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Revitalash Reviews

Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner belongs to Athena Cosmetics, Inc. an organization devoted to philanthropy by supporting the fight against breast cancer. The product was born out of a doctor’s need to offer his wife a solution for her once beautiful eyelashes left sparse and fragile due to intensive chemotherapy treatments on her way to recovering from breast cancer.

It claims to provide longer, fuller, and thicker lashes anywhere between 3 to 10 weeks, which is a long wait indeed. It is to be applied by a brush applicator only once a day at bedtime to the base of the lashes to boost the beauty of the natural lashes.

Revitalash Ingredients:

The key ingredients of Revitalash include water, Sodium Chloride, Panthenol, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Disodium Phosphate, Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ehylprostenolamide, and Cellulose Gum.

  • Panthenol is a humectant that moisturizes the lashes making it appear shiny and healthy.
  • Citric acid acts as a natural preservative.
  • Chlorphenesin is a drug used as a muscle relaxant and its side effect is hair growth hence is found in many lash growth products.
  • Disodium Phosphate provides thickness to the lashes.
  • Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide, a prostaglandin derivative is a hormone-mimicking ingredient essential for lash growth.
  • and Cellulose Gum holds all the ingredients together while acting as a thickening agent.

Revitalash Pros:

  • The product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee to attract customers.
  • It is designed to work on both eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • A certain percentage of the sales proceeds of Revitalash are donated to breast cancer research.
  • The presence of citric acid in Revitalash increases the chances of eye irritation and burning sensation in the eyes.

Revitalash Cons and Side Effects:

  • Side effects of the product include irritation or itchiness at the application site, drying out and redness of the eyes.
  • The official website of Revitalash states that since the product has not been tested under all possible conditions it is best for pregnant or nursing women, those under 18 years of age, people undergoing chemotherapy, and those with ocular disorders refrain from using Revitalash or use it under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Sodium Chloride (salt), an ingredient in Revitalash is detrimental to hair growth causing brittle hair and breakage and hence counterproductive.
  • The presence of two controversial ingredients phenoxyethanol and chlorphenesin that are known to cause severe side effects does not add value to this product.

Overall Impression

Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner is known to work on some of the customers, but most have been disappointed with the ineffectiveness of the product and the steep pricing makes it even worse to accept the failure of the product to live up to its promise.

In many cases, the product though effective, has taken as long as three months of regular application to notice some visible difference in the appearance of the eyelashes.

In a nutshell, Revitalash has done everything in its power to comply with FDA regulations with its new formulation that excludes the questionable bimataprost but it still contains a prostaglandin analogue that raises doubt regarding its claims of being 100% safe. Few have even suggested that this product be used under the guidance of an ophthalmologist since it has the potential to increase ocular pressure.

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If you are seeking thicker, fuller and more luxurious lashes, Fyisko Eyelash Growth Serum is the right product for you! Guaranteed to double the length and volume of lashes within 6 weeks, Fyisko Eyelash Growth Serum is the fastest, most effective way to get the results you desire.

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Idol Lash

Idol Lash

Idol Lash makes use of a revolutionary formula that helps women achieve lashes that are longer, thicker and darker. The product combines the power of natural extracts and several potent synthetic ingredients that strengthen the lashes condition them and increase its length.

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Rapid Lash

RapidLash Eye Renewal Serum is an eyelash lengthening product that claims to thicken and improve lash condition in as little as four to six weeks. The product can also be used on the brows in order to produce thicker, stronger and fuller looking eyelashes and brows.

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Well in the beginning I was scared in buying the product mainly because of the price factor, and also because of the reason that I have a pretty bad experience with these types of products. But the product started to show the progress within 2 weeks and I don’t regret in buying the product. Its performance is worth its price.

Kathleen G

Didn’t work for me. The product is too expensive. I used the product as per conditions and instructions with regularity but still it was of no use. Mostly when I used the product, I woke up with red eyes and itching.

Amanda R

I am using the product but have not come across with some results. I believe that if I will keep using it with regularity for a longer period, maybe the results will come.

Amanda Ward

Four weeks it has been, I am using this product and it has worked for me wonderfully as I have noticed a clear indication of improvement. By using this lashes are grown longer. I am very much excited about the results after 8 to 10 weeks as I am also applying it on my lower lashes.


I almost lost all of my eyelashes but after using the product for 8 weeks continuously in the night I got even better lashes than those I lost. But please remember to use it every night for desired results.


I say, give the product some time, in my case it took couple of months to start producing the desired results. But remember to use the product every night.


A fatty look, this is what I get when I use Revitalash. I don’t think so the product will start producing results even in the long run.


2 months have passed and still waiting for results. A waste of money I would say.


i’ve been using Revitalash running 5 months now and haven’t experienced any side effects whatsoever. i love how my lashes turned out to be! i must say that this product really works. i got my first tube for $90 and i already bought my 2nd even if my first hasn’t ran out yet!


YES! Revitalash does work, and I see the results ever day. i used to suffer from Trichotillomania, and my eyebrows wouldn’t re-grow, even after I stopped pulling them years ago. Revitalash is the answer to a long-standing prayer, and it definitely works. It took about 7 weeks to show the results I was really looking for,and I cannot believe the change! natural looking eyebrows and eyelashes, at last! It is worth going through a little bit of itching, etc. Wonderful product. Thanks.


Hi, I started using Revitalash 7 weeks ago and was happy to see that in the photos I have taken already after 6 weeks I could see that my lashes were longer and getting denser. Love the product, no side effects except some redness when i accidentally used too much and it went into the eyes. My eyelashes already look so nice I got several other girls to order! Can’t wait for week 16!!!

Overall Not Rated

I’m at 5 weeks now with no results and $169 later. I will continue to use as directed with a hopeful attitude and will not give a score yet, I’m determined to give it more time.

Overall Not Rated

Why hurry when you experience a bad result? To have a beautiful thick lashes you should be patient on achieving the lashes you want. Reality speaking it would take a month for a good result but its worth waiting for and I would seriously recommend Revitalash!

Overall Not Rated

I’m so glad my mom gave me revitalash on my BDay! I just love how my lashes look right now!

Overall Not Rated

I have used Revitalash for the past 6 months and only in the last month has it been showing some growth. My eyelashes are twice as long now. It works but i think that it is different for everyone. The lucky ones will see growth in the first 2 weeks, the others like me will have to wait a few months. It is a product that i will keep using. The product has made my lashes longer but not thicker. Something to consider as well.


Total waste of money…does not work

Overall Not Rated

in just 3 weeks Revitalash already made magic to my lashes im so happy im not expecting it will show result in that span of time…muahhhh loving it more!

Overall Not Rated
Louise from Boston

I used Revitalash and, as promised, within 6 weeks I had thicker, longer lashes, BUT I also got terrible dark circles under my eyes. I looked so bad that my doctor thought that I wasn’t sleeping and wanted me to have an overnight sleep study to check for apnea. I discontinued the Revitalash. My new lashes were gone in a few weeks, but it took over a year for the dark circles to fade. I DO NOT recommend this product.


I have been using Revitalash for about 9 weeks, and i can tell you for me this product is amazing! I had to stop putting it on my lower lashes because they were getting too long. :) But I was one of the lucky ones, that it started working for me at about 2 weeks. The only problem i had in the entire time is that when i wake up my eyelids are stuck together by sleep. I’ve never had that happen before. and i get worried that if i open my eyes to fast I’m gonna pull out my lashes I’ve worked so hard to get but overall i love this product.


[...] RatedIdol LashLilashRevitalash [...]

Overall Not Rated

I was given Revitalash as a gift. I have been using it every night for 4 weeks now and still nothing. I think I will try Idolash next as it seems to work within 2-4 weeks.


after using Revitalash for 7 days i distinctly noticed white spots appearing on my upper eyelid and also very near the roots of my eyelashes. i stopped using it right away. i am still awaiting a refund from flawless iloilo city, philippines where i bought the item. i hope they refund me 100% coz the price is really steep but it looks like i am allergic to it and i do regret purchasing Revitalash. i hope the manufacturers and costumers will learn from my experience. I am over 50 years old, not allergic to any medicine as far as i know.

Overall Not Rated

I think it works for me coz I’ve been using it for 2weeks now and till one of my friend notice and ask me if I been using false lashes

Overall Not Rated

Been using it for 2weeks now and I think is works coz one of my friend notice and ask me


Revitalash does not work. After 2 months my eyelashes started to grow a bit, but soon after they began dropping off every time I took my mascara off or washed my face. I would not recommend this product.

Overall Not Rated

been used for one week and still not see any result. it promises that the outcome may come after 2 weeks. let’s wait and see


used it for three weeks at night: no results.

I do not have sensitive skin but with this product I did get a slight swollen-reddish eyelid and very itchy side effects.

stopped using it, will not buy it again, will not recommend to others.


I already had thik eyelashes, i started using it just to make them a litte longer. It worked for a while then my eyelashes started falling out they are now thinner and finer than they have ever been. I am worried they wont come back how they were. Did anyone else have the same problem?

Overall Not Rated

I have noticed in my friends and myself that when it takes longer to see results.. when you stop using the product, it will take longer for the results to fade away.
Maybe this is related to the growth cycle.. ?

Anyway, keep at it! Even if you haven’t seen any results!

Overall Not Rated

I have used Revitalash for two nights now and my eyes have been red and irritated, even more so today. The very first side effect I noticed the first morning was pressure on my left eyeball. My left eye was a bit more red too. The second morning – today – I noticed that the skin on my eyelids are darkening. I still feel the occular pressure – but in both eyes now.

I am taking it back to Planet Beauty and get a refund. I must be allergic to it.


I have used this product for 3 months. I noticed my lashes thickening and growing longer after about 5 weeks. I kept on using it but did notice that circles under eyes got a bit darker and on the top of the eyelids where the product is applied. I have continued to use it because my lashes are longer and thicker. I had thin and sparse lashes that have definitely improved. I am considering using something else because of the skin darkening.

Overall Not Rated
Beth anne

Rivatalash really works, the side effects mentioned were minimal for me. I have used it every night for 3 weeks and can now simply curl my own lashes; no mascara, for a really nice daytime effect. I highly recommend this product.

Overall Not Rated

After using for about 6 weeks developed very painful stye on lower lid. Asked ophthalmologist if he thought revitalash was issue. He said he wasn’t sure. Treated stye for 4 weeks with topical antibiotics. Resumed revitalash and 1 week later I have a stye on the lower lid of the opposite eye. I have never had a stye before and I am 55 so I believe it is a product side effect for some people.

Overall Not Rated

I used it a year and a half ago, for about two weeks before – saw a dramatic change in the thickness of my eyelashes, – had to stop due to pregnancy, and now I can’t wait to start using it again! I think the results are definitely different with each individual, but I must say I absolutely love Revitalash!


I have only used this product for my sixth consecutive day, but I find its ease of use encouraging. I have experienced no side effects even though I have sensitive eyes. I favour morning use as I feel for me personally this will have the best results for obvious reasons. I look forward to seeing great results and will provide a further review in just over 2 weeks.


The NEW Revitalash has something in it that made my eyes look like dracula! Horrible redness near corneas! Stay away from new brand. It is awful. Had to pay 300.00 for eye dr. visits to correct it! I will be writing the manufacturer!


I used RevitaBrow on my brows and at the base of my eyelashes. I was told by the salon that it has the same ingredients as RevitaLash. It worked to give my brows and eyelashes a fuller appearance and it darkened them a bit, which I love as I am quite blond.

This was my first endeavor with eyebrow/lash products and I am very satisfied.

This price is a bit high.

A gal at the salon told me that once she achieved the lash/brow improvement, she used it only three times a week to maintain the effect. She also told me that if you stop using it, the lashes fall out! (all hearsay, but I pass it on for your consideration!)


I started using this product shortly after it was available. My lashes grew so long I actually trimmed them. Since the formula has been changed, they don’t get as long anymore. Having said that, my lashes are longer and thicker than any time in my life. I don’t mind the price because I know the story behind the company and I know that part of what I pay is going to a worthy cause. I have poked my self in the eye with the brush full of the product and had no irritation. Folks need to be patient. Nothing works over night nor does the company claim such. For long term use and continued good results, I highly recommend this. Once my lashes are satisfactory to me, I then use it 2 to 3 times a week. No product on the market will work for all the people all the time. I have used it for years with no adverse affects. I am 59 years old and have better lashes than people half my age.


I’m now on my probably 6-7th tube of RevitaBrows and I’m addicted to it becuz of its awesome result. One tube lasts about 2-3 months on me and I think i started getting noticeable result at the 4th week of using it. My friend recently told me she found an old pic of me and said I now look completely different becuz of the much darker and thicker brows.
I then started using revitalash too 3 months ago becuz I knew how RevitaBrows really worked. My lashes grew longer already at about the 3rd week. I started seeing baby hair sprouting on my lower lines (but not longer). Now it’s been a little more than 3 months and I swear both the lashes on the upper and lower are almost 1/3 longer and curlier too!
Im sure this product does work but it just takes longer time for its result on some people. I don’t have problem of hair fallout. I wear contact lens and I don’t have problems too from using the product. I also don’t see my eye circles gotten darker.
Just two useful tips alongside using the product to help fast track it’s result: brush your brows each morning and evening (before applying RevitaBrows). Use organic castor oil to massage the brows and lashes. It helps accelerate the result! One very important note: make sure your brows and lashes are clean and dry and BARE before applying the product. Just what I’m doing :-)

Overall Not Rated

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