Ardell Professional Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Review

Ardell Professional Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator is a beauty product that was crafted from protein-rich ingredients. Those ingredients supposedly boost up the ability to lengthen and heal damaged lashes and eyebrows.

However, the product has not been officially confirmed to help improve the length of eyelashes and brows. Those of you with damaged or short eyelashes and brows are likely wondering the question: “Is the product worth trying then?”.

Pros and Cons


✅Regrows Eyebrows
✅Lengthens Eyelashes
✅Enhances Lashes and Brows
✅Conditions Weakened Brows and Lashes

The company claims that the brow and lash growth accelerator from their product line is capable of enhancing, regrowing, conditioning, and lengthening the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows. This is not a confirmed or backed claim. An additional pro to using the accelerator is the fact that it is an inexpensive product. The product retails at only $6.29. This makes it a very inexpensive option.


❌Not Proven to Lengthen Brows and Lashes
❌Doesn’t Work for Everyone

The product is not technically proven to lengthen brows or lashes. It does contain healthy protein rich ingredients, but there is no actual data to prove that the product actually makes brows and lashes grow. Consumers are split on whether or not the product lengthens their eyelashes. This appears to indicate that it does not consistently work in the manner the company claims. Most consumers do say they feel like the serum does manage to effectively condition the lashes and brows. Even this claim has not been confirmed by a beauty professional or other certified expert.

What you need to know about the product


Key Factors

  • Gel Lash and Brow Enhancer
  • Multi-Protein Rich Ingredients
  • Conditions
  • Claims to Improve the Appearance and Length of Brows and Lashes


  • ​Takes a Few Weeks to Improve Lashes and Brows
  • Not Clinically Proven
  • Not Cruelty-Free
  • Effectively Conditions Brows and Lashes

While the product is not clinically proven to truly improve the length and growth processes of these beauty features, the product does effectively condition these features. Based on most customer accounts the product’s multi-protein infused gel feels wonderful and effectively conditioning on their brows and lashes. Those who are concerned about animal cruelty when they purchase their beauty products should avoid purchasing this option. The product is not certifiable to be cruelty-free.


Beauty consumers who use the accelerator expect the product to help improve the look and health of their eyelashes and brows. Beauty enthusiasts with thinning eyelashes and over plucked brows are promised to have some growth return to their defining features. Consumers expect the product to transform their lashes to be long and luxurious and their brows to be full and shapely.


Based upon the product not being officially certified to meet the claims the Ardell company has made, it is not fully believable that the product does what it claims. Most of the people who have used the product maintain that the product does seem to condition their brows and eyelashes, but that it does not appear to truly lengthen those features.

The serum is not truly a reliable product if you want to see real change in the appearance of your brows and eye framing lashes.

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