Prolash+ Eyelash Growth Serum Review: Side Effects, Benefits, Risks & More

Prolash+ Eyelash Growth Serum is a product that stimulates the growth of the eyelashes. The company claims that this serum is clinically proven to extend the lashes over time.

The distributors of Prolash+ say that the serum helps users achieve longer, thicker lashes in as little as one month. This product is dermatologist tested and approved, and the company claims that there is no risk of skin discoloration or alteration of eye color.

✅Prolash+ Pros:

This relatively inexpensive product uses skin-friendly ingredients like vitamin C and vitamin E to condition and enhances the lashes. Thanks to this formula, it’s unlikely that this serum will cause unpleasant irritation or other side effects.

❌Prolash+ Cons:

Some users find this product to yield disappointing results. While the serum doesn’t cost much compared to some of its competitors, sometimes you get what you pay for. In the case of Prolash+, a number of users find this to be a pleasant but ineffective tube of eyelash conditioner.

What You Need to Know About Prolash+ Serum

Key Features

Prolash+ is contained in a clear, generously sized tube with 6.5 ml of serum. The application is easy thanks to the Prolash+ brush.

According to the distributors of this serum, users are supposed to see results in one month. In fact, after four weeks, tests have shown the product to achieve a growth rate of 30%. With continued use, the serum may stimulate growth by up to 56%.

While the serum is primarily intended for use on the eyelashes, it can also be used to enhance the health of the brows. Users can simply swipe the serum over sparse or uneven brows twice a day to promote new growth.

Formulation Facts

Prolash+ serum is made of 100% all natural ingredients. This dermatologist-tested formula includes vitamin C, vitamin E, cellulose A, keratin, collagen, and enzymes.

The active ingredient in Prolash+ is a fatty acid known as myristoyl pentapeptide-17. This fatty acid stimulates keratin, which in turn can promote the growth of longer, thicker eyelashes and eyebrows. The formula also includes lavender essential oil, which gives the serum a gentle but pleasant aroma.

Application Instructions

For best results, users are directed to apply the serum to a clean, dry face. The serum should be applied to the top and bottom lashes, where eyeliner might otherwise be applied. A thin line of serum is enough. This process should become a part of the user’s daytime and nighttime beauty regimen. One bottle of Prolash+ lasts several months. After a bottle is opened, the formula is active for up to a year.

Using Makeup with Prolash+

People can apply whatever type of eye makeup they prefer when using this serum. False eyelashes, mascara, and eyeliner will not affect the absorption of the daytime application of the serum. After noticing lash growth, however, users may feel less of a need to wear eye makeup.


Full growth can be expected after about ten weeks. Once the serum has resulted in measurable improvement, users can maintain the look of their new lashes by using the product a few times every week. If they fail to do so, lashes will revert back to their original condition.


While this product doesn’t cause irritation if applied properly, it may sting if it comes into contact with the eye. If users do notice a stinging sensation, they should immediately flush their eyes with water.

Prolash+ should not be used in conjunction with glaucoma medication. The distributors also recommend against using Prolash+ with other lash growth products. Users who are taking or using any eye-related medications should consult with their doctor before using this serum.

Buyer Reviews: Mixed

Some buyers find that this serum produces the intended results. They achieve the long, thick lashes that they desire, and at relatively low price. For many other buyers, however, Prolash+ simply doesn’t measure up to the brand’s claims. Instead, their lashes remain unchanged, and they are forced to begin the search for another lash extending product.


Prolash+ is a relatively inexpensive lash boosting serum, and if you don’t mind spending a few dollars on the hopes that you’ll be one of the lucky few to achieve great results, go ahead. But a large portion of Prolash+ users find this serum to be ineffective and the container to be shoddily made. Others users complain of irritation when the formula gets in the eye. Even if you’re looking for affordable lash enhancing options, there are better options on the market.

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  1. I agree with the “cons” above. I used Careprost (the Latisse generic shipped from India) for many years with terrific results. I thought I’d give Prolash+ a try because of the savings. I’ve used it for several months and my lashes have visibly diminished. They are sparser, lighter and shorter. I’m tossing the Prolash+ and will probably try Idol Lash…or go back to ordering from India.

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