Latisse vs Lilash: Pros and Cons of each eyelash stimulator

Women love to have eyelashes that are full and voluminous but not all are blessed with such. With that, there are plenty of eyelash growth products or eyelash enhancers out in the market that promise to lengthen eyelashes. Latisse and Lilash are just a few of them, but they come out at the top as some of the most effective eyelash enhancement products today. While both of these products are indeed effective for eyelash growth, most people would still like to know which among them gives the best value for money?


Latisse Prescription Eyelash Growth Product

Latisse is another popular eyelash growth product that effectively grows lashes. Latisse is a bimatropost opthalmic solution. Bimatoprost is a medical solution that was initially created to treat glaucoma in patients. Eyelash growth was basically just a side effect of the ingredient, but now it’s used by women all over the world in order to achieve fuller and longer lashes.

You can apply the product just like a normal liquid eyeliner. Users usually see results in as little as four weeks, but it is recommended to use the product for about twelve to six weeks to get full results. Unlike Lilash, Latisse does not contain any conditioning agents for the eyelashes.

Latisse can only be bought with a doctor’s prescription, and is available for around $125 to $165 depending on the location. Each tube of this lash enhancer can last for two months.

Lilash Purified Eyelash Stimulator

Created by the same makers of LiBrow, Lilash Purified Stimulator is a clinically tested eye-lash enhancement product that promises to enhance the length and the appearance of lashes. This eyelash enhancement product comes in a tube, and is applied the same manner as one would apply liquid eyeliner. The product is clear, and dries within two or three minutes.

Lilash should be used once daily for at least five to ten weeks for maximum results. Lilash promises to deliver results within eight weeks of continuous use, however, some users claim to see results in as early as three weeks of use. After achieving the full desired effect of the product, it can then be used at least two or three times a day for maintenance.

The product contains botanical extracts like Prunus Amygdalus and Lupinus Albus to strengthen and lengthen eyelashes. Prunus Amygdalus extract is a glyco peptide taken from the sweet almond. This extract naturally restructures hair fibers. At the same time, it provides a conditioning effect on the eyelashes.

Lupus Albus, which is White Lupine, on the other hand works to control hair cycle of the eyelashes. It does so by balancing the hormones of the hair in order to reactivate microcirculation and stimulate the metabolism of the cells. The properties of this component allows hair to grow steadily without any delays. Lilash is the only salt free eyelash regrowth solution which means less irritation to the eyes and less damage to the eyelash strands.

Lilash is non prescription, and can be ordered easily through the internet. Each tube of this eyelash stimulator costs $139.97 and also has a 90 – day money back guarantee.


Overall, these two products have pretty much a lot of things in common. They’re easy to use, effective and proven to work. However, what makes Lilash stand out over Latisse is the fact that it contains botanical extracts to nourish the lashes. At the same time, Lilash does not also need a doctor’s prescription. In order to purchase Latisse, one would need to visit a doctor in order to obtain prescription. This would mean paying an additional expense, since most insuracne companies do not usually cover any prescription for cosmetic purposes.

Both products cost just as much, however a tube of Latisse only lasts for two months. A tube of Lilash, on the other hand, can last for five months or more. This ultimately makes Lilash the better and the smarter choice between the two.

Camilla Evaline

Camilla is the chief-editor of Eyelash DASH Growth. She aspires to help her readers achieve their most beautiful look by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your comparison.

    Another thing to note is that Latisse can change the iris colour from green or Blue to brown which is a massive side effect, where as lilash state that their product has never changed anyone’s eye colour

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