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  1. I was one of the ones who experienced eye irritation. I would apply this at night and when I woke up, my eyes hurt. Also, it caused the same bleariness that castor oil applied to the eyelashes does (wasn’t at all surprised to find castor oil in the ingredient list).
    Definitely don’t recommend.

  2. I’ve been using it for two weeks already, going into the third week and I’ve honestly saw some great changes to my eyelashes. I haven’t applied it my eyebrows though, so for that I cannot give any feedback.

    I’m very happy with this product. Will now start putting it on my eyebrows as well!

    Just like the product review above, I was very skeptical as to whether it would work at all since it’s so cheap. Good to know that it works for me. Happy user here.

  3. I’ve used this product for a full month now. I’ve applied it to my eyelashes every night, and they seem to be a lot healthier than they were when I started the use of the product. My eyebrows seem to be healthier, but I’m not sure about the growth rate.

    All in all, I have to say I’m pretty happy with this product, as it’s so cheap. I’m quite sure if I would pay for a more expensive product unless results were explosive.

  4. I’ve been using this for 2 weeks now. So far, I notice my eyelashes are stronger & darker than they used to be. Usually whenever I take off eye make up, I will lose a few eyelashes. But since I’ve been using this, it reduces eyelash fall. Also, my eyelashes appear more voluminous as more tiny eyelashes growing from the corners of my eyelid (where it used to be a bit bare). However, I haven’t seen any dramatic extra length yet.

  5. Like this product – easy to use, not costly and my lashes & eyebrows look better – thicker, shiny & lashes are longer, but it does take a while to work(6 weeks).

  6. I bought Ardell’s serum in spite of the various reviews and thought it was cheap enough to just give it a go. I noticed nothing but redness in my eyes so I stopped using it and instead just used it on my brows which has since long been overplucked. I have been trying to grow them for over a year now, but it only grows in certain areas. I have tried Ardell for over four months now with no obvious results. Perhaps it helps the brow to grow, but it would be impossible to know if this is due to Ardell or just my normal growth… So unfortunately, it didn’t do anything for me. 🙁

  7. I read the instructions and used this product religiously, so very disappointed. It did not do a darn thing, but what can u expect from $3.99. Do Not waste your time on this product! Garbage!

  8. I’ve use this product on my eyebrows, works great haven’t used it on my eyelashes. I just ordered 5 more bottles. Since you can’t buy it the store when you find it stock up o n it.

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