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Rapid Lash Review & Side Effects

Rapid LashRapid Lash Eyelash Renewal Serum promises long, dark and full lashes in as little as four weeks, at a fraction of the price of other eyelash serums. RapidLash has recently been making waves because of its claim that it can indeed produce longer and thicker lashes.

Using the product is quite simple. Rapid Lash Eyelash Renewal Serum comes in a tube, and is applied on to the base of the lashes once daily. It should be applied right before going to bed, yet it can also be applied at the start of the day, and can be used underneath mascara. It can also be used along with eye make up, eyelash extensions and contact lenses.

What’s Wrong With Rapid Lash?

While the product is claimed to be effective by some users, there are also those that have been left disappointed, not only because of the ineffectiveness of the product but because of the side effects as well.
All in all, the information available on Revitalash is shady and sketchy. Their official website does not even contain any information about the company behind it. At the same time, adequate information on the active ingredients of the product is also lacking.

Eye Irritation

Almost all eyelash conditioning and lengthening products produce the same mild side effects such as itching, mild irritation and eye redness. Eye irritation and stinging can also occur when the product gets into the eyes.

Darkening Of and Around The Eyes

Rapid Lash Eyelash Renewal Serum also causes an unexplained darkening around the eyes. The effect is similar to wearing eyeliner. While this effect is temporary, plenty of people dislike this darkening effect.
Most of the mentioned effects of the product are just mild. However, it also has its own share of alarming side effects. One of the most alarming effect caused by RapidLash Eyelash Renewal serum is change in eye color.

Some users have experienced a change in eye color while using the product. People have witnessed their eye colors changing from blue to dark brown, or almond to dark brown.
This eye color change is oftentimes a permanent one, and can lead to eye problems like blurred vision. This effect is also said to cause eyesight damage and loss of vision in the long run.

RapidLash Active Ingredients

RapidLash does not contain bimatoprost, which is used by other eyelash lengthening products. Bimatoprost is a chemical component that has been used to treat patients with glaucoma. While it has been effective in improving the length of eyelashes, it has been subjected to much scrutiny because of its dangerous side effects.

While RapidLash does not contain this ingredient, it still contains other active ingredients that also produce its own set of side effects. The active ingredient Isopropyl Choprostenate, for example, is the main active component of RapidLash. It is derived from prostaglandin, and while it also has lash lengthening effects, it is unapproved by the FDA. This is the component which causes change in eye color.

Some ingredients like Chlorphenisen, Phenoxyethanol and Panthenol all cause irritation to the eyes. Both Chlorpehnisen and Phenoxyethanol relax the central nervous system of the body, and this can cause nausea, vomiting and headaches for some.


All in all, these side effects are enough to cause any person to worry. While these side effects will definitely not affect all users of the product, they can occur to anyone.

Presently, Rapid Lash is conducting an independent trial in order to gauge and find out how harmful their product is. For the meantime, it would be wise to steer clear of this product and use something else until the results of the trials have been released.

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Idol Lash

Idol Lash

Idol Lash makes use of a revolutionary formula that helps women achieve lashes that are longer, thicker and darker. The product combines the power of natural extracts and several potent synthetic ingredients that strengthen the lashes condition them and increase its length.

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Rapid Lash

RapidLash Eye Renewal Serum is an eyelash lengthening product that claims to thicken and improve lash condition in as little as four to six weeks. The product can also be used on the brows in order to produce thicker, stronger and fuller looking eyelashes and brows.

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RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner is an alternative for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive lash semi-permanent fake lashes. Originally created by a doctor who wanted to help his wife regrow eyelashes and eyebrows after receiving chemotherapy, the product focuses on promoting healthy, natural lashes that last.

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10 Reviews


I’ve been using rapid lash for 3 months now & love it! Compared to Latisse it’s much safer it does NOT contain, the same chemicals that discolor your eyes, I wear contacts & there hasn’t been any noticeable side affects at all. It does take about 6 weeks to notice results, but boy do you see results! My hairdresser thought I was wearing mascara when I showed her my eyelashes. It does “faintly” discolor your eylid, but it doesn’t look gross, it looks like your wearing make up. I love the stuff! I use it every other day now, to maintain the growth. The tube seems to last about 7 months easy whenever I’m low, i’ll definitetly reorder this prodect!

Overall Not Rated

I love RapidLash! I was wearing the clump fake lashes because I couldn’t affort Lash Extensions. The cheap glue and the heavy lashes ruined my natural lashes. My lashes became weak, sparse, short. A friend told me she uses Rapid Lash (she has gorgeous lashes, I thought she had extensions!). Within 4 weeks my lashes are amazing! I was at a cocktail party last night and someone asked if I had lash extensions, then asked about mascara, I finally told her the secret! I have been using the product since August I have light blue eyes and no problems what so ever. I have tried a few from expensive to inexpensive. Rapid Lash has the best brush and serum (the serum doesn’t run everywhere and isn’t gooey, like the others I have tried).

Also, let’s keep in mind these websites like the magazines support those who advertise and are not always fair evaluations.

Overall Not Rated
Joanna Brenner

I have used RapidLash for six months and my lashes are breaking off very short on one eye. I have naturally long thin eyelashes and noticed a dramatic thickening and lengthening after two weeks of nightly application. Two months I applied every night and two months every other to sustain look. At four months I noticed them reverting back to my natural look and returned to every night application with no improvement. At six months my lashes began to break and I continued the nightly application for an additional two weeks while breakage worked its way across the one eye. I have discontinued use. My eyes are blue and there was no color change from use. Applied right before bed due to slight eye irritation resulting in crustiness and a red line where applied on lid in morning.


I used RapidLash for one week until I developed red eyes. In one eye a blood vessel burst and it has been two weeks now and the red line is still around my iris. I also got an infection in one eye as well. My doctor told me to discontinue RapidLash. I will never EVER use it again!

Overall Not Rated

I have been using rapid lash on and off for about 6 months now, I used to have really bright blue eyes, people always commented on them, and now they’ve turned a really dull grey colour :( im really scared that this is going to be permanent, has anyone else had this problem and do your eyes go back to their normal colour when you stop using the product???

Overall Not Rated
blue eyes no more

my eye color changed after about 2 months of use. From very light blue to a greyish dull with hints of brown. Horrible!

Overall Not Rated
Kathy B. K.

I used Rapid Lash for about 6 months. The first month I really liked it. My lashes were really getting long and appeared to be fuller. This last month I noticed my lashes on one eye reverting back to what they were before I started using it. It also appears the one eye has had breakage. I have discontinued use because of this.

Chris G.

I too have used it with great results, only to then see eyelash breakage after approximately six months. I also noticed the skin around my eyes, including the hollows of my eyes turning darker. No likey! Will stop using Rapidlash.

Dawn Byrd

I’ve been using RapidLash for about 2 weeks. I can already see a difference in my lashes but my eyes have been irritated. I have noticed a difference in darkness under my eyes which is already a problem area for me. I am going to discuss with my eye doctor at my upcoming appointment later this week and will make the decision whether to continue this product.


I started using Rapid Lash in May 2014, only used it for 2-3 weeks, I noticed a difference in my lashes already but the side effects have been devastating, at first they were red and watery, then it felt like sand under my eyelids accompanied with pain and severe light sensitivity. I went to an Ophthalmologist and found Rapid Lash has caused a severe infection in the Cornea of both eyes, I have been on several medications along with 3 visits per week to Ophthalmologists office, one eye has cleared but might lose the vision in my other eye, I find out more on Tuesday. This product should be pulled from the shelves!!!!

Overall Not Rated

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