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Boostlash is an eyelash growth product that claims to be able to help us give a cool first impression and to “wow” anyone that looks at us.

The company claims to increase growth in eyelash length by 17% in a 30-day cycle, to increase eyelash diameter by 19% in a 30-day cycle, and to increase eyelash volume by 3 times in a 15-day cycle. And it’s supposed to soften the lashes.

The formula is made out of plant-based ingredients, which supposedly makes it very mild so it won’t cause irritation or redness. But can the company live up to it’s claims?


The pros are that it’s made with some natural ingredients, and it is relatively inexpensive at $47.95 for a 5 ml tube. But it is only on sale right now, the regular price is much higher.


The cons are that it is only available online. Also, there is no trial offer, and the regular price is $59.95. You are supposed to use the eyelash growth product twice a day, so you may have to buy it more often than you would other brands, like Idol Lash. And there could be side effects.

Boostlash Side Effects

❗️ Eye Irritation

Because it is applied twice per day and applied to the lower lashes, there is more of a possibility of getting it into your eyes, which may irritate them, as has happened to some people.

❗️ Swelling of Eyes

Some consumers have had their eyes swell after using the product. If this happens to you, stop using it and see a doctor.

❗️ Burning Sensation

Some people have had a burning sensation on their eyelids and in their eyes, which may possibly be permanently damaging. Some still felt the burning even after they discontinued use. Again, if this happens to you, stop using it immediately and see a physician.

❗️ Eyelashes May Fall Out

Some people experienced this very scary side effect.

What You Need Know About Boostlash

🧐 The Cost of Boostlash – Is It Too High?

Boostlash is on sale right now at $47.95 for a 5ml tube, which seems a reasonable price and is competitive with other eyelash growth products, but the difference is, however, that it must be used two times per day, while most brands, like Idol Lash tell you to use it only once daily, usually at bedtime.

And when the sale is over after the holidays, the price goes back to $59.95 per 5 ml bottle, making it much too expensive. If you worry about the price, you may want to try something else, like Idol Lash instead.

Buyer Reviews – Does It Really Even Work?

Many people have tried this product and have been bitterly disappointed that they forked out $59.95 for what they feel worked about as well as water would, meaning not at all! And most of them kept using it for months hoping for the best, but they saw absolutely no change in eyelash growth or eyelash volume.

❓ The Clinical Tests – Untrue?

The company claims that it is safe and will not affect your iris color. They also say that the product is allergy-free and will not cause any type of irritation. Well, this is simply not true, because plenty of people who reviewed it said that it did indeed cause irritation, red eyes, swollen eyes, and a burning sensation, even after discontinuing use.

Allergy-free? – Watch Out

If you are allergic to grapes, then this may not be the product for you, because one of the ingredients is vitis vinifera, which is grape stem cell extract.

Basically, this company claims minimal results. They claim it lengthens the lashes by 17% in a 30-day cycle, and that the lashes will grow in diameter by 19% in a 30-day cycle, but they make no claims that if you keep using it those percentages would increase. Also having to use it twice per day can be annoying and expensive.

The website says that when you apply it in the morning you have to let it dry for several minutes before putting on your makeup, so if you don’t like to take a lot of time in the morning to get ready, then this product may not be right for you.

And the price is just too high for a 5 ml tube, which is normally $59.95. Add the fact that it is used twice daily, and it can really add up.

Also, the company makes claims that it is completely safe, according to its research, but it actually can cause all of the things the company says it will not. Such as, irritation, redness, swelling, burning, and it may even cause you to lose your eyelashes completely. So, in conclusion, you may want to try something else instead.

What’s better than Boostlash?

The most popular consumer choice in 2020 is Bioluma.

With a combination of proven ingredients, superb customer service and a 60-day money-back guarantee, Bioluma is making big waves in the eyelash growth world.

Find out why thousands of people are choosing Bioluma to achieve their eyelash growth goals, and why it’s also the editor’s top selection.

Read the Bioluma review here.

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  1. This company lies about a 100% money-back guarantee!! My eyelashes started falling out after 2 weeks and they said that I had to pay the return shipping and then I had to pay a 20% restocking fee!!!

  2. Used this product for a few weeks and my lashes were falling out. Contacted them and they said that I had to pay to return it to them and there was a 20% restocking fee! Money-back guarantee my a**!

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