NutraLuxe Lash MD Review: Side Effects, Benefits, Risks, and More

Several products on the market profess to help you grow long, luxurious eyelashes, but whether that is accurate or not, is primarily based on customer feedback. The product that is being reviewed presently is NutraLuxe Lash MD. This product was developed by a research and marketing company after a physician created it and was tested for safety by an ophthalmologist.

It is advertised as an eyelash conditioner but also claims to grow eyelashes while improving the health of them. NutraLuxe Lash claims to moisturize hair follicles to encourage new growth of healthy lashes and brows. It also repairs brittle or sparse lashes and replaces missing lashes with healthier, regrown lashes in your lash lines.

The Pros of Using NutraLuxe Lash MD

✅The formula contains peptides, vitamins, and herbal extracts to encourage health and growth of eyelashes.
✅It conditions to prevent breakage and increase the flexibility of eyelashes.
✅A medical prescription is not needed to buy this product.
✅NutraLuxe Lash is alcohol-free and fragrance-free.
✅Visible eyelash growth can be seen in four to six weeks for some people.

The Cons of Using NutraLuxe Lash MD

❌There aren’t any supporting scientific studies or clinical trials regarding the effectiveness and safety of NutraLuxe Lash and has not been approved by the FDA.
❌The ingredient Prostaglandin I.C. can cause light colored irises in the eyes to darken significantly and is known to be a permanent side effect of use.
❌There have been alarming physical side effects that have occurred while customers have used this product, some being permanent even after discontinued use.
❌There have also been instances where a counterfeit product was being sold by an unassociated entity, an undisclosed formula change to the original formula that was found to be ineffective, and product price increases according to customer documentation.

The manufacturer instructs customers to use this product on a daily basis, with a light application on the lash line once a day. This light application would allegedly help diminish the possible side effects that occur due to over usage, but it was discovered that that doesn’t hold true in many of the circumstances according to customer reviews and complaints.

A warning was also noted with the use of this product because it contains Prostaglandin I.C., a derivative of Prostaglandin which can cause side effects such as eye irritation, eye pain, itching, and darker pigmentation around the eye. If this occurs, discontinue the use of this product, and these side effects will be reversed. This claim isn’t true in all cases according to customer reviews and complaints about this product.

The manufacturer understates and seems to play down the severity in which these side effects can happen and isn’t reversed just by discontinued use of this product. In fact, many of the side effects didn’t subside at all by stopping use and took several days or weeks to disappear. Some damage from the product was permanent.

Listed side effects documented by customers:

  • The whites of the eyes turned yellow and even a purplish color.
  • Eyes became completely red and bloodshot as if they had been crying or had the eye infection, pink eye.
  • Green colored eyes were discolored to a brownish hazel color.
  • Hyperpigmentation resulted on eyelids and surrounding eye area skin. One customer wrote about black staining around their eyelids caused by the product.
  • After use, eyes were described as sore, heavy, puffy, burning, itching, and swollen.
  • The product caused headaches and a lot of pressure behind the eyeballs, making them throb. Eyes also became photosensitive and were intolerant to sunlight.

There were also instances that the product didn’t encourage any eyelash growth at all, even if it was being applied consistently as directed on a daily basis for a month or two.

There were also instances of poor, uneven results where there were a few long lashes and short lashes, causing the lashes to grow unevenly.

Customers also noted that the new formula they had received was weakened or watered down causing the lashes that were grown from the previous formula to all fall out because the formula was ineffectual.

What You Need To Know About the Product

NutraLuxe Lash MD contains Prostaglandin I.C., and based on several customer reviews and complaints, this product appears to be very problematic based on that one ingredient. It has been shown that this Prostaglandin derivative can cause severe side effects, some with lasting or permanent side effects.

This product has very few, if any, scientific studies and clinical trials regarding the effectiveness and safety and has not been approved by the FDA. These factors should be considered very carefully and seriously before using this product.


The creators of the serum may allege that this product can deliver on everything they say it does, but the accuracy of what this product actually does is revealed with the feedback given by the people who have used it.

Customers have given valuable and honest feedback regarding the accuracy of all it of this product’s supposed attributes and because there is a lack of scientific research and clinical studies to back up the claims of the manufacturers, the feedback that the customers have given is more significant. Even though this product was supposedly created by experts, what is said about this product by users should be taken seriously, especially the physical reactions that have manifested in its users. 

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