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Latisse Reviews 2021: Side Effects, Benefits, Risks, and More

Produced by Allergen (the same company who manufactures Botox), the prescription is used to treat hypotrichosis, a technical term for having too few eyelashes.

As was reported by users of Latisse and by FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, there’s a possibility of allergic reactions to certain ingredients in the product. 

Though most of the side effects are reversible once the use of the product is discontinued, it is a cause for concern among several customers.


✅ The official website of Latisse provides extensive information on the product, its usage, and the probable side effects and how to treat them.
✅ Allergan has the patent for the use of the active ingredient bimatoprost, which is approved by FDA for cosmetic purposes.
✅ The product priced at $120 is not very expensive in comparison with other products in the same category and is known to produce results albeit at a slow pace.


❌ Redness of the eye, itching sensation at the application site, eye irritation, and dryness in the eye are some of the common side effects of using Latisse.
❌ Some customers have complained of darkening of the skin (hyperpigmentation) around the application site.
❌ There have been cases of the lashes falling out and discoloration of the eyes, may be due to being allergic to one or many of the ingredients, in which case, it is best to discontinue use and seek medical help.
❌ The product takes a long time to work, as long as 4 months, to see any noticeable results.
❌ Once you stop applying Latisse, your lashes immediately go back their original state.
❌ Some doctors aren’t yet familiar with the prescription.

Latisse Side Effects

  • Eye Irritation: Because Latisse stimulates many of the nerves and vessels in the eye area, it is possible that the medication causes your body to react through red, itchy, or mild stinging of the eyelids. Doctor John P. Cunha states that the irritation is likely temporary.
  • However, if the irritation persists or causes very sharp pain, you should stop taking the drops right away. Along with hives, difficulty breathing, and trouble seeing, sharp irritation can be a sign of an allergic reaction. If you suspect this to be the case, call your doctor right away.
  • Swelling: Puffy eyelids and swollen regions beside the eye can also occur. This usually happens when the patient is first taking Latisse, as the body is trying to grow accustomed to the medication. If there is discharge or oozing, your eye fluids may be imbalanced or rejecting the medication.
  • Extra Hair Growth: The chemicals in Latisse target hair producing factors to grow eyelashes longer and fuller. When the drops miss the intended area, or make their way to the surrounding eye structures, it may cause unintended hair growth on places besides the eyelashes. Carefully applying the drops is your best defense against this occurring.
  • Dry/Watery Eyes: Since Latisse is also used to treat glaucoma, the strong medicine may interact with tear production, either overstimulating it or causing it to underperform.

Liz Serge of AllAboutVision suggests talking to an ophthalmologist beforehand regarding your current tear production and how any pre-existing conditions like dry eye may be worsened by using Latisse.

For our full research about Latisse side effects – read this article

How does Latisse Work?

Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Latisse, is what makes eyelashes grow longer and thicker. The exact mechanism of how it works is currently unknown. But according to the product’s official website, Latisse is believed to affect the anagen phase of the eyelash hair cycle.

Anagen phase is the stage when the hair follicle is active, resulting in hair growth. The length of anagen phase varies from person to person. People with longer anagen phases can grow their hair longer, while people with shorter anagen cycle cannot. It is believed that bimatoprost extends the length of the eyelashes’ anagen phase, resulting in longer and thicker lashes.

Latisse Cost

Latisse comes with a whopping price tag at $120 per kit. But this kit already includes 1 bottle of Latisse solution and 30 pairs of applicators. If applied correctly, one set can last about 6-8 weeks.

The price may also vary in other pharmacies, and some doctors offer discounts for bulk purchases. Ask your doctor whether she or he offers any additional discounts. There are also local events or programs that offer special promotions and discounts, so be sure to check them out.


​Latisse is something that is NOT for everybody. You have to consider it seriously and make sure to get your eyes checked regularly when you decided to use the product.

Once you begin the treatment, you must continue using the product to get the best results. It’s also important to strictly follow the instructions included in the package to avoid any adverse side effects.

Latisse is not a cosmetic product. It’s considered a drug, and currently only available by prescription from a doctor unlike eyelash serums.

Just keep in mind that not all doctors may be familiar with Latisse. However, most eye doctors, dermatologists, and cosmetic surgeons are aware about the product.

Consider using our reader’s choice eyelash serum for naturally growing eyelashes.

How to apply Latisse

  1. Before applying, wash your face and remove any makeup and contact lenses.
  2. Get the sterile applicator from the kit; then holding the applicator horizontally, place one drop of the solution on the applicator brush.
  3. Carefully apply the solution along the skin at the base of the upper eyelashes.
  4. After applying, blot off any excess solution with a cloth or tissue.
  5. Use a new applicator and repeat the same process for the other eye. Throw the applicator away after one use to avoid any contamination and possible side effects.

More tips to consider when using Latisse

  • ➡️Use Latisse only as directed.
  • ➡️Wash your hands before and after using the product.
  • ➡️Make sure that your face is clean and your makeup is removed before you apply the solution.
  • ➡️​If you wear contact lenses, make sure to remove them before you apply the solution. You can place them back in the eye 15 minutes after use.
  • ​➡️Remove excess solution around your eye with clean, dry tissue or cloth.
  • ​➡️Always use the sterile, disposable applicator included in the kit, and only use one applicator per eye. Discard the applicator after a single use.
  • ➡️​Only apply on the upper lash line. The solution automatically spreads to your lower lash line as you blink so there’s no need to apply it on the lower lash line.
  • ➡️​Apply the solution carefully as excess hair growth may occur outside the treatment area.
  • ➡️One drop of Latisse solution should only be applied once daily, in the evening, or as directed by your doctor. Using it more than once a day will not grow your eyelashes faster or increase the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • ➡️​If you miss an application, don’t apply more just to catch up. Just apply the same amount of Latisse solution the next evening and stay on your normal schedule.
  • ➡️Don’t touch the tip of the bottle or applicator to avoid any contamination. Keep the bottle tightly closed.

Latisse Video Reviews

1/ Katie Prueher Latisse Review

In this video, Katie Prueher shared the details of her experience in using Latisse. She’s been using the product for over a year now, and so far satisfied with the results. For her, it took about three months before people noticed her beautiful eyelashes, but it was really 16 weeks for her to have the full eyelash growth potential.

She also shared the side effects that she has experienced and her opinions about the product. And while this product worked very well for her, Katie doesn’t recommend it.

 You can watch the full video here.👇

2/ Marlena’s Latisse Review

Marlena’s eyelashes have always been pretty long, but not thick as she wanted, so she tried using Latisse to see if this product works like others claim it does. She patiently applied the solution every night for 4 months and got satisfied with the results. For her, the product made her eyelashes longer and darker. She didn’t also experience any side effects while using the product. However, the only disadvantage for her is that you have to apply it every single night, which really requires a lot of patience.

Also, the product comes with a huge price tag, about $120 per kit, which is not affordable for most people. For her, she’d rather buy lash extensions than buy this treatment. Check her full Latisse review video here: 👇

3/ Angie from Hot&Flashy Latisse Review

Beauty guru, Angie from Hot&Flashy made a comparison video about the prescription product Latisse and product alternative RapidLash. She talked about how great the two products are when it comes to growing eyelashes. She also shared the disadvantages of the two products. Watch her full comparison video.

4/ Katie Hill Review

Katie Hill did a great review of the popular eyelash treatment, Latisse. In this video, she talked about the pros and cons of the product, and even shared before and after photos of her eyelashes to show how it really works.

Katie found Latisse really effective for growing eyelashes and making them look fuller, so she definitely recommends the product for people who have sparse or inadequate amount of eyelashes. However, she cautions everybody to use it carefully as this product can cause side effects.

In this video, Katie also shared some tips and tricks on how to use the product efficiently. Watch her full latisse review.👇


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  1. For 10 weeks it has been on Latisse. But after using the product I felt that my lashes have spread out in a very odd manner from my eyes, and it started took even worse than before using the product. Now my mascara doesn’t suits me at all. But the main problem with the product is that it is not made for every type of skin. As my eyes started to look reddish all the time. Now I have stopped using it, and in some week’s time I was happy to see my original lashes back which were much better in comparison with the one’s I had using the product.

  2. I used latisse for about 2 weeks and noticed that my short straight stumpy lashes did seem longer. I had to stop use because one morning I woke up with a stye on my lower lid. Went to the opthamologist. He was not thrilled to say the least that I was using this product. He stated he was dissappointed that the FDA approved this for lash growth. A week after my eye healed (dont know if related to latisse use) I started to use it again. Got strange results this time. Left eye lashes long and even. Right eye all different crazy lengths. Looks like a mismatch with my left eye!! Just ran out of the stuff. Dont think I’ll spend the big bucks on it again!

  3. Ok so I’ve been using Latisse for 6 months and HAD beautiful results long dark thick eyelashes everyone commented on them. I continue to use it everyday as directed as I always have and over the past month and a half am losing all of the beautiful results, not to mention the money I feel I’ve wasted. I know this is true because I have documented my results on my digital camera. I don’t know what happened and I’m freaking out. Has anyone else had this happen? Somebody please help!!!

  4. I started using latisse about a month ago, and originally had more lashes on my right eyelid then the left. I have noticed that as my eyelashes get longer (I’m guessing from using the latisse) they fall out much easier, even the really short ones too. I still have more on my right eye, as I originally did before using the latisse, but now they are just falling out easier. Has anyone else had this problem before? No matter how many nurses or doctors I call, no one at a dermatology clinic can seem to give me an answer at all. Is this normal for them to be falling out thisw easily? I did my make up today and had about 8 or 9 lashes fall out. Is that a sign of new ones coming in and growing? It would be great if someone could please help me with this, because if I can’t even get an answer from the sources themselves, I don’t know what else to think or do…

  5. I would not recommend to use Latisse to anyone who has light skin. My eyelids are very brown and it looks awful. Also I have some eye pressure and I used Latisse only few times. I think it can be dangerous so I stopped using it immediately.

    1. You are right Anna . My eyes looks the same more darker . I had light brown eyes and now its dark brown . I hate it

      1. In a million years I would never have used Latisse if I had known that it would permanently change my eye color to a dark, dark, brown! I had greenish/hazel eyes before Latisse. Do NOT use this product!

  6. I have been using Latisse for about 6 months. At first I noticed my eyelashes had grown substantially and thickened, I was thrilled. Now I too am seeing them fall out. I have aeas of long and then blocks of no or real short lashes. One morning there were 4 or 5 lashes in the sink. I am now scared I won’t even get my old descent lashes back. I don’t know if I should keep using it or stop. I’m going to write the company.

  7. I am about a week away from the 12 week point and am thrilled with the results so far. I noticed a little change at week 4. They were maybe a little thicker and longer at week 8 but not dramatically. Then it seems that practically overnight they got really long and quite thick. I can hardly wait to see what they look like over the next 5 weeks as I approach the 16 week mark. I took photos to document the growth and can’t even believe hot short and sparse my lashes looked before I started using Latisse. I know this won’t be condoned….but I am still on my first bottle and expect to make it all the way to 16 weeks and perhaps farther on a single bottle. I used the Latisse applicators ONCE and saw how much was needed to wet the brush. The next day I went and bought a thin eyeliner brush. I squeeze a single drop into the lid and it is more than enough to do upper and lower lashes of both eyes…..and I even started using it at the edges of my eyebrows because there was still some of the drop left. I rinse the brush under hot tap water and let it air dry. It has a cap so I can carry it without worry when I travel. Not even a hint of an infection but I have considered using alcohol to clean the brush. The alcohol should evaporate but I am vaguely worried that it may irritate so I haven’t used it yet. I should add that I had a little irritation and redness in my first 2-3 weeks but it was pretty minor. I plan on switching to 2-3 times a week after the 16 week point.

  8. I have been using Latisse for approximately 5 months and I cannot believe how great my lashes look! I receive compliments daily. The only side effect that I have noticed is a slight darkening along my lash line. But that is not noticeable because I wear eyeliner.I highly recommend Lattise.

  9. I seem to be having the same problem as Deb – I have been using Latisse for about 6 months. I started noticing a difference at 3 weeks, and the results were great. Now, about 6 months later, my lashes seem to be going back to the way they were before I started using it. I, too, am freaking out, and wondering if my lashes are going through a “slow growth” phase and will return, or if my few months of great lashes are now a thing of the past. I have been using the product continually as directed. Anyone have any answers?

  10. I have been using Latisse for several months. I had very skimpy lashes and Latisse definitely made them longer and thicker, although they are not equally thick on both eyes. Also, my discolored eyelids are very noticeable. They are now a reddish brown that I try to cover up with make-up because people have commented on it. In case you are wondering, it does not help regrow eyebrows – I’ve tried. Overall, I am pleased with the product but wish it weren’t so costly and needing a prescription. I will continue to buy it probably because I have never had nice lashes until now.

  11. I was skeptical but I really wanted to try it since plastic surgery is not in my budget! After 4 weeks of using Latisse I have noticed new growth and the lashes I had have lengthened. Yes it does work and the only side effects I have noticed are itching and burning after application but not enough to stop using it. One way to make a bottle last longer is to place one drop in the bottle cap and only use one applicator for each eye. One drop is plenty for both eyes and makes the supply last twice as long, highly recommend.

  12. I also had good results with Latisse but now it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I’ve been using it faithfully, every night for about a year. After 16 weeks of use, my lashes were gorgeous but lately they seem to have reverted back to their normal stubbiness despite my nightly use of the product.

  13. I too have uneven eyes– left eyelashes are longer and thicker than the right. Also my eye lids are more red than they usually are– plus increased dry eye. Also, this morning while applying eye makeup, my lids in the inner corner are peely- like an eczema. I think I have to discontinue.

  14. since i have been using my own brush, can i get some sort of credit for the 60 brushes that the latisse comes with? it’s such a waste.the bottle of latisse is only 1/2 full. does anyone else noticed that?

  15. I have been using Latisse for 5 months and had GREAT results for 3 1/2 months. Over the past 6 weeks, my lashes seem to be returning to their “regular” state…thinner and shorter and not as dark. I have used this product consistently EVERY night as directed. I too noticed that one eye was thicker than the other and one was a little longer but I LOVED the results. I don’t know if it’s a starting over process or what, but it’s disappointing to lose the progress I made when I’ve spent so much money.

  16. I’ve used Latisse and have had success with longer thicker lashes, but it takes about 3 months. The doctor I got this from said to use a eyeliner brush, not the brushes that come with the product as these brushes absorb too much of the liquid and use it every 3 times a week and you will get the same result. I’ve had a little discoloring of my eyelid and some irritation, but not enough for me to stop. The pros outweigh the cons. I love having long eyelashes, but I wonder if long term use will stop working or have any long term affects.

  17. Been using latisse week 3 now, all thanks to the eyelash extension which in return gave me no eyelashes! At the start, alot like all of you i was skeptical but i was desperate after a years use of eyelash extensions.

    At week 3 today, i can feel some of my eyelashes hit my face when i shut it, i see growth at the areas that had none, and overall very excited to see the lashes at week 24.

    I did experience redness, puffyness, slight itching/dermatiatis near the crease of the eye, and alot more sensitiveness to bright light. But all of which the time i had my eyelash extensions removed and could have possibly contributed.

    I am now using the MAC 2.0 eyeliner brush, and so far one drop helps serve for both upper lid, lower lid, and eyebrows. I’m hoping that by using this brush it would help with the discoloration everyone’s talking about.

    Also read alot of reviews that the long lashes may shed their length to 70% after long periods of use and is a cycle, that will need to be kept , maintaining to be kept at 100% growth. Which i am guessing the product should not be overused and only be, three times a week after full growth @16 weeks.

    Hope this helps, good luck laidies!

  18. had exact same results as deb and michelle…i just stopped using latisse and am hoping my lashes at least return to normal….but right now it looks really bad…i will not use this again….

  19. I used Latisse (actually I just bought the $14 identical generic version, Careprost, on-line) for 7 months.

    Sure, you get great lashes, but unfortunately I also got the dreaded dark purple/red skin discoloration around my eyes and it looked so awful I eventually had to discontinue the product because people were constantly commenting on it. Makes you look sick, and no amounts of make-up can cover it.

    I miss my great lashes but the freaky red eyelids made it not worth it. I wish they could tweak the formula to address this very real problem.

    1. Exactly….SUPER great lashes, BUT hideous dark purple red eyelid skin discoloration and puffy eyes after several months of using Latisse. Not to mention dry, itchy, burning eyes. Such a disappointment!!

    2. Hi Chris! I got the same dreaded red/purple line above my upper lash line. I stopped using latisse immediately but the red/purple line still remains FIVE MONTHS later!! Has yours improved?

  20. I have been using latisse for over a year and it was great for atleast 9 months. My eyelashes got so thick and long. Everyone commented on them. Now all my long lashes have almost all fallen out and the lashes left are short and thin and seem to come out easily too. I have gaps and am wondering if new ones will come in. I will stop using it now. Why doesn’t the company tell you this. I suspect they knew it only worked for a certain period of time. The body must get used to the drug and get rebound of some type. It is very depressing.

  21. I have had eye infections, sties on my eyes and gaps in my lashes from this product. My eyes are dark and I look like I have been socked in the eyes. I have spent money on antibiotic ointments, drops, and pills to deal with the effect os Latisse. It is horrible. DO NOT USE THIS JUNK.

  22. After 1 year of using Latisse my lashes on my left eye have started falling out & are now stubby & short w/a few lashes still long. My right eye lashes are fine; not full but OK when I use mascara. I used Latisse every other day as directed b/c I am on the “maintenance” part of using Latisse. After reading all the various posts it seems there are many other people whose lashes have fallen out after using Latisse for 6+ months. I think we should call their offices to let them know we are all experiencing problems w/their product & they need to address these issues ASAP. Here is Latisse TOLL FREE #
    (800) 433-8871 and select option number two. Please post your reviews here so we can all know what is going on.

  23. Everyone here experiencing problems w/Latisse should call their offices to advise them of the issues you are having w/their product. They want to know & will try to help & they do follow-up. Here is Latisse’s TOLL FREE #
    (800) 433-8871, then choose option #2. Please post your reviews here so we can all know what is going on in your case. We’ve all paid a lot of $$$$ & should have received good results by now but it seems many of us are back where we started or worse. Thanks everyone.

  24. VERY DISSAPOINTED!! Latisse only works WHILE you use it. I had the same problem as Deb and Pam. I used Latisse as directed, never missed a night. I started seeing results after week 7. My lashes were amazing, long and you could feel the difference in thickness. However, it’s been 3 months after I stopped using it and my lashes feel worst than before. They are not long anymore and they feel very thin. I feel like I just wasted my money!!

  25. I have used on and off for over a year. This product works great. My lashes do the same as some other reviewers. They grow long and thick and then after a few months become shorter again. THIS IS NORMAL! That is because just like your normaly lash growth cycle, the hair doesn’t stay permanently, they just spark new growth and make the cycle that they stay in much longer. They will fall out and new ones will come in just like your normal lashes without Latisse. Just keep using it and it continues to grow longer and thick again. Sometimes my become uneven also but that is because you are putting more solution on one side than the other. When I notice this then I put on a litte more one the other side and less on the longer side and they even out pretty quickly. Also, mine lasts 3 months because I use a fine tip eyeliner brush that doesn’t use up much liquid. It’s worth the money at that price. You couldn’t even see my lashes before and now they scrape my glasses all the time and everyone is always complementing me on them. Never thought that would happen to me. Good luck

  26. I love this site and the honest critics from authors. I have been using this for one month and now have dark circles under my eyes. Don’t know if this is a side effect, but worth mentioning. My eyelashes do seem to be longer. I will stop using this and see if the dark circles go away. Will keep you informed. Good-luck to everyone using this product.

    1. I love it too but experience dryeye and also darkness on my kids and under. Worth it once I see my amazing lashes!!! They are so long they catch on my eyebrows!! Good problem to have!!!!

    2. Same here. I got A dark red/purple line above my upper lash line. And I have dark circles under my eyes. I stopped using latisse immediately but the red/purple line still remains FIVE MONTHS later!! Has yours improved?

  27. I used it for 6 months.At first it worked great.Then my lashes started to grow out crooked.Then I started to get these little white puss filled bumps by my lash line.Then my lashes started to fall out.Now I have very few eyelashes and bare spots. I tried it on my bottom lashes and they are fine and thick and long.I only had this problem with my top lashes.I stopped using it,and I hope my lashes grow back.

  28. Wow, I can’t believe all of these reviews; I used Lattise for about 6 weeks, all of the sudden my lashes got so full and long, I actually had long bottom lashes, I was so excited. I had to quit using it because it was not in my budget; within a month I lost all of my bottom lashes and my top lashes are thinner than ever; I’m so sad.

  29. Well, after reading all the reviews I’m still worried about the side effects of Lattise. I’ve been using it now for about 2 weeks and while some of my lashes are definitely thicker I have some bare spots on my lash line. No redness, irriration, etc. which would say I’m having an allergic reaction so I don’t know whether or not to be worried. Previously I had been using Rapidlash and had pretty good results and am probably going back to using it. Rapidlash is about 1/2 the price and I never lost an eyelash. Perhaps I should have been worried earlier when the physician gave me the prescription over the telephone along with 2 extra refills without even knowing me. For those who continue to use the same at least purchase through Costco Pharmacy the cost is approximately 109.00 and you might as well PAY LESS since you’re going to end up with LESS lashes.

  30. I’ve been using Latisse for about 3 1/2 months. At first my lashes got dark and thicker that I didn’t have to wear mascara. They looked great. I’ve noticed that now they’ve gotten thinner and without mascara, it looks like I don’t have any lashes. I’ve been searching the web to see if anyone else has experienced this. And it seems that they have.

  31. When I first started using Latisse, my lashes were so thick and dark and I didn’t have to use mascara. They were really nice. Three and a half months later, they are thin and I have to wear mascara to show that I do have a few lashes. What happened?
    I’ve searched the web to see if anyone has had my experience, and they have. Allergan needs to do a little more work on their product.

  32. I started using Latisse in June of 2010. It took a full 3 1/2 months until I and others noticed the results. Yes the product definitely works, but I also have blue/green eyes and WITHOUT A DOUBT they have darkened right around the pupils of my eye. What used to be a yellowish color is now light brown so for that reason alone I have stopped using the product. I didn’t really believe it could make your eyes darker, but it definitely does so anyone who wants to use it with light eyes beware!

  33. I have been using Latisse for 5 months. Initally my lashes got longer, darker and thicker. Now I notice they have thinned and faded and are not as long as they were before. I too have the reddish brown pigmentent on my eyelid. I think I’m going to stop using it now too.

  34. I have been using Latisse for 2 months. I have seen improvement in the length of my lashes for sure but there’s absolutely zero improvement in the thickness of lashes which is why I started using it . Also where there is growth it’s uneven and there are gaps. I was so excited when I started seeing some longer lashes But honestly this product is a huge dissapointment!!!!!!

  35. for the people who have mentioned falling lashes: if your lashes are falling out then you are possibly allergic to one of the ingredients. this is stated VERY clearly on this website…you know, the one you commented on. see your eye doctor.

  36. I have been using Latisse for a few weeks now and am noticing the slight change.

    One thing my doctor recommended was to be sure to apply the Latisse in one direction one day and in the opposite the next. This may help prevent the lashes from growing all nutty.

    As far as the fall out, I am also understanding it is normal for our lashes to do this anyway. It’s like our normal hair.

    I love it!! I wouldn’t mind trying a less expensive version, but with a $100 rebate, it worked out well for me.

    I have 2 boxes. I will take the advice and use an eye liner brush instead!

  37. Yes, it works! I’m 50 and have used Latisse for 4 months. My eyelashes are much longer, but I still wish they would thicken. Then again, I’m a fair-blonde, so anything was better than what I had!

  38. Latisse definately works, but there is a downside to its magical power. The results took about 6 weeks to really notice a good change in my eyelashes. After 5 months of continued use, I noticed that my eye color is changing pretty dramatically. I have light green/blue eyes with yellow around my pupil and the yellow is now actually a light brown color. Reviews and websites will tell you it most likely will not affect the color, but that was not true in my case. I warn anyone with light eyes to be wary because its permanent and once theyre darker thats it. I stopped using the product and my eyelashes went back to their original state in 2 1/2 weeks.

  39. At first I thought I had wasted my money but after a few months my eyelashes are growing like crazy…I have even had to cut them back a bit. The manufacturer is very clear about the time needed for the product to work….many of us are just too impatient!

  40. I have been using latisse for about 3 months now the first bottle i bought worked amazing so i went ahead and purchased another to continue use but much to my suprise i was hurting myself by continuing use of latisse my eyelashes wernt that bad to begin with but anyway i began to notice really dark circles under my eyes i wasnt tired or stressed i couldnt figure it out until i google it and sure enough i stumbled on to some other posts that had the same reaction see when you put it on theres a chance of the skin darkening right along your upper lash line well when you put it on & go straight to bed which i do the soloution seems to seep to the lower lids and eventually get to your under eye skin which causes the darkening and when you already have dark circles imagine having them get darker when two pepole in a week asked you if youve been punched in the face you know its bad so i dicontinued use of latisse i think it would just be easier to get eyelash extentions there about the same price with no long term side affects worst case you allergic to the glue

  41. I have the same problem of Bella, I used Latisse for about a month and after 3 months I’m losing all my lashes. Don’t use this product, at the beginning it works but after you loose all your lashes. I hope they grow again 🙁


  43. Like the other users whom have gone past the 16 week mark, things are growing in thinner and shorter than before even while on the product. I now have discontinued using it. I read that eyelashes have a 16 week growth cycle so it will be interesting to see if these ones that have grown in short and thinner will be more normal after the next growth cycle while off the product. I think that this should be listed as a side effect. Seems to be a common thread here.

  44. After waiting 4 long months my lashes did improve; in length and only a little in thickness. I was happy that I “finally” had eyelashes. I used Lastisse as directed & probably only missed 3-4 applications in the entire 2 yrs since I purchased it. I am now using it for “maintenance now. ” I would say I had about 3 months of good lashes & I have been using this product for almost 2 yrs. And, it is too expensive to have such minimum results. I am currently looking for another eyelash growth product that will continue to deliver the lashes promised by Latisse. I am quite disappointed having spent so much money on this product.. Anyone have any luck with any other lash growth product? If so, please post on this webiste—I will be checking back occasionally. Thank you.

  45. Don’t use this. I waste 240.00 only to be embarrassed about my results which were lashes that were longer in the middle, with spaces because the direction of the long lashes went toward the bridge of my nose…not like normal lashes. I’m stopping with 1/2 bottle wasted. They look too weird and mascara doesn’t help. I will try to put in fake single lashes to fill in the blank area but there is nothing I can do to the lashes on my left eye that point towards the middle of my face and vice versa on the right eye…I look horrible and embarrassed. They should return your money for not listing this side effect in the literature!

  46. This product was very effective for me. However I got/get extreme pigmentation around my eyes, the redness was enough to make me stop using it. I have used the product and stopped several times because of this particular side effect.
    I’ve also heard of people it didn’t work for and another who said some lashes actually fell out.
    I’m a pharmacist and have seen a few people who report no side effects and have good results.
    I’ve used eyelash extensions which I loved, but absolutely hated the time and expense.
    I’ve never tried another product for growth (hence me being on this site), so I can’t compare this product to another. It’s often effective, but I personally know 3 people who stopped using the product. I can not recommend it.

  47. I started using Latisse almost 4-months ago and did not see any results for about 2 1/2-months, but now I have long beautiful lashes and I get compliments all the time. The bottle lasted 2 1/2 months and I did use the tips that were included and I do my eyes in the morning before I put on my eye makeup. The only negative result that I have had is my eyes get red and feel tired, but the longer lashes are wonderful! I love it!!! I did notice that around my top eye is darker, but it looks like a brown eyeliner, which I use black anyways. I am a light skinned woman and have had more good results than negative. My eyelashes are not necessarily thicker, but they are a lot longer. I normally have very short stubby blond lashes and I have not notice my lashed getting any darker than they were before, but with mascara they look like I have very very long lashes. I love this product!

  48. I just completed my third month. So in 4 weeks what you are all posting is that my eyelashes are going to fall out, my eye color will become darker, I will have dark circles around my eyes. When I got the product they told me to use it everyday for 16 weeks then after that use it only 2 or 3 times a week for maintenance. Did any of you who lost your eyelashes grow them back. I can’t believe I actually paid for this. That’s what I get for being vain, I already had good eyelashes I just didn’t want to hasle with mascara because I cry all the time.

  49. I started Latisse about 4 months ago and saw a result quickly, unlike some other users. My eyelashes are long and beautiful and are now touching my glasses at times! I am about to lessen my use to every other day and expect to lose many of the eyelashes (just like every other hair on the body, it doesn’t stay forever!) I expect to continue use and get a second growth but will update this review if I do not get the expected results. Overall, I am happy. Some redness on the upper eyelid, but I use an eyeshadow primer to cover and it is unnoticeable when wearing makeup.

  50. I am haiving same issue as others, product initially worked great and I had the longest lashes I had ever had. Now after about 7 months of using, my lashes seem skimpier than they were after the first 3-4 months of use but not as short and sparse as they were prior to using Latisse. I am hoping that they are going through some regrowth cycle. If it works agian then it is well worth the money spent. I have light green eyes and thankfully no eye color changes. I did have a bit of the darker color on my lid but a bit of coverstick works fine for me.

  51. I have been using Latisse for over a year now with excellent results. My lashes grew to a perfect length, increased thickness, and looked great with mascara. However, a week ago (Beginning of Jan, 2011) I noticed a bare spot, not too large, but noticeable, on my right upper lid. I haven’t ever experienced anything like this. I do have lashes growing back in the area, but they are tiny in comparison to my left eye. I do not know if it is Latisse that may have caused this, and I am unsure if I should continue in the hopes that it may help, or stop in case it is the cause. I will likely discontinue it in the off chance that it is the culprit since it seems to be a common side effect from the looks of this thread. I am sure I am asking in vain because I doubt anyone will revisit this, but did anyone have luck growing their lashes back? I am worried… And for those of you who say that lash fall out is normal…of course it is, but I know for fact that mine is not normal. And from the sounds of others, theirs is not normal either. Biologically, the eye needs a full covering of hair to protect it from debris. So, yes, hairs will shed, but it usually goes unnoticed because the natural lash cycle keeps a continuous amount of lashes across the entire lash line. I would have rated Latisse a 5, but I am choosing to not give it a rating in case it is the cause of this fall out. Anyway, if someone out there could please let me know… I would so appreciate it. This is driving me crazy.

  52. I have also been losing eyelashes after over a year of using latisse and it has really freaked me out. I am really only losing on the right side. After reading these reviews it seems lash loss is not uncommon. I am sure I am asking in vain, as I doubt anyone will revisit these posts, but those who lost their lashes, did they eventually return to normal pre-latisse lashes? Any insight would help. You can direct email me at or post here. I would so appreciate it.

  53. thank you very much for all your posts on this product!
    i just purchased it but was worried about the ‘side effect’ of darkening the iris/eye colour – thinking: “this can’t be good!” – so i wanted to do some research and came across your reviews.
    i will return this product ASAP! my lashes aren’t that bad – so why temper with them?
    your posts are sobering and certainly a great help in getting over vanity.. ;-))

  54. I’ve been using Latisse for two months now..I started seeing results after only about 3 weeks…I noticed that my eyelashes were really growing longer…what I didn’t notice however was that even though I was extremely careful to wipe away excess after applying, some was still getting on my lashes and now I have dark “eye lash” hair growing in my outer under eye area and I’ve been plucking them out daily and it hurts like a B**ch!!!

    Also, I am noticing a dark ridge where I’ve been applying and it does look like a upper lid eyeliner which isn’t too much of a problem. However, I have to admit that I am getting a bit freaked out after reading alot of your reviews on here about lashes falling out and upon stopping use, that lashes look worst than before.

    I only tried this because I received it as a free gift after a botox treatment..I refilled the script once and had a coupon to receive 2 for the price of one but I honestly don’t think I am going to continue with this treatment..I am too freaked out now…My eyelashes were perfect the way they were, just hope I didn’t do any lasting harm to them or wind up with a hairy outer eye area!!!!

  55. I used Latisse almost every night for 3 months using an eyeliner brush, then went down to twice a week. My lashes were very puny before, now they are nice and long and fuller. Of course they go through cycles of falling out that is normal. But it seems like the twice a week application ensures that the new growth turns out nice and not puny. I did experience some redness when using it every day; that went away when I went to using it twice a week. Like another poster mentioned I also get eyelashes growing in the tear ducts from time to time and have to pluck them out (ouch), but it’s minor in comparison to the overall improvement in my lashes. I don’t even wear eyeliner anymore just some eyeshadow and a nice coat of mascara looks great. I have dark brown eyes so wasn’t worried about my irises darkening, but if I had light eyes I would probably not risk it. Previously I tried the l’Oreal lash growth product and was allergic to one of the ingredients.

  56. I have used Latisse for several months and I have GREAT lashes but I don’t like the side effects. SOOOO I have been using twice per week to give my skin time to heal in between and it still works.

    My question is, I am thinking of using neu lash (which is a conditioner) for a while to give my skin a break and start on Latisse again. Has anyone tried this?

  57. Started using Latisse at the end of December. Saw results in 2 weeks -loved it. Then mid-January noticed my brown eyes had changed colour. Now my brown eyes both have a grey-blue, ~1mm wide, crescent shaped discolouration at the top of each iris. Stopped using the product. Yes it works but seriously who needs this degree of permanent side effect. Latisse is definitely not worth the hassle. In fact, surprised it got approval, especially since the side effects are permanent.

  58. My eyes are always red and bloodshot, the skin on my lash line is dark red it looks like I havent slept in 3 months or that I’ve been crying non stop for 3 months. Either or its not very attractive. Not really worth it because the ugly red eyes overshadows what little bit of lash lenght latisse claims to grow. I really would like my money back!

  59. Also lash growth is not uniform, it strays in all different unnatural positions. Now I’m desperately waiting for my red eyes to heal, I’ve been using visine and whitening cream on my eyelids.

  60. i have experienced the exact same results as most of you. initially worked great but after about 6 months my lashes are thin, brittle and way worse than before i started. feel vanity has shot me i the foot yet AGAIN. i just hope my lashes will grow back to their original state. has anyone been off latisse long enough to notice improvement or is this permanent?

  61. I’ve used this product for only two nights. Last night I noticed that my eyelids were a darker color, but I went ahead with the second application anyway. Today, I look sick. Not only are my eyelids dark but the dark shading comes all the way around the inside corner of my eye. I am not applying this a third time. Does anyone know how long it takes for the darkened skin to go back to normal???

  62. I’ve been using Latisse since the first week of January 2011, and it is now the second week of April. My lashes are twice as thick, dark, and long as they were before starting to use Latisse. I have experienced NO side effects. I am now on my second bottle, and I only use it every other night to make it last. The key to using this product sparingly is to apply ONE drop into the tip of the cap and dip your applicator in it–this way you don’t waste any. ONE drop is all you need!

  63. Thank god I googled this site… I went to the dermotologist yesterday and took a Latisse pamphlet. I knew there had to be some side effects or cons to this product because its too good to be true! According to my overall analysis of peoples posts, it seems like it works for a period of time (temporary for months), but then your either back to normal or in a worse state. I guess I am better off sticking to my natural eyelashes… just incase.

    I also heard that your family doctor can prescribe you something to help “your hair grow” (eyelashes), and it’s cheaper… Anyone heard or tried this??

    Thanks in advance!! 🙂

  64. I have been using Latisse for about a year and had really good results in the beginning.Unfortunatly, for the last several months i have noticed that it no longer seems to be working like it did in the beginning. After reading the reviews I see that this seems to be a common problem. I am wondering if it would help to discontinue use for awhile, and then try again after some “time off”

  65. I’ve been using Latisse for about 3 months. I have used it as prescribed and now have beautiful long thick eyelashes. A few weeks ago I noticed a small white bump on my lower eyelid and now have another one on my upper eyelid. I’m sure it is a side effect of Latisse and will stop using it. I hope I can find something else that will work and not give me this type of side effects.

  66. I have been using Latisse for about 10 months now and I am very please with the results. I must not be allergic to any of the ingredients, as my eyelashes got longer and thicker in about 8 weeks, and they have stayed that way. I now only use it about 3 times a week, using a tiny brush instead of the ones they pack. I have not had any eyelash fallout, nor darkening of the skin. I will continue to use it 3 times a week and hope my eyelashes remain the same. Before I discovered Latisse, you couldn’t even see my eyelashes at all, using a 10-magnifying mirror! Now you can see them without!

  67. I have been using Latisse since the beginning of Dec. 2011, it is now April 28, 2011. I do have longer lashes but not thicker. I just went today to purchase more because there was a buy one get one free sale that is over on April 30. I thought I would try to find info on whether it is safe to continue use when I came upon these reviews. Now after reading I see that I may have wasted my money. I don’t have side effects except my long lashes do curl towards my nose somewhat. I have lost two or three lashes so far so thats why I felt I needed more. I just hope I don’t lose more lashes. At this point I am not sure I will continue using Latisse. I am however afraid that I will lose them altogether. What to do?

  68. I don’t understand how this product is even on the market… I my self grew the lashes, and then lost some of the the lashes. now I look worst, had infections, irritations e.t.c..after using the product six months. Just wanna cry. And I see so many disappointed clients as my self, and the company don’t seen to care .

  69. I started using Latisse in Dec. 2010. I was using one drop, starting on right eye then left, and alternating each night. In February, I hadn’t noticed a thing, and a friend suggested I start putting a drop in the lid and using it that way. It is now early May and although I’ve finally notice some lash growth, my eyes have begun burning and itching (which I never had before) and a bit of eye pressure. After reading these reviews, I am stopping completely, and will finish off the bottle on bare spots on my eyebrows. Anyone know how long it takes for the burning to go away??

  70. I am currently on my third month using Latisse and I love the results, but am HORRIFIED at all your posts regarding lash damage and loss. I know lashes go through cycles and it is common to lose lashes, but to those of you who have discontinued use of Latisse-

    -did your lashes return to your pre-Latisse lashes, or did Latisse ruin them forever?

  71. WOW! Thought I was the only one with the darkened eye lids, red irritation occasionally and the white bumps!
    WHEN will these dark eye lids go away????
    I used one bottle, great results, took a break. Got another bottle and that is when the trouble started, almost immediately.
    I will call the Latisse number and give my adverse conditions.

  72. I’ve been using Latisse for 3 weeks and have been noticing a definite increase in length. My eyes have also been getting progressively itchier and more irritated every day. It could be because it’s allergy season out here, or that I’m allergic to the product, or a combination of the two. Tonight my eyes itched so badly I sat in front of a magnifying mirror and proceeded to pull out all of the little pale eyelashes that had grown up in the inner corners of my eyes. That took care of a huge part of the itchiness. But, OH MY! was it uncomfortable, and not fun at all. I think I’m done with this product. My lashes are certainly longer (which is wonderful, as I suffered from trichotillomania for over 20 years), but the itchiness and the very real fear of damaging my eyes from all the rubbing I’ve been doing makes this particular little exercise in vanity not worth it. Time to focus on inner beauty!

  73. I had my doubts, but since it was buy one get one free I tried it out. I must say with in ONE week I could tell the difference. It has now been two months and I have LONG DARK eyelashes!! I had very short lashes before. I do have a few side effects such as hyperpigmentation of my eyelids (more reddish purple color along the edge of my lashes as if I had eye liner on my upper lids. I also noticed a few sties but I will gladly take these side effects for the lashes any day. I am so thrilled to have beautiful dark long lashes!!! Oh and I only put ONE drop on each lid and the bottle lasted me over 2 months – almost three!! It is a bit pricy though – but again well worth it since it was buy one get one free 🙂

  74. okay, my eyes have been super itchy since starting this product 4 weeks ago. my eyelashes are already longer, but no one notices because i’ve rubbed so much that my eyes are bloodshot and the lids are swollen. ugh. perhaps i’m allergic to it? regardless, i think i’m going to switch to a conditioning eyelash treatment. using this drug is expensive, irritating, and making me unhappy. not what i’d hoped for.

  75. I to have benn using Latissee religiously for almost a year. They were fuller and longer the first 4 months and now I am noticing thinner and some fall out which I never had this before. 3 lashes at one eye is not good. what do we do now???

  76. I have been using Latisse for over a year and could not be more pleased. I do have some reddening around the eyes and maybe a little dryness but so far so good and people have asked me more than once if I am wearing false eye lashes!!!!! Love it!!!!

  77. I have been using Latisse for over a year now and love it!! People ask me if I am wearing false eye lashes! I do have some reddening around the skin where I apply it, but no other problem at all. I wear make-up and the redness it not even noticeable!! I highly recommend it!!!

  78. I have been using Latisse for almost 3 weeks now. I had very little lashes from having extension put on them. Although my lashes are short there are tons of thick dark lashes starting to grow in and it’s only day 19. I applied mascara one day and wow what a difference!!!!

  79. I have used latisse in the past with no side effects…no itching or redness. my eyelashes grew so long! They were touching my glasses, I could feel them when I blinked and I could actually look up and see them!! It also darkened the color of my eyelashes…but along with my eyelids…my eyelids were a brownish tone but not awful looking. After use my eyelashes went back to looking like they did before…which is normal with this product.. I have started using it again and I have had tons of eyelashes fall out. I asked my eye doctor and she said that this is a normal process before the new longer lashes grow in although the product says it may be an allergic reaction..I also wear contacts and my eyes have felt super dry…I don’t know whether i should wait it out or quit using the product? This never happened the first time around.

  80. It appears that only some of you read the instructions that come in the box. I live with a dermatologist and was lucky enough to get this for free. I read the entire fold out that came with it and everything you are talking about is normal. Further, my dermatologist said (as some have explained before) that Latisse works by extending the normal growth cycle of your lashes. Not permanently, but for another few weeks so losing a bunch at once isn’t uncommon. Now, I’ve been using religiously for about 3 weeks and have had significant growth. I do get a little itchy after the application but it generally goes away. I have also noticed my eyes are a tad drier than normal which can make my contacts occasionally uncomfortable but it’s not horrible. I’ve also noticed my eyes are a bit more bloodshot after use but that goes away in an hour or so. I haven’t had hyperpigmentation on the lids or iris yet. I noticed quite a few people saying they were using this on eyebrows and lower lashes as well. The pamphlet specifically warns against that so any problems occurring in those areas would be fault of your own, not the product. Overall, I give this product an 8/10.

  81. I tried this product for a few months and my eyelashes were gorgeous and then due to budget, busy schedule, redness etc i stopped.
    I have not used the product for over 7 months and my lashes are not even half the thickness or length they were prior to starting latisse 🙁 I kept thinking they’ll grow back but they haven’t.

    Thats why I decided to look up reviews to see if I am the only one this happened to or if anyone else was able to grow their lashes back to original length after discontinuing the product but I’m not feeling so hopeful anymore. I cant believe I did this to myself! I already had beautiful black eyelashes but I though maybe they’ll be thicker with this product. I am still hopeful that w/in the next year hopefully they’ll go back to original length and thickness.

  82. I have been using latisse for about 8 months and after 3 months I was thrilled they had really gotten long. Welll now 8 months later they are back to the way they were originally. Apparently the lashes become immune the latisse. SO disappointed!

  83. I used Latisse for about 2 months and underneath my eyes became very red and people started to comment on this. I couldn’t even cover these areas with any product because they were so sensitive that anything else would only aggravate the condition. I had to stop using the product and I have a brand new box and half of another because I bought on a special. I hope I can find a refund somehow.

  84. Underneath eyes turned very red and could not even cover with anything because the areas were so sensitive. Had to stop using and had a full box and one half box left because I bought on a special. I wasted a lot of money. Also right underneath the lash line on the upper lids the pink color of skin became completely white and I kind of looked goulish. Robin

  85. I have been using Latisse for about 18 weeks. My dermatologist took a picture of my eyes yesterday because she said they are the best results she’s ever seen. I started seeing results at about 4 weeks and after 14 weeks I started using it every other day. My lashes are long and pretty. My first bottle lasted just a couple of days short of 4 months. I pour one drop into the cap, then dip my own eyeliner brush into the cap to use on my eyes. I wash the brush after every use. I have great results and use less than what they say — hence it lasted 4 months. And don’t use their brushes — they just waste the product. I have no side effects with the exception of the darkening of the skin next to the eyes — which is no big deal. I have light eyes and my eyes did not change colors.

  86. i have been using latisse for about 7 weeks now, and truthfully i have used it everynight before i go to sleep. i have noticed a very slight growth thats only visible when i put mascara on as my eyelashes now hit just under my eyebrows when my eyes are wide open. i have had only one side effect, which was a little spot of lash loss but i just continued as normal and they grew back. i understand you have to be patient which is so hard because every morning when i wake up i just want to look and see if my lashes have grown. one thing i have noticed is that the lashes on my left eye are longer than the lashes on my right eye, im not sure as to why this is. but i assume that its because i put this product on before i sleep and i sleep on my right side so i guess it rubs off a little. im not so thrilled with the results as i have not yet completed the 16 weeks. but i just hope it gets better! but for now asll i can say is so far… so good!

  87. I used Latisse last Fall/Winter and it took about 2 months for my eyelashes to be noticeably longer and thicker but it was totally worth the wait! Once they were noticeably longer, I could tell they were growing longer each week! I ran out of the product by February and because of the cost I haven’t used it since. My eyelashes went back to the way they were before I started using Latisse in a shorter amount of time it took to grow them. I don’t feel my eyes are as “open” and “bright” as before. I highly recommend using Latisse and saving up each month before you run out to purchase more! LOVE THE STUFF!

  88. The best Latisse advice:
    1) For people with sensitive eyes. Apply Latisse in the morning and let dry before make-up application. This method really cuts down on all the adverse symptoms like redness, itchiness, dryness, etc.
    2) Use a thin eyeliner brush and not the clumsy, course joke of a brush that comes with the product. Also with a thin eyeliner brush, one drop will cover both eyes.
    3) The directions are very clear that the product is only to be applied to the top lash line, not the lower or eyebrows.
    4) Reverse direction of application of Latisse every other day to prevent lashes from growing in willy nilly.
    5) Lash growth is going to cycle, stick with the program.

  89. i too have used latisses and saw longer lashes in the beginning. then i noticed areas where there were gaps and the eyelashes grew at different angles which looked wierd and applying mascara didn’t help. i have stopped using this product and as others have mentioned, i feel my original eyelashes were better than what i have now…gaps and some shorter than others and misdirected eyelashes….has ANYONE gotten these sparse eyelashes to refill in and have they improved overall after discontinued use of product???? If so, how long did it take. hopefully all of us who have experienced similar side effects can feel hopeful that time will help our poor decision of using latisse.

  90. Be Warned! This product can be very effective when used consistently. I stopped using it a month ago and my lashes have started to fall out. Everytime I use a cotton pad to remove make up I am losing 3-4 lashes from each lid. So unless you want to pay a fortune on this product this for the rest of your life, feel free to do so. I will be trying Idol Lash.

  91. I never usually make comments or reviews but I have to speak out on Latisse. Yes, you can stimulate and grow your lashes with this product but you will be so sorry if you ever have to stop using it. I stopped using it once for several reasons and I was left with much, much, much fewer lashes than I had before starting it. I was freaked out and went back to using it so I could replace all that was lost and then it wouldn’t work at all, all I got was just minimal regrowth. I am very annoyed with Alergan and their product and hope that one day soon there will be a class action suit against them which I would happily participate in. Don’t do this to yourself, find a good lash conditioner and stay out of the pharmacy.

  92. I barely got this treatment from my sister-in-law who had breast cancer but recovered because she found it before it spread. She uses this because her eyelashes fell out due to kimo and she had 3 boxes left. I’ve been using it and so far I haven’t noticed much but yesterday morning I woke up and my eyes were a little irritated and red. Nothing more has happened since then but it kinda bugs to be putting it on every day at night. I wish they had pills instead or something similar. I don’t have to be using so much time when I want to go to bed…

  93. worked great….for a price. then stopped. my lashes on one eye are shorter than they ever were before. This company is going to have problems…not lawsuits but no one is going to buy there pricey miracle because it stops working and actually diminishes what you have naturally. Investors….stick with botox.

  94. just purchased latisse, after reading these reviews, i will try to return it. Thanks for saving me the pain of using this product.

  95. Latisse is great! To all the women here if you are experiencing fall of lashes. You are dumb because before you started this product,you had to be aware that once you stop using it,your lashes WILL fall!!!! Example SANDRA has been using it for ten months and continues having beautiful lashes because she has been constant with the product

  96. I used Latisse for over five month had long lashes before already but just wanted to see the results of thicker ones. Latisse was working on the beginning, now I am getting red darker skin on my eyelid and its itching sometimes as well. My own eyelashes fall out and both eyes were not even long lashes. I am looking forward to get people together or find a group (have to search first) because my opinion that product is way to dangerous to be on the market and should get of the market immediately. My eye sight is less as well specially when I drive at night, it is all gloomy. There are not enough tests made what happens later on after using it for longer term. I think it is not responsible at all from FDA to approve that product on the market. But in America everything is all about making money anyway, they don’t care about there own people anyway. DO NOT USE IT TO RISKY!!!

  97. I used Latisse for over five month had long lashes before already but just wanted to see the results of thicker ones. Latisse was working on the beginning, now I am getting red darker skin on my eyelid and its itching sometimes as well. My own eyelashes fall out and both eyes were not even long lashes. I am looking forward to get people together or find a group (have to search first) because my opinion that product is way to dangerous to be on the market and should get of the market immediately. My eye sight is less as well specially when I drive at night, it is all gloomy. DO NOT USE IT TO RISKY!!!

  98. I have used Latisse before and it seemed to work great, lashes became slightly thicker and a lot longer. Now, 6 months later I am using it again and my lashes are falling out. They are about half of what they were and it is scary! I called the # above, 800-433-8871 and reported this issue, they don’t help at all, they just take the information and tell you they can”t recommend whether to stop using it or not. I guess I will stop using it, I hate that I wasted $120 and can’t get a refund. I will never try it again. You will never know if it was just the bottle that was defective or that it doesn’t work after a while, or what the cause is I guess. Don’t try it if you’re thinking about it, I wish I had read this stuff before I did!

  99. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and I notice my lashes are slightly fuller and longer. Latisse works. I guess with long term use, the side effects may show up. I make sure to spread a thin line of the product on the base of my lashes so that I don’t get too much darkening on my lids. I haven’t seen the darkening yet.

  100. I just started using it. After only 3 uses–yes, 3 uses–I noticed what looked like “bruising” on quarter of inner eyelid; other eyelid had overall slight “bruising.” From reading various reviews/comments, I now realize this bruising is eyelid discoloration.

    Granted, I put Latisse on right before bed, so does some of the liquid flow back from lashline to eyelid? Don’t know, don’t care. Time to stop this.

  101. I love this product…except when I did not follow directions! I know…I know…it says one drop but I thought that a little more would give me a little better results. WRONG. What happened was it increased the cycle of eyelash growth, falling out and regrowth. Do as the instructions say. One drop only for both eyes.

    I’ve been using this for a year and a half and I am very pleased with the results.

  102. I’ve been using Latisse for almost 3 months now and love it. My lashes are longer and I’ve had zero side effects. My friends were just commenting on my long eyelashes today. I’m also still on my first bottle. After the first month, I only apply it every other night. In my opinion, it’s been well worth the money.

  103. I started using Latisse 9 months ago. It took me a full 16 weeks and I had the longest, darkest lashes. I already had pretty good lashes , but I wanted them longer, and was tired of using mascara. I would bet at 24 weeks my eyelashes went back to the normal state ,which were lighter in color and no longer had really dark and thick lashes, with contiuned use of Latisse , but the length stayed , with a few strays that went every direction. I tried using Latisse 3 times a week, and I saw no improvement, so I went back to every night, maybe miss one day a week. So to tell you all the truth I believe it works really good for a while and then it stops working. I have 3 bottle left , which in my town they do these Latisse events where you can purchase 3 bottles at 65.00 a way better then the 120.00 which I was paying at first.

  104. Have been usinglatisse for 2 weeks. I see no change. I had a bad case of blepharitis a few months ago and lost a lot of lashes as a result, even bare spots. I could not use any eye makeup for a long time and felt that I looked awful. I can use makeup now, but not even the best mascara can help if there are no lashes. The dr. Recommended I try latisse, hoping it would start lash growth quickly. I hope so. After reading all of the comments I am a bit nervous. I will continue for now and hope, but not sure if I will refill. I’ll let you know in a few weeks.

  105. Had a bad case of blepharitis a few months ago. Lost a lot of lashes with bare spots. Dr. Thought latisse would bring on growth quicker than waiting. Using it for 2weeks, don’t see any change. I will continue and hope. I miss my lashes! A little nervouse about the comments so don’t know if I will refill. Keep u posted.

  106. Ok…. After reading all these reviews I am estatic to say that I love my own eye lashes even though they are not thick beautiful bushes. I am satisfied with the effects of my mascaras and now I will spend a little more for a better brand. I was considering buying latisse but at least my dermatologist was frank and discouraged me about using it because of my green eyes. I know a friend that uses Latisse and is very happy with the results despite the crazy lashes growing in every direction!!! Also , she says that she has to pluck the occasional hairs growing on her cheekbones.I LOVE my own eye lashes the more I read your reviews…Thanks girls!!!

  107. This product only works while you are using it. Your lashes go right back to their regular state when you stop.
    I bought the product, and it took 4 weeks to start working (very little), I would have needed to buy it again. Very expensive for little results.

  108. Can be dangerous with longer term use?
    I began using Latisse per the directions and had moderate improvement in my eyelash length. I was thrilled! However, after several months of use, I experienced a very bizarre condition that I didn’nt attribute to Latisse until I’d ruled out just about everything else. And, then it occurred to me after talking with someone at work who had experienced slight reaction.
    What happened to me was signifant swelling of the area surrounding my eyes. My daughter said I looked like an Avatar! The periorbital area was so swollen that the swelling pulled on the corners of my eyes, causing a droopy lid appearance. I applied ice bags, took Claritin and also tried Benedryl at night. I used benedryl cream and lanolin on the skin. AFter the swelling went down, I was left with very droopy eyelids…I looked like I’d aged 10 years! I also expereinced the solid redness/ruddyness around my eyes. This happened in advance of the swelling. In addition to the swelling, the skin around the eys became very scaly and definitely very very itchy. At one point, my physician treated me with antibiotic eye drops but my eyes had no drainage nor discoloration. This was extremely embarassing to go to work every day. Now that I’ve stopped using latisse, it’s starting to go away.
    This has gone on for 2 weeks solid. If it’s not the latisse, I have no idea what else it could be.
    Vanity, thy name is woman!

  109. I started using Latisse about a month ago. Followed directions, even used their horrible brushes as prescribed. A few days ago I noticed my seemed a little thicker. Then I woke up this morning with huge gaps with no lashes on my lids! I had pretty nice lashes before but now there is nothing to even put mascara onto. Do they grow back???

    If I was allergic, I would have had a reaction sooner than this. I never had itching or dryness. They just all of a sudden fell out! This is not the normal course of lash growth because I have never had huge gaps before. Don’t use it!

  110. I love Latisse and it does work but I have gotten 2 styes since I started using it in Aug 2011. Has anyone else developed styes? I hope it’s not from Latisse because I love it.

  111. I used Careprost (Latisse) for 6 month. My eyelashes are amazing long. Everyone ask my if i have lash extensions. I like this product and it really works

  112. I’ve been using Latisse for two weeks now and I have not had any side effects and I’ve already started seeing my lashes begin to thicken ever-so-slightly. I am also documenting every two-weeks on photos. Just FYI to people who had great lashes then they began to fall out: I heard after you’ve used it for 16 weeks, you are only then supposed to use the product ONCE A WEEK. It’s very important to use as directed as with all medications.

  113. I too developed a stye while using Latisse. I had never had one before in my life. It was from Latisse. I stopped using Latisse three months ago and my eyes/lashes are normal again. See my previous post.

  114. Same thing happened to me regarding great eyelash growth for the first 3 1/2 months. However, going into the 4th month, 1/2 way through my second $150 bottle of Latisse, my right eye started losing the lashes and they became very short and could hardly put mascara on without making them look even worse. To make matter worse I visited the doctor that prescribed it at a cosmetic clinic. I was told that I’m the only person that he has known this has happened to. He even spoke with a company representative and was told it must be something “I’M DOING WRONG”. When I started reading about all the familiar cases, I was infuriated. I intend on printing up these complaints and taking them with me to my next appointment to show him I’m not alone. He is not a compassionate physician and their company does not stand behind their products.

  115. Ladies–Latisse is a medicine for people with glaucoma…a strong medicine. I have glaucoma and must use this every day to save my vision. I have always had nice eyelashes, lucky me, but also dark undereye circles. It was clearly explained that the medication may cause worsening of dark circles and possibly change in eye color. Longer lashes are also considered a side-effect. To use this just to grow lashes seems so silly to me, especially after reading the messages on this board. I use this so I will be able preserve my sight, not for the eyelashes which are even longer than normal. People think they are fake and that is the safest way tommakemyour lashes look great…also Lancôme Doll Lashes is an awesome mascara!

  116. The problem with the brownish discoloration can be fixed with a product made by Caudalie [available at Sephora] their Vinoperfect Radiance Serum works almost magically. It even corrected some discoloration from blemish prone areas. Not so much with age spots, sorry.

    I’ve had all the experiences shared here. The joy and fear….working thru the loss of lashes now…debating whether to continue which is how I happened upon this site.

  117. I started to use latisse but since I have blue eyes and astigmatisum i say i bet not and i’m glad i didn’t!! I feel sorry for you ladies that are chancing it. I would’nt be suprised if the FDA has a recall on it.

    My concern was the eye color change thing.

  118. I have used Latisse for almost a year now and LOVE IT!! It took 12 weeks to notice the FULL effect, but I could tell a difference the first week. At the 12 week mark my lashes looked weird like the way they grew, but they adjusted. I have brown eyes and my entire life I’ve looked for any sort of color besides brown… now I have it LOL it changed my eye color. Now I have specks of yellow and green…. really! The only con is it did cause my skin around my eye lashes to become red. Not HORRIBLE, but I don’t wear make up so it is noticeable… though my husband just thought it was make up LOL Not bad enough to make me stop using it… I LOVE MY LONG LASHES!!!!! Oh and the one occasion I did wear mascara it looked terrible… I looked like I had spiders on my eyes LOL

  119. Oh and I forgot a tip….. instead of putting the drop of latisse directly on the brush… take the lid of the bottle turn it upside down and put a drop inside the lid… one drop is enough for BOTH eyes. Instant free month….. but honestly one bottle lasts me 4/5 months because of only using one drop for both eyes. The bottle has about 2.5 months in it anyway…

  120. Got such great results I don’t even need to wear mascara!
    Lashes got longer, fuller & darker. People make positive comments all the time about my lashes!
    Will say my eye lids darkened slightly -looked like I had shadow on them. (No problems with blue eyes turning dark.)
    Now that its been 5 months, in the maintenance time period, that is going away.

  121. I’ve used this product for about 6 months now. I am on the second bottle. My eyelashes are still great. I’m only using it about 3 times a week. But now reading all the reviews on here I am worried they will all fall out soon or if I stop using it. I have got a bit of darkening at the lash line but no reactions like some other people have got. I also use loreal lash serum every night and I only use Elizabeth arden ceramide lash extending mascara on my lashes as it stops breakage. I’ll keep checking back on the reviews and maybe I’ll try idol lash instead.

  122. Deb- I’m not sure if anyone answered you because yours was at the top and I just scrolled all the way down the screen to comment…

    But, I had that happened. I gave it a rest for just a bit, lost my long lashes then started back. Same great results!

    The one who commented about the Sty … that is caused by putting bacteria on your eye. Make sure you’re being sterile with the process and not re-using the wands.

  123. Thank you for all your posts. I would especially appreciated hearing again from people who have had lash loss after using Latisse for some time. Did you continue to use the product? Did you have regrowth?

    I have been using Latisse nightly for about two months because the woman who does my (glued-on) lash extensions told me it could help keep my natural lashes supported. (Although it could also mean I would have to have the extensions filled more often as well.) I absolutely love the extensions, but I have been concerned about potential stress on my natural lashes. So far I have seen no results from the Lattise, except some minor side effects: slight itchiness and burning, flakiness at the corners. Immediately I could see the brushes that come with the product are ridiculously thick, clumsy, and waste the product. Throw them away and get a good eyeliner brush. (Dip it in a bit of rubbing alcohol after using to keep in clean.)

    I will continue to use Latisse until I feel more educated about potential effects beyond the 6-month sparseness people are experiencing. Thank you, in advance, to those who keep current on their experiences.

  124. Although Latisse worked and made my eyelashes longer, I discontinued use due to the side effects. A common side effect is darkening of the eyelid where the application is applied. Instead for me, it created deep darkening of the skin under the eyes. Discontinuation improved the appearance BUT not 100% back to normal. The darkening seemed to increase with use so I stopped. I’ve not seen any reviews stating this particular side effect. But each person reacts differently. A friend tried it and experienced the the stye. Additional irritation for me is dry, red, irritated eyes.

  125. I have been using Latisse for 3 months now. It has made my lashes much longer both top and bottom…however, I have red irritated upper lids and some redness below the lower lashline as well. My lids BURN and then itch. I also have some new hair growth to the outer sides and below my eyes and I am VERY careful when applying it. Plus I only use it maybe 5 days a week. So CRAP!! Slight reddness started about a month in and has simply progressed to the swelling and pain/itch point now. I bought 2 bottles of the stuff. So have a brand new bottle sitting here which I may have to toss out. Wow this sucks. I did get it with a discount, so only wasted $180 for both bottles. Also have some small bumps on the upper lash line. Not styes… PLEASE be careful with this stuff.

  126. I’m a long term Latisse user; I’ve been using it consistently either every day or every other day since the beginning of 2010. I have light green eyes and worried about the potential for my eyes to darken, but I’ve never seen a change in the color of the iris. Off and on however, I’ve had red, itchy eyelids. At times I’ve noticed lashes falling out or becoming brittle.

    Overall, my experience with this product is very satisfactory, except for the price of course. I’m able to make a bottle last up to 4 months but I’d still like to find a cheaper, effective replacement. I may speak with my opthamologist about recommendations.

  127. I have used Latisse on and off for over a year – I did experience thicker longer lashes within the first several weeks – however, my eyes were very red and my contacts would really bother me which never happened in the past. Most recently when I started to use Latisse again in Oct 2011 prior to a vacation – not only did I experience the red burning but, my eyes becan to tear – they tear constantly – my Opthalmologist is performing a micro surgery this week to try and un block my tear ducts as he states they are both completely blocked. Has anyone experience anything like this?

  128. I am so glad I found this site, because when I have asked the nurse about the problems I have experienced with this product, they act like they have never heard of such an experience. I have used Latisse for over two years. I had great results the first four months, but have never accomplished those same results. I am experiencing thinning of my lashes, which is freaking me out now. I’m done.

  129. I sound the same as many people on here. Latisse worked great at first – my lashes were somewhat darker and much longer. I could at one point feel my lashes touching my classes. I still felt like a needed mascara when dressing up though. I think I’ve been using for about two years. My left eye lashes were really sparse in the beginning and are now very full. My right eye was better before, but now the lashes are odd lengths and growing in weird directions. Mascara makes them look worse. I tried calling the toll free number today (Saturday) and could only leave a message. I just spent $200 on two bottles hoping maybe I got a bad batch but doesn’t seem to be improving. Thinking about trying Rapidlash $32.50 and getting good reviews on’m usually allergic to everything, but I really didn’t have any other problems other than red lids with Latisse. I don’t expect much from my phone call and figure I’m pretty much out $200 bucks.

  130. The first time I tried Latisse I got fabulous results. I had good lashes to start, but was hoping to avoid mascara while on vacation. I have green/blue eyes and worried about color changes but experienced no side effects. After I ran out of the product my lashes thinned considerably and weakened. Two months later I decided to try Latisse again and within three days I noticed my eyelids and the skin below my eyes turn dark. It looked like I hadn’t slept in weeks. I have read that this is only temporary but hardly worth having the long lashes for. I don’t know why this did not happen the first time I used Latisse. I have a full bottle I paid $120 for, but know afraid to use it.

  131. I was considering Latisse until I started reviewing posts here. Then I went directly to the pharmaceutical website to review actual clinical study results.
    If I read this right, the clinical studies only involved 278 people. Of those 278, only 137 people had the actual product, and the other 141 had a placebo. Did the medication pass FDA approval after only 137 people tested it for only a 4 month period??
    There are 131 comments on THIS website ( alone, and many of them are quite negative. How could the FDA officially approve a product with only 137 people doing clinical trial?

    See below.
    6.1 Clinical Studies Experience
    The following information is based on clinical trial results from a multicenter, double-masked, randomized,
    vehicle-controlled, parallel study including 278 adult patients for four months of treatment.

    LATISSE ® N=137

    Vehicle N=141

    or check the link for yourselves:

    Sadly, I’d like to try the product, and I’d love for it to work, but I think I will pass and keep my tiny lashes intact.

  132. I used Latisse per instructions initially, then only occasionally for about a year or so. My lashes did grow longer, but my concern came when the skin around my eyes darkened. I have not used the product for some time now and still darkened skin around eyes.

  133. I had Lasik surgery 11 years ago for 20/20 vision. Immediately after using Latisse my eyesight changed and never recovered. I am now 20/30 with a double vision issue. The eye Dr I went to made it sound like it couldn’t be Latisse (but he also sold Latisse). After awhile I realized it had to be. That was the only thing I did differently. I am very frustrated because the Lasik Dr cannot do Lasik again and I would have to have very painful prk to repair my eyes. I would like to join a list for a class action suit if there is one.

  134. I am on my 8th week and getting a lot of compliments on my eye lashes. From the comments I have been reading about one eye being better than the other, mine is too because I had longer eye lashes on one eye than I did ont the other one – thus this is the reason. One thing that has happend to me is that my eyes have changed colors. They were brown with a touch of green and gold. They are now definitely green. I am not complaining as I love them that color. I also have noticed that my skin is darker under my eyes. I have been putting moiturizer under my eyes to make sure the Latisse is not getting on them and I think they look better. I was told that the eye lashes would grow to a point and then stop. When I get there, I will stop for a while and start back later or maybe just use it occasionally.

  135. I have been using the product for 2 years and my lashes are somewhat longer than when I started using. However, lately I have noticed both eyelids have white bumps on them (a couple on each). They don’t seem to be stys, rather white mole-like bumps. I think I will try going without for a while and see what happens. The product is way too expensive not to be safe. Thanks to the comments on this site, I am rethinking product use.

  136. Do not use this product if you have blue or green eyes with yellow around the pupil. I used this product for less than two weeks. The yellow around my pupil has turned a murky light brown. It is so sad to look in the mirror and no longer see the eyes I grew up with. Steer clear! This is dangerous stuff and should never be prescribed to anyone with light eyes, particularly those with yellow in the center.

  137. I used Latisse and very quickly grew long beautiful lashes… very noticeable to others. I had lots of favorable comments. Then… for the first time in my long life … I got a stye! My doctor assured me Latisse wouldn’t cause a stye, but I discontinued it and (of course), lost my beautiful lashes. After I was fully recovered I started using the drops again and promptly got another stye… (both were on the lower lid).. This time I just continued Latisse because I didn’t want to lose my eyelashes again. Okay. NOW I have a monster stye on my upper lid. I mean… REALLY? Am I stupid or what? (And in answer to one blogger… I have always used the brushes provided so think the chance of introducing bacteria was slim.) Sadly, I’m going to discontinue and lose my gorgeous lashes. Totally bummed.

  138. Do not use this product!! For the first 4-5 months I had the expected growth with prescribed use. Only side effects were mild itching and looking like I had purple eyeliner on. THEN at the 6 month mark, my eyelashes began to fall out, now I have huge gaps where there are NOeyelashes! They are thinner than before I started. I have documented photos. I am not sure what ti do next, to stop completely or lessen thr dose. At first this product seemed amazing….then it backfired! My advice…dont use!!!!

  139. I used Latisse back in March for my eyebrows. The spa that sold it to me told me it was safe for this particular use. 2 weeks in I developed small lacerations beneath the part of my skin right above my lid, even though I only applied the latisse directly to the brown. I began treating the lacerations with Neosporin, hoping they would go away. They did not but actually became worse. I saw a doctor who prescribed Doxycycline and used that for a week which seemed to help the right eye. The left eye took a turn for the worse. The laceration deepened and became about 2cm in diameter. It became infected and swollen to the point it looked like someone punched me in the eye. The swelling was above the eye, next to the eye and beneath the eye. I went to the emergency room and they immediately hospitalized me with a diagnosis of orbital cellulitis. I was discharged on May 16, 2013 but the wound was still open, swelling was all but gone. I am treating it now with a topical antibiotic after finishing the oral antibiotic regimen. I am told I will probably need a plastic surgeon if the wound ever heals for permanent scarring. If I had ever known of the possibility of this situation I would NEVER have used Latisse. Never. I know it is not approved for eyebrow use now, but that was NOT what the spa told me. Regardless, hindsight is 20/20. My only hope now is to write about this experience to give other women the knowledge about what MIGHT happen. I wish I had never heard of Latisse.
    It is now 2016. I first used Latisse in 2013. Prior to its usage, I never had cellulitis, never had a facial wound that did not immediately heal and never had surgery on my face.
    That is no longer true. Since using Latisse, I continue to develop infections around the area where I applied the Latisse. I only get infections in this area. Sometimes they heal with antibiotics. The ones that don’t require surgery. Fortunately, I was only hospitalized once. I’ve had 4 surgical debridements and now have permanent scars on my face as a result. I am currently battling another infection, have gone through 5 courses of antibiotics and it too will probably require surgery. I have a consult scheduled for next week.
    I cannot express the level of regret I have because I chose to use this product. It is not for your eyebrows. That is not an FDA approved use. Any spa or any physician indicating otherwise or even suggesting to someone to use it in this manner should be reported. I just want to caution anyone who is reading this to NEVER use this around your eyebrows. I’ve lived in hell as a result of that decision and want to spare anyone else reading my pain.
    It has been incredibly costly to me financially. It has put a strain on my job because when I get infections I now have to request accommodations. In a perfect world this should not matter but in the real world, you apparently are considered a problem employee when you request an accommodation. I have developed an immunity to certain antibiotics because of the necessity to continue their use repeatedly. After I heal from an infection, I pray I won’t get another. So far though, I keep getting them.
    For anyone who thinks it was not from using Latisse on my eyebrows, they are wrong. I am living the proof. Every thing that has happened to me since 2013 was a result of using that product. And for anyone who is reading, I would merely caution you to ONLY use this product for the approved use. People are different – maybe nothing would happen to you but, truly, it is not worth the risk. You don’t want to end up in my situation, trust me.

  140. I have been using this product for over 5 years. Yes there can be itching if you apply too much or get it into your eyes. The key to its success is not to use their brushes but get yourself a tiny artist brush to use and only apply this product until the lashes grow in. Then you can back off for as much as a month and then start using it again for one week or so until the lashes thicken again. I can make a 3ml bottle last me one year. My lashes always look great. However as a long term user, I am finally going to give this product a rest because I have noticed some eye twitching going on and absolutely my vision has declined. I cannot see without my glasses now and before I only wore them to drive at night. While I am not sure this is the Latisse, I do not want to take any more chances with this stuff. Along with the eye twitching, sometimes I will get eye spasms and see a white light for a flash. As far as the darkening goes, I have not experienced this to any degree that is noticeable but this might be due to the fact that I used this product very very sparingly. About a half of a drop and no more for both eyes. I have never used even one drop on both my eyes.

  141. I have used Latisse for 2 years and until now I have been a TOTAL fan. It happened so slowly that I didn’t notice…. But my entire peri-orbital areas are discolored. I did know of this side effect prior to use. Lately I have been asked if I was crying. I have decided to stop and it makes me sad because I now have great lashes! I think I would rather have clear skin and skimpy lashes!

  142. I came on here to buy more latisse and I am glad I did. I have been using it for about a year now and like so many others I had great results at first and now I feel like it’s not working anymore at all. In fact I feel like it’s making my eyelashes fall out and they aren’t growing like they were…I am not wasting the money on this anymore!!!

  143. I’ve read all these reviews… Frankly girls, I love my lashes. Have used the product on and off for 3 years. Yes, eyelids get reddish. Yes, sometimes itchy, yes some different lengths… Good God, what are u expecting? And why wouldn’t it be as safe as anyone putting the drops directly into their eyes for glaucoma treatment? It’s a choice. They do eventually fall out, just like regular lashes do, but grow back. Maybe you’re just staring into the mirror everyday and are more aware of your eyelash growth, loss, etc. I still love the product!

  144. I’ve been using Latisse for about 3 years now. Once full growth was achieved, I continued to use, but dropped back to using every other night instead of every single night. While my eyelids did discolor (darken) at first, it went away after a while. I never had issues with itching like some of you describe.

  145. I have been using Latisse for at least a year now. I have never had any side effects from this product. At first I used it everyday for a few months till I saw how long my eyelashes were getting. Now I have short Asian picker straight eyelashes so seein my lashes getting longer was well….putting me over the moon. After another mother or so I only applied every third day to maintain my length. I have always wanted long eyelashes and I am so happy my friend told me about Latisse. Yes I was sceptical but her lashes were long and I wanted to give it a try. So happy I took the risk. I was always so frustrated trying to curl my short eyelashes so they would appear longer. Yes it may seem expensive but worth every penny with the results I have gotten. Also if you squeeze a couple drops in the cap of bottle a dip and apply at bedtime you hardly use that much. Highly recommend and a few people f my friends not born with long eyelashes love their results also. I have brown eyes so no problems. My friend has green and she has no problems after 7 months. Trust me I have tried Caraprost the generic to Latisse and it seemed to maintain but I wen back to Latisse. Don’t waste your money on all these new products coming out.This is proven ingredients in this serum that grows eyelashes so why waste money on products that use plant extracts. Cheers and make the right choice for u and your money!
    Kristyne Chong

  146. I’ve been using Latisse for 6 months now. My eyelids did darken yes, but definitely longer lashes (not as long as I expected though) I’m thinking about using castor oil at the same time as Latisse, or should I wait longer for full results (suggested 4 months for full growth) has anybody tried this? Please share your secrets I’m open to suggestions!

  147. Putting the drops in the bottle lid is a very bad idea – you are contaminating the entire contents of the bottle. Stye prevention is best achieved by buying a $2.00 bar of tea tree soap and carefully washing around the eye area a few times a week. I had frequent styes all my life and have never had once since an MD advised me. I just started using Latisse about a month ago and I’m already noticing a difference. I hate the brush and plan to get an eyeliner brush. I put a very thin film of petroleum jelly as close to lash line as possible before applying. Any solution sits on petroleum and you can easily wipe off. I’ve read crystal blue eyes are least likely to change color while hazel are most likely to have color change. Good luck and maintain sterility of the bottle.

  148. I have been using Latisse on and off for about 4 years. Financial reasons are why I have stopped using it and my lashes get short and thin. When I get started a few months later they grow back again. They have never grown in evenly, my left eye always seems fuller and longer. My eyes still get pretty red but I use visine for that. I really hope that long term side effects won’t be too bad.

  149. Hi – I have used Latisse – as well, for almost 5 months. I have noticed some dryness, a reddish/purple line on my upper eyelid just over my lash line. My eyes already are dark brown so I didn’t see any iris darkening. I’d say those are expected side effects, but mainly, I have NOT seen any difference in the length or thickness of my lashes. In fact, my lashes seem brittle & some are starting to fall out. :/ I really think I just may fall into the smallish category of people who aren’t affected by Latisse. This is a total bummer & definitely a waste of money. I may try Bioluma later. Thx!

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