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  1. I bought Lash Boost for my EYE BROWS. it was improving the thickness and after a while I decided to use it on my lashes as well. I am sorry I did.
    My eyelids are darker ( reddish brown) I have red painful cracks at the outer corners of my eyes and redness under my eyes. I’ve noticed some eye lid
    “ hooding” as well in the outer corners.

    Many oif my friends sell and promote R+F so I’m hesitant to post my story on line. I don’t want to damage my friendships, but I won’t be using ANY of their products as after researching, I have found most of them have ingredients that are not healthy.

  2. I have decided to stop using Lash Booster as well. I have been using it for 2 1/2 weeks. I have been experiencing tingling, redness and dryness. It’s not worth it! I hope this sensation goes away soon. I will use the rest just on my eyebrows.

  3. I’ve been using Lash Boost for 5 weeks. I started on my eye lids as directed. within a week I had redness and itching plus very dry eyes so I stopped. I already have glaucoma and take meds so I am not risking my eyesight to have better lashes. Next I used it to make my brows fuller. Id apply it once per day to each eye brow. I noticed more hair growing in and I noticed it was grey versus brown. I am in my 60s so thought oh well I am older but… today I now have a mustache! Honestly I’ve not had course hair issues on my lips or chin like some other women my age have had. But as of today I have white course hair growing on above the corners of my mouth. I’m done. This product is in my system and definitely not making me prettier. I just wasted a lot of money. Buyer Beware especially you older ladies!

  4. I have been using Lash boost for over two years and have loved it I love my long long lashes. I used Latisse before and stopped it due to the discoloration to my lids. recently a friend saw me with no makeup and commented “whats wrong with your eyelid they are so red” I hadn’t noticed really…. I look terrible I have to put a light shadow on if I want to go with out makeup will this go away when I stop using it?

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