Building off its ongoing success, has expanded to now include, which is now owned and managed by the deeply experienced Eyelash-Growth team.

June 28, 2020

The interest and enthusiasm in having long, healthy, and beautiful eyelashes grows all of the time. In this exciting environment,info and news portal has been recognized as one of its most trusted and reliable authorities.

In exciting news for the beauty industry and enthusiasts of beauty products, recently announced it is very happy to have acquired

This is expected to allow the company to expand into other areas of the premium quality, natural beauty product world. All with the same attention to detail and sense of what customers are looking for which has won such a remarkable reputation.

“It’s a natural progression to go from our website to being actively involved with beauty product creation and distribution,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “When we had the opportunity to acquire, we knew it would be a great move. We look forward to continued growth exceeding customer expectations in the months and years to come.” has over 13-years experience covering the eyelash and beauty world, fueled by its very empowering vision. Key parts of this that fuel the website include the drive to become a trusted and reliable resource where people turn to find the best solution for their eyelash growth problems.

Working hard providing the best, straight forward and simple to understand, science-backed eyelash and beauty advice; and, very importantly, being dedicated to creating, nurturing and empowering a community of supportive individuals collaborating to help each other look and feel their best.

Clearly, successes have been stacking up in all of these areas and beyond. is best known for its popular, natural, and effective beauty products. For now, no news is available what direction this will be taken in by its new owners but when the details emerge it is quite certain to be exciting.

Interest in both online resources for beauty information and for shopping for beauty products has risen in the last few months in response to many factors and this trend is expected to continue.