at all, just some topical itch in the begginning. People react differently to different products. So far I’ve been lucky, but I will watch for the reported problems. Thanks for the input!

  29. This product has worked wonders for me! I’ve started using this back in December, because I was really desperate when I ripped out most of my left eye’s eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Now that i’ve been using it, my eyelashes are pretty much back, and even longer and fuller than my other eye’s lashes! So now I’m using it on both eyes, and it’s still amazing. (:
    I also use it sparingly, maybe once or twice a week, since i really don’t know how many times to apply it.

  30. I bought RL 5 days ago from Bed Bath and Beyond, and have been using it for the last three nights now.

    First morning after use, slight darkening on the lids.
    Second Morning, darkening and swelling on the lids.
    This morning, one lid was more swollen than the other..

    And I think I can finally figure out where my headache came from the last couple days.. Not an overstatement to say that my driving abilities were also affected.

    So ladies, I know we all can be vain and want beautiful lashes, but I dont think anyone would trade lashes for their general well-being and eye sight for them.

    Im not waiting to see what worse could happen so im calling Bed Bath to see if i can return it, if not its going in the bin.

    Never wrote a review as such but I really don’t wish for anyone to risk it. Think about the ads we see now on tv, maybe in 10 years, there’l be one asking “have you ever used RL and experience lost of eyesight etc…, if you have, you might be entitled for a $$ compensation..”

  31. Yes i got headaches to and it is do to this product i have started and stopped it four diffrent times and every time i got a migraine BAD made me sick!!!

  32. I have had mixed results with RapidLash. This may sound strange but I find that if I use the product in the container that is equally cylindrical. I have great results. If I use the product with the tapered top, then it doesn’t do much for my lashes. I don’t know why that is. The product with the tapered top seems to be inferior. Because of this, I will not use RapidLash again as I can’t guarantee that I will get the product I want online. Maybe I can find it at a local retailer but for now, I’m going to try Latisse.

  33. I have been usin RL for about a month. I saw good results within 2 wks, and I am impressed. But I also have noticed the change in the color of my iris, now it’s lighter and I am worried of the consecuenses of this change. I am confused if I should stop using it or not.

  34. I love love love RapidLash , I actually saw results very quickly, around 3 weeks I could tell it was working , by week 8 the lady at the MAC counter in Macy’s told me I have the longest eyelashes she had ever seen . I am amazed how well RapidLash works , I get asked all the time if I am wearing falsies!

  35. i have been using rapid lash for about 2 weeks.
    i have not noticed any difference at all. i have had a terrible headache the whole time. i went out last night and when i got home, i was too tired to put it on. when i woke up in the morning i felt great, finally not burdend with this stupid headache caused by rapidlash. i felt tired and crappy the whole time i used rapid lash. Please do not waste your money on this product.

  36. Thanks for the reviews ladies, I’ve been using this for 3 days, and after applying I washed my lash line off completely and I’m throwing this crap out. GROSS. I do not want to suffer from a problem I didn’t have to begin with. I <3 me for me, this is freaky. 😛

  37. this products sucks, my eyes have been twitching like crazy for four days already. so you ladies be aware!!!
    ps. my bf did notice my lashes grew alot…..

  38. I would say for all the ladies that had suffer for falling off lashes..I know why it falls because you ladies might use it twice or more daily.It say ONCE A DAY at night time!!So when you use it for couple months and see a good result then dont use it everyday.Use it every other day..One more thing.When you apply it do not apply it rushly in your eyelashes top and bottom OF COURSE it will cause redness and itchiness cause of we do not know where the little brush went through who knows.Its up to how YOU apply it..And yea I used this product and I apply it slowly,gently to my top bottom lashes.I havent have no side effects.(redness,itchy,watery blah blaah)So calm down ladies.It takes time.P.S

  39. I began using Rapidlash last August and within days noticed my lashes were curlier and darker. After a few weeks the length was amazing. I was getting comments from strangers! However, from February it’s been downhill. They began to feel brittle then I noticed a lot of lashes on the pad when removing eye makeup, since then I’m back to square one. I suffer with dry eyes and was concerned I’d find the serum irritating – strangely I had no side effects on that score.
    I’ve just ordered Idol Lash and am hoping I can achieve a “lasting” result.
    I did wonder if the loss of lashes was due to the natural growth cycle but after reading other reviews I have my doubts.

  40. I have read the reviews and some are quick scary. I have been using RL for 4 weeks and the only thing I have noticed is the color of my lashes are darker and a bit of thickening in the quantity of lashes. Now I use (only) the 3ml with the tappered top, 3ml. And many of you have stated that your original purchase was that of the 1ml with the round cings at the bottom of both the lid and casing. I would like to hear feed back from the ones that have had the problems with RL on the following questions I have. Was the product you were using the 1ml. or 3ml? Did any of you contact the fanufacturer to see why the 3ml vs the 1ml? If you have used both the 1ml and 3ml did you notice a product change in the results, perhaps weeker? Has the fanufacturer ever noted in writting why the difference in packaging, size or product ingredients? I’m just wondering if the initial product may have been concentrated to have rapid results in less then 4 weeks and then breackage verses the newly packaged product. I purchased my item at London drugs and was advised by the sales personnel to Use once a day and if any of the side effects rear their ugly head stop immediately. She also suggested to use a mascara that is not a chemical bases but natural. I was also suggested to ensure that I take a fish oil supplement and vitamin B complex to ensure the lashes are subtle and assist in growth. I’m no expert but her lashes look amazing and she to lost lots but stated her natural-path doc told her to added the suppliments. Again I have seem only a darkness in the lashes and thinkening, still waiting for the growth but note I have not experienced any of the side effects as to date. Once I do its a finished product. I’ll pop back to update. Best of luck ladies. And a speedy recovery to those who need it.

  41. I have used Rapid Lash for approximately 7 months. On about month 2 my husband noticed my lashes were getting longer and on month 3 it was extremely noticeable that they were longer, darker and somewhat thicker. I was so happy and delighted! However, at month 6 my eyelashes started going back to their normal length and at month 7 they are no longer long and beautiful. YEP! Rapidlash stopped working. I’m so disappointed because for 5 months it REALLY worked well. P.S. I use it once at night – no more and no less often.

  42. i really wanted to try this product due to the great success with talika lipocils. i thought id try something new to see how it works and what differences there where. well.. verrry different! my eyes are red and irritated. the orbital skin around them (upper eye lid down to bottom of eye bone) is noticably darker and swollen. my eyes sting constantly now as well. i’ve only used it for almost a week and i don’t have sensitive skin! i’m definately stopping before my eye skin gets any darker or it damages my eyes. sticking with the lipocils!

  43. Yes Lilash and RL will make your lashes fall out in the end approx after 7 months of use, I had this happen to me over a period of 6 weeks I was losing at least 4 lashes a day while taking off my eye makeup and I was one person that never over used it only at night maybe twice a week after they got to the length I wanted them, I was left with thin brittle lashes. I am not sure if this is a side effect that has not been properly researched but after talking with others this does happen, I have less eyelashes now and have to spread them out as I have lots of gaps, I would say to people the inital result is great but long term use is a gamble.

  44. I used rapid lash from November of 2009 to march 2010. My first bottle gave me unbelievable lashes. They were so long in my right eye that I had to trim them. then, as a few others here experienced, they started growing in a million different directions; then got brittle and most of them fell out. I stopped using it after that. Now, my eyelashes have never been the same. They grow and then they all fall out. Every 3 months I lose 90% of the eyelashes. I have no clue what to do to stabilize them again. I think rapid lash potentially damaged my lashes.

  45. Used rapid lash for a few months and noticed a difference. My lashes were certainly longer..still using it when I remember but my always quite long lashes look like little stumps I can hardley apply mascara they are that short..Im scared they wont grow back I love my lashes wish I had never bothered as there was nothing wrong with them before, This Product should have a warning on it ..saying that it works for a short period then your lashes dissapear..Fingers crossed when I stop using it they grow back..

  46. Started using Rapidlash and had very good results, however I began to notice that My eye sight began to deteriorate and now I am so worried as it is having a huge impact on my job. Also I find that night driving is so dodgy that I am reluctant to drive in the dark which very worrying as it is part of my job requirement, I am a nurse. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT, loss of your eye sight is not worth thicker eyelashes.

    1. I read through all of these comments looking for someone who has had an experience similar to mine. I think this product may be the cause of what I am now experiencing. Has your vision returned/improved. I am very concerned and think I will schedule an appointment to see an ophthalmologist.

  47. I’ve been using rapidlash for the last 3 weeks and have seen a definite change already!! my lashes were short and stumpy, now they have increased in length and much darker. i cant wait to see what they look like in 8 weeks. I occasioanly forget to apply it at night by the way but that shouldnt make too much difference. I use rimmel lash accelorator mascara which is great too and makes my eyelashes look lovely!! very happy!!!!

  48. I was really hopeful this would work but unfortunately, I saw no improvement in my lashes at all. I have been using Rapid Lash for over 3 months. The Beauty Place offers a 30-day money back guarantee but all the reviews I read prior to ordering Rapid Lash said it would take about 3 months to see any results. So what good is their money back guarantee? When I called, they refused to refund my money. I think their guarantee is deceptive and I will never order from The Beatuty Place again. I will also tell my friends of my experience in hopes of sparing others this disappointment.

  49. hi ladies
    when i first started using rapid lash i read some of the comments posted and decided to test these claims clinically for myself.

    (i’m an optometrist but i write this as a user of the product only and am posting my experience with it, i do not work for and am in no way connected to RL or any of its suppliers)

    so my partner and i used it for 3 months and measured our visual acuity (smallest test character identified at 6 m) and IOP (internal pressure of eye contents)
    Neither of us found any discolouration of the lid or darkening of the iris as can occur with glaucoma meds. We found no significant change in either spectacle prescription strength, corneal clarity or visual acuity. We tested 3 x week.
    i am older tho (47) and this year my reading has worsened but this is due to age. Lash length and density was noticeably improved tho’ we did not measure this. i continued with use for +- 18 months now.

    I also experienced apparent reduced efficacy after a year or so but
    remember that an eyelash only has a certain lifespan, nutrients etc can prolong its life and growth but it can make it immortal. So it will “die” and fall out eventually, but they should grow back. I have not experienced this however. I like it and feel safe using it.

    I hope this helps, BUT remember if YOU have any irritation or itchiness you may be allergic DISCONTINUE use immediately, and if you have sudden blurred vision – do go see your optometrist or ophthalmologist.

  50. ok After reading some reviews I wanted to add in my opionion and advice. (I am an makeup artist and esthetician). I have used many other very expensive lash growth products with bad results. I tried rapid lash and after a year I still have beautiful long lashes with no side effects.
    WHen you use this product you need to use it every night for 4-6 weeks. When you have good growth you can switch to every other night. You have to replace the tube after 1-2 months of use. It will stop working if you dont. Also make sure all your eye make-up and dirt are completey removed from your lashes.
    Hey for the price it is worth a try!!

  51. I lost vision in both eyes! DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT unless you are willing to be subject to this devastating side effect.

  52. It definitely works. I haven’t been 100% committed to putting it on every night but even after just one week, I’ve noticed a difference. When I curl my lashes, it’s very obvious that they’ve grown. I’m sure it works at different paces for different people but wow… What a wonderfully potent product.

  53. Rapid lash worked great for a few weeks, but then my eyelashes starting to break off!! My eyelashes are NOT the same as they were before i started using rapid lash. They are weak, not thicker at all and now they constantly break! i will not be using this product again!! I’m giving it 1 star out of 5 but they don’t even deserve that!

  54. After 7 days of using Rapid Lash had to go to Dr, had eyelid infection at lash line. Would not recommend using this not worth the risk.

  55. I, like Suzanne, am having trouble with my eyesight. The vision in my left eye keeps getting blurry. I have been using Rapid Lash for 3 months. Noticed the blurry vision yesterday and thought it would go away. It hasn’t. I will discontinue Rapid Lash today. Even though I am getting great results it is not worth risking my sight.

  56. today’s date is August 9, 2011.

    I’ve been using the product for one month. I actually apply it in the morning, as I’ll never remember at night. I thought I’d share some observations after reading all these comments, which initially scared me witless.

    I’m 47 and haven’t worn mascara for about 10 years, since my lashes, which used to be long but thin, had all but disappeared. Mascara didn’t help. About a year ago I stopped using an eyelash curler. You know why? Have a look at yours, closely. It’s full of your eyelashes that it’s pulling out…usually the baby ones. It’s even worse if you curl after applying mascara. I’ve tried everything for nicer lashes, in fact in ‘my’ day, every summer we’d all dye our lashes at the beauty salon, so they would stand out more. About 5 years ago I even had those ‘real hair’ lashes glued on (and the glue was hell, plus I couldn’t stand the itching, the drooping, and ending up peeling them off myself, to no adverse effect, except for my almost lashless lids).

    After one month of use I am noticing a dramatic increase in thickness, not length yet. However, a couple of times my eyes have felt itchy…so I’m really paying attention. I notice that most reviewers still wear mascara, even with awesome results. Instead, put away the mascara AND the eyelash curler. If you close your eyes and gently hold your lashes upwards with your fingertips, for a minute or two every morning and evening,it will train your lashes upward,without yanking them out. An eyelash only has a life cycle of about six weeks. We lose lashes just as we lose hair. There are even ‘clear’ mascara products with vitamins and moisturizers to try, again without the curler. Start babying your lashes as the gentle things that they are, and you may be surprised.
    Vanity, thy name is woman, and we will all keep trying to find that ‘miracle’ product.

  57. Okay, I am getting a bit obsessive about this lash love affair and read the latisse thread. Incidently this site shows it in the number two spot, but when you read the reviews, ouch. Very scary. Results are skewed by people like me (and you) who don’t click the stars to rate.

    ANYWAY. Here’s an interesting tidbit from a latisse user, Carol Ann, who says:

    “One thing my doctor recommended was to be sure to apply the Latisse in one direction one day and in the opposite the next. This may help prevent the lashes from growing all nutty.”

    After reading this thread, and then the Latisse thread, I’d say we’re far better off. They’re reporting styes, white bumps, red red eyelids, even eye colour changing. AND Latisse is the FDA approved product. Simply incredible.

    What we won’t do, huh?

  58. I have been using RL for 10 weeks now. After the first application I woke up with darker skin around my eyes, after second night I woke up with more pinkish skin… I took some weeks for discoloration to dissapear,but apart from that I did not experienced other side effects. My eyelashes gotten darken after the week 1, and shinier 🙂 longer after 6-7 weeks, they are lovely now :)my bfriend asked me the other night why I was going to bed with mascara ON !! ;D so that’s speaks for itself 😉 and I am not using the product every night at the moment, I did every night treatment only for 6 weeks, after that I have been using just a couple times a week ( if I manage to remember ;)I have 3ml, and looks like I still have product left for some weeks to go :)RL is good to start with,but after having read so many comments about how it performs after several months of usage, I don’t really know what to expect in the coming future… for now, I am sticking to it. Good luck girls 😉

  59. I used Rapid Lash twice for 3 months after having lash extensions removed. I had the lash extensions for 3 weeks each time. I used the product twice over the past 18 months. I noticed that my vision is a bit blurred when I drive. I had an eye test done today and my eyesight has deteriorated. A doctor told me that Rapid Lash can darken the colour of your eyes but since I have brown eyes this was not a huge concern. If I knew the product would have an impact on my eyesight I would not have used it.

  60. I began using in ’09 and saw my thin lashes grow. After a while they stopped growing and I discontinued use. None of my lashes fell out, but are getting thin again. I am going back to RapidLash, as I had no irritation or darkening of lids or iris. LOVE IT. However, the accompanying literature states that lashes will revert to original length if you stop using it. At age 58 my lashes were almost invisible. Will not stop using it again. PLZ send my next tube ASAP

  61. Hi so I started using it about three months ago, after about six or seven weeks my lashes looked amazing, much thicker, much longer, loads of people noticed! they looked stunning, even without my mascara on!

    However…after about 9 or ten weeks my lashes started to fall out again just like before i started using the product, also they are very brittle again and keep breaking.

    Switching products 🙁

  62. I used RL, (3 tubes) with virtually no difference to my lashes at all, plus the product didnt seem to last that long. I say this in comparison to another natural lash enhancer where the product is lasting and lasting..and where I am having results. Should I ever see anything like Im reading, Id STOP using it and go back to the old-fashioned but natural products like vaseline or olive oil at night You get lovely moist lashes plus, Iv noticed no eye wrinkles as compared to my friends same age..:)

  63. Hi everyone I am so scared now having read all the reviews! lashes fallen out and big gaps!
    I purchased rapidlash just to give my eyelashes a boost this is what I thought it was for to add a bit of length and thickness not cause your eyelashes to fall out after a few months!
    I noticed headaces for the first few days and also I have developed horrible dark rings under both eyes!
    My lashes look stunning but for how long? and at waht cost for a few weeks glory!
    How can this company get away with this?? any product that causes side effects like this should be banned full stop!
    Yes I have lashes now but by the sounds of it it seems by the previous reviews the eyelashes fall out!
    I have used rapidlash once nightly and the dark rings started within about a week of using it.
    I will now start to wean myself off this product by reducing use gradually and then that way I hope my lashes don’t fall out or break off.
    Is there not a natural product out there that doesn’t cause these horrific side effects? Good Luck Girls 🙂

  64. I don’t usually write bad reviews, but this is one product that you should steer clear of. I have stopped and started using this product 2 times and each time I started using it again, I would get horrible migraines,throbbing pain behind my eyes,not to mention the burning sensation I felt around my eyes. I want long eyelashes, but not at the expense of my health. I am throwing this product in the trash for the last time. I really wanted it to work,but instead have just wasted my money.

  65. I’ve been using Rapid Lash for 6 weeks now and WOW! MY lashes now look like carpet sweepers! I have never had such long lashes in my life. I think this product works really well, at least for me….

  66. One of the few products out there that actually works! My lashes are much longer a lot of people have been commenting it!

  67. I love Rapid Lash! Its Awesome!! My eyes are finally more noticable. I have big eyes but short lashes. Now they are beautiful. If there is even a better product than rapid lash I want to know about it. I want the lashes to keep getting thicker. I don’t want it to stop working. I haven’t had any lashes fall out. Make sure you take your make up off at night. I would stay away from water proof mascara. Sometimes I will add a touch of oil to my lashes if they feel brittle. I am never giving up this product ever. I am not giving up my lashes.

  68. I purchased my RL at Costco in British Columbia.
    It’s been 2 weeks and I have to honestly say I came here to find out if
    It was worth it to continue!
    Yes! My lashes are noticeably thicker, darker, and longer! However like most
    Of you claim, I had a red irritating rash on my eye lid and darkening of the lids I though was kind of a bonus cuz I could blend with eye shadow to give more of a smokey look!
    Then I realized that all the headaches and migraines I had, since the first week using this product must have been the side effects from this!!! I am also having a major problem with my eye sight since 2 weeks ago! Thank u everyone! I’m bringing it back to Costco and asking for my money back!
    I’m done with this RL as of today! Thanks so much!

  69. I used RapidLash for a few months with minimal results. Then I tried Latisse and wow do I have lashes again! So wouldn’t recommend RL.

  70. Rapid Lash is available at Bed Bath and Beyond for 39.99. thats where i bought it. and works amazing. i have always had thin straight lashes, and now they are full. LOVE the stuff!

  71. Bought it and used it every night. In the mornings while washing my face, my eyes were red and very itchy. I wanted to scratch my eyes out of my head. I do not use any make up and noticed during the day at work, my eyes would begin to itch. After a month and a half, upon waking, I had a pussy/crust in the inner corner of my eyes along with the itching. I saw absolutely no growth at all after 2 months of using this faithfully. The itching drove me nuts and I decided it was not worth it. I bought it for $60 at Ulta. I wasted my money.

  72. I love this stuff. I am 58 years old. I wish you could see before and after pictures. I have been using this now for 8 weeks. I have had to trim bottom lashes just to make them even in length. My top lashes now hit the inner part of my sunglasses. And my eyebrows are fuller, where there was a bald spot. And, as for falling out eyelashes, geez… We loose hair from our head daily and that will never end.. We loose hair daily every place on our body, but who’s noticing? We bought Rapid Lash just to improve the hair on our eyes and brows. Don’t worry about hair falling out, because that just the cycle of life. It will grow back just like the hair everywhere else on your body. You notice hair loose on your eyes because you are 100% percent focussed on them.. Put that energy toward your finger nails or your garden .. :*)

  73. Wow mixed reviews here. I’ve been using RL for almost four weeks now but i’ve had to stop because my right eye is swollen, irritated, and quite red. It also feels like there’s a stabbing sensation in my eye…not pleasant at all. Plus i’m getting really bad headaches especially on the right side of my head. I didn’t notice any difference in lash growth either but that’s probably because I couldn’t use it long enough to see any results. Although from what some of the reviews say above, your lashes will start falling out after seven or eight months of use, anyways. Not a good product IMO…and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

  74. I’ve been using Rapid Lash for 3 months.
    My eyelashes have grown a little but
    nothing spectacular. My main complaint
    is that there seems to be very little serum
    in the tube. I bought my first tube at Ulta,
    and there was little to no serum in the tube.
    I contacted Rapid Lash customer service & they
    sent me a new tube with proof of my Ulta receipt.
    My new tube had a little more serum, but not much
    more than the first tube. I do shake the tube and
    pump, which helps some. The manufacture date on
    both tubes were 2012, although their customer service
    said, tubes are ok for 2 years from manufactured date.
    Rapid lash does work, but for me it took 3 months to
    see any difference. The little amount of serum in tube
    is what disappoints me, especially for what you pay,
    $60.00 at Ulta. They need to improve this before i
    will buy again.

  75. I’ve been using rapid lash on & off for a few years. I usually take a break from it once in a while. I know it works for me I can see the difference.. Now the bad side, I recently started getting eyelid twitching that has continued for over 2 weeks now. I’m not sure if it’s because of rapid lash or not but I decided to give my eyes a break from this serum. I’ve never had this problem before but I do think you need to give your eyes a periodic break. It’s been day 3 from no use of the serum and I still have the twitching. The twitching isn’t noticeable but I feel it. Probably not related to serum but you never know better safe than sorry. =)

  76. I’ve been using rapidlash for at least 3 years if not longer. I replace my tube every 5-6 months. Around the 5/6 month mark I notice my lashes beginning to go back to normal so I toss and rebuy and voila, they grow like weeds again. I get compliments everywhere I go on my lashes.
    Sometimes if I stay up after applying at night, my eyes get a little itchy, but nothing that would be a deal breaker. My eyelids did darkern above the lash line but it looks good in my opinion b/c less eye liner is needed and I personally like that. It definitely works for me but everybody is different so you have to try it and see.

  77. After using Rapidlash a few times I have had the most horrendous eye irritation, swelling and am not on my second course of steroids. Really be careful with this product, it isn’t safe and you could be causing untold damage to your eyes. I have blurred vision and discolouration around the eyes after two weeks of not using it and two visits to hospital.

  78. After using Rapid lash for about 3 weeks, had to discontinue due to red, itchy and swollen eyelids. Waste of money

  79. I purchased Rapid Lash …
    and I LOVE IT!!!! it works and I will continue to use it much more affordable then other serums and my lashes within 3 wks looks thicker and longer… Great Product and better then paying $300 for Latish.. very satisfied and would recommend

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