GrandeLash MD Review: Side Effects, Benefits, Risks, and More

The creators of GrandeLASH MD boast that their eyelash growth formula has breakthrough technology that will condition your lashes while lessening breakage and loss, while giving you longer, stronger lashes with results in 30-40 days of use.

They claim that 97% of users saw definitive improvement using their formula which contains clinically tested vitamins, peptides, and amino acids.

The Good

  • The manufacturer displays the product's ingredients on their website which helps us to feel safer about this product. The ingredients contain many natural elements such as Vitamin E and radish root, along with proteins and lipids.
  • Their site also has many reviews from customers that describe the eyelash formula as “amazing”, “liquid gold”, and “it really works”

The Bad

  • While researching this product, we were shocked to find that there is absolutely no evidence of the alleged clinical trial for GrandeLASH-MD. We were unable to locate any proof that the study even actually happened, which led us to be concerned on how safe and effective it truly is for you to use.
  • ​While the lash formula has great reviews on the company’s website, they don't offer any impartial or negative reviews for you to read. This could mean that these reviews are biased and meant to gloss over any negative feelings of others who did not like the product.
  • The website for the UK distributor of GrandeLASH-MD warns you not to use the product when pregnant, nursing, or going through chemotherapy, which also caused us to be concerned about its safety and validity as an option. Since this product is one that you must apply onto your lash line, so close to your eyes, it is imperative you select one that is safe and non-harming.

Is GrandeLash MD safe to use? Does it have any side effects?

Depending on the person’s sensitivity, using GrandeLash MD can cause itching, eye pain, irritation, and dark pigmentation around the eye, which usually can be reversed by discontinuing the use of the product.

The company is aware about this and they recommend to stop using the product if you experienced irritation.

The company also cautions users to not use it when pregnant or breast-feeding as the product has not been tested on those situations. If you’re undergoing treatments, such as chemotherapy, it’s also better to wait until your treatment is over before you use the GrandeLash MD.

Fuller Lashes at What Cost?

One of the ingredients in this product is Cloprostenol isopropyl ester, which is a synthetic prostaglandin.

Prostaglandins can cause many issues include permanent darkening or light eye colors, which means your beautiful baby blues could develop dark spots that will NOT go away, ever (Toris, 2011). Cloprostenol isopropyl ester has also been proven to cause termination of pregnancy during clinical trials with rats and mice. 

I personally am terrified of putting any product that potentially harmful near my eyes, even if the payoff is fuller lashes. You need to ask yourself if there is a safer, more effective product available.

The Bottom (Lash) Line

While GrandeLASH MD tells you they have had great results in clinical trials and excellent customer reviews, you need to also look at the facts. There is no evidence of a clinical trial or research that we were able to find. The customer reviews on their website are most likely biased since they do not also present negative feedback along with the positive for you to read. While many of the ingredients in the formula are natural and appear safe, others including Cloprostenol isopropyl ester, have very scary side effects such as permanent dark spots on the eye and loss of pregnancy.

Based on these facts, we have determined that GrandeLASH MD is not a safe, effective option to help you attain fuller, longer, flirtier lashes. 

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I used Grandelash MD for about two weeks. I had to discontinue use after having severe eye twitching in my left eye. It’s been about 4 or 5 days without applying the product, and about two weeks having eyelid twitching episodes daily.


I used Grandlash serum (purchased authentically on Sephora website) for almost 2 months. I have had a lot of eyelash shedding to the point where I now have a significant LOSS of eyelashes from where I started. I am extremely upset about this, as I researched the product extensively online before purchasing and there were NO comments about this anywhere on the internet. I contacted Grandelash and I was told that eyelash LOSS can happen during the first few months. Be aware!


    I had allergic reaction. Burning, redness and swelling of lids.
    Discontinued use immediately.


My eyelids and eyebrow are flaking. I’m also experiencing a twitch in my right eye. Saw another comment about a twitching eye. It’s been 2 weeks since I stopped using this product. Twitching is getting less but eyelids and eye brows are still flaking and itchy.

Would never recommend this product and I don’t have sensitive skin

Sally Lagomarsino

I have been using GrandeLASH-MD for 3 months now and it has really worked for me. I went from having eyelashes so short I could barely get mascara on them to the long lashes I had as a kid. I would not say they are thicker or more of them, but my lashed are most definitely longer and more noticeable, and it is much easier to apply mascara to them. I am very happy with the product so far.


luved it at first and was on 2nd tube but then a few lashes fell out and left a bald spot and i waited forever for them to grow back. they are not grown back completely yet and it’s been months and months. it did make my lashes longer but…. loosing them and them not growing back is not worth it.

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